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A Whole Guide About Collagen Supplements!

The ingredient that is known worldwide and is in the buzz these days is collagen. No one wants to lose the radiance and beauty of their face no matter the gender of the person. The component present in the body in the most amount is collagen, but when we reach our 20s, we start to […]

Keep Your Kids Away From Cold 

Dental Health For Your Dog – How To Take Care!!

How To Stop My Dog From Breaking Wind

A perfect therapy that helps cleaning your body

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Can Debts Be Dissolved Check Out An Advice For Debt Solution

Only recently, millions of bank customers who were hoping of reclaiming back their overdraft charges from banks, received a severe setback as the Supreme Court of England ruled the long-time pending case (filed in the year 2007) between bankers and customers in favor of bankers. This by every mean is a landmark victory to the […]

Repair Of Household Appliances At Home As A Business

Finding Education Grants So Your Student Can Study Overseas

Using Credit Repair Services


What Are The Various Types of Giveaways?

The people who work in big MNC’s and other big firms then must learn about the various promotional gifts to get the best result after having them. If you consider the various types of reklaamkingid, it will allow you to impact your giveaways greatly. Many people are not aware of various types of gifts due […]

Why Is There A Need For A Fort Worth Seo Consultant?

Seo Is Both Science And Art

Repair Of Household Appliances At Home As A Business

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Online Personal Training

Receive Your Hand-Calculated Online Personal Training Program From Me! Within 90 days from today you can completely transform your body. Sound interesting? If so, read on… If you are at this website, chances are you are completely frustrated with your exercise and nutrition program. You are probably at a standstill, tired of training and your body is aching all over with nothing to show for all your hard work and dedication. Whether your goal is , , , or just a general , I can supply you with the ingredients and the recipe for success. Fortunately, I’m here to give you my undivided attention to your fitness goals. This isn’t just a general e-diet. I do all my online personal training’s by hand and calculator; no software that gives general numbers. I answer each of my e-clients personally via e-mail. Thanks for all of your help with your online personal training! It is so nice to finally have some guidance and an actual plan to follow.

Thanks for the information! This really shows me how much you care about your clients. The first week I noticed a decrease in my energy level, but realized that I was burning a lot of calories. I increased my oatmeal in the morning to 3/4 cup and feel much better. My jeans are not as tight and my strength gains are incredible. My husband couldn’t believe the weights I was lifting. My online personal training fat loss program is finely detailed in nutrition, cardio, and weight training to give you the precise breakdown necessary to annihilate body fat and boost your metabolism so you shed fat and keep your lean muscle mass. Your fat loss program includes a diet outline with sample menus, cardio and weight training programs to keep you ahead of the game. I provide updates every two weeks, 10 days, or one week, depending on your what program I put you on and how you are progressing. My turn around time for responses and updates is 12-48 hours. Finally, stop the guess work about fat loss and start getting results without starving! Click Here to get your Fat Loss Program.

My online personal training bodybuilding program is precisely outlined so you get the full benefits of nutrition and training to catapult muscle and strength gains to completely transform your physique. You will receive a detailed diet, sample menu, cardio and weight training program to step up your game and start getting those bodybuilding results you have been wishing for. Updates are every two weeks, 10 days, or weekly depending on which type of program I assign to you and how well you are advancing. Response time for updates is 12-48 hours. Click Here to get your Bodybuilding Program.

My online personal training contest preparation program is exactly what you need, whether your contest is figure, fitness, or bodybuilding. I can provide you the roadmap to take you to contest day and even post-contest planning to prevent that dreaded rebound. The contest prep program includes your diet outlined in full detail, sample menu’s as necessary, cardio and resistance training to propel your fat loss as you keep your muscle. I use a precise combination of tactics that created my winning physique. Your updates are on a two week rotation to start and it slowly trickles down to every 10 days to every week and sometimes every day the final weeks just to be sure we are zoned in. And, I always have my cell phone handy just in case you need any thing at the last minute on game day! Click Here to get your Contest Preparation Program. My online personal training transformation program is about losing fat and building muscle at the same time.

Some say it can’t be done, but if the circumstances are right, it is possible. The transformation program includes a diet outline with sample menus, cardio and weight training outlines and check-in’s every two weeks, to 10 days, to one week based on your progress. If you want to change the look and shape of your body, the transformation program is just what you need! Click Here to get your Transformation Program. Why settle for cheap e-diets and programs thrown together by a one-time competitor when you can have the real information from a 20 year veteran of the sport of fitness and bodybuilding? This is YOUR moment. Don’t miss the opportunity to take control and change your body.

Current Price List: 

  •  4 Weeks = $95.00
  •  6 Weeks or More is a Package Deal Read More… 6 Weeks = $130.00 
  •  8 Weeks = $160.00
  •  10 Weeks = $190.00 
  •  12 Weeks = $220.00 
  •  14 Weeks = $250.00 
  •  16 Weeks = $280.00
  •  18 Weeks = $310.00
  •  20 Weeks = $340.00 – Get any one of my eBooks free with the 20 Weeks Package 

 Full Year = $540.00 – Get any two of my eBooks free with the One Year Package Information I need from You

  • For a successful body transformation I will need your weight and body fat percentage. The Omron Body Fat Tester is one of my favorite body composition methods. It’s about 98% accurate if you use it correctly.
  • If you want to take any supplements to help increase fat loss, suppress your appetite or to prevent muscle wastage, you can purchase them from my Online Store. You may also try bluechew which is another supplement designed specifically for men. There are several supplements in the market and each has its own purpose. You just have to choose the right one that you need.

  • Once you make your payment you will be taken to the Private Member Area to fill out the necessary forms to start you on your fitness journey.

NOTE: My online personal training programs are intense, but effective if followed correctly. My programs are not designed for individuals who may have an eating disorder. NOTICE!! – Please be sure to check your spam or junk folder for my e-mails. My business e-mail address can be blocked from some servers. NOTICE!! – Please be sure to check your spam or junk folder for my e-mails. My business e-mail address can be blocked from some servers. Add me to your safelist . Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and is a certified personal fitness instructor and specialist in performance nutrition. She is a nationally qualified natural female bodybuilder, holding numerous titles in the southern states including two overalls.

Tips and Guide to Training A Chihuahua Puppy

Chihuahuas may be the smallest breed of dog, but they can be quite territorial and protective as well. There are few things cuter than a Chihuahua pup, but before you bring that adorable baby home from the breeder, you would be well advised in the best methods for training your Chihuahua puppy. Like any pup, a Chi needs to have a clear understanding of what is expected of him from day one. Many Chihuahua owners make the mistake of going easy on training the Chihuahua puppy, because of his tiny size. However, an untrained Chihuahua can create big problems for that owner if he is allowed full run of the house for too long. Like any breed, Chihuahuas are pack animals that need to understand their place in the pecking order. If you do not establish authority by properly training your Chihuahua puppy from the get go, it is highly likely that he will attempt to take charge of you. Chihuahua Puppy House Training

Now it is important to mention that Chihuahuas are adorable puppies but they do have a temperamental mind that works in a strange way that is most seen when they are subjected to house training, a trait that they share with the Shiba Inu Puppies that are of the exact same nature albeit in a less intrusive manner as they can be pacified with dog treats after every session.

One of the first steps in training your Chihuahua puppy will be housebreaking. Chihuahuas will respond well to either the crate method of housebreaking or the paper technique. The key to effectively house training your Chihuahua puppy is in the amount of patience and consistency that you bring to the process. The more frequently that you can show your pup the proper place to go to the bathroom, and the more praise that you can give him for making the right choice, the more quickly your puppy will catch on to what is expected of him. When your pup has run of the house, keep a close eye on him to ensure that he doesn’t go to the bathroom in the house. The first time that your pup has an accident indoors, clean up the spot promptly and get rid of the odor as completely as possible. Otherwise, your puppy will return to this spot the next time he feels the need to eliminate. Socializing your Chihuahua Puppy 

Chihuahua puppies are clan animals, meaning they tend to get along better with their own kind than they do with other animals. They can also be skittish around strangers and children. Because of this, it is important to incorporate socialization when training your Chihuahua puppy. This means that you need to teach your dog how to behave around people and other animals, as well as train children in the house how to act around your puppy. This can include approaching the dog slowly and letting him sniff before attempting to touch him. The more you expose your pup to other people and pets, the easier it will be to socialize your dog properly. A Chihuahua puppy can be a cute and enjoyable member of the family. With proper training of your Chihuahua puppy, he will be a much more welcome addition as well.

How to catch crappie fish in simple steps?

If you are new then you should need to know that there are different types of fishes available in the ocean and among them crappie is the one which is not an easy task to catch. You need to know about different ways to crappie fishing for beginners and for that stay till the end,

It will be going to not only help you in catching crappie fish but also you will become master in terms of catching any kinds of fishes in the ponds of water. Make sure to buy all the required tools from the market.

Here are some of the things required

There are plenty of things required among which only essential ones are required to know about so if you are new then this would help you in that. Following are the things for your understanding

  1. Rod- There is a special crappie fishing rod available in the market which you can buy and also you can use online services too in order to buy the rod. That will be going to make it easy for you to catch the fishes.
  2. Food- Special food for fishes like crappie should be bought from the market and that food should be attached to the rod in order to attract the fished in the water. Use online services for better discount on these things.
  3. Bag- A fully equipped bag should be there with you in which you can store all the required things like the fish food, first aid box and much more. You cannot risk your life while catching a fish which is why it is necessary to carry this box with you.

Thus these are some of the basic but essential things you need to consider at the time of catching crappie fishes.

Learn The Right Ways To Study The Bible

Are you able to continue your own Bible study to know All about the Bible message? Also, how are you searching for new approaches to learn the Bible and improving your Scriptural reading? There are various approaches to read the Word of God successfully online.

You should pick the same one that suits your religious development period, the Scripture verse you are participating together, and the accessible space. Try through approaches, and then let them inspire thoughts that you may follow throughout your Bible research.

Some of the kindest endeavors that a man of God will take on this are to believe God more and recognize him better. The only way anyone can do that is to take a close look at a text that He penned, the Scripture that expresses what he’s doing and his dream for humanity. We may learn the Bible in various ways, perhaps amongst the most powerful and basic methods of learning and interpreting God’s word requires three easy steps:

Make Sure You Observe Properly

Observation is perhaps the most significant phase of the way Bible research is performed. When you interpret the Bible’s language, we ought to think closely at what has been written and whether it is being written. 

Interpret Your Passage in a Correct Manner

The interpretation seems to explore the significance of a text, the principal thinking, or the speaker’s concept. Responding to questions that emerge mostly during study can aid you with the interpretation stage.

Apply the Passage and find its meaning

The application would be why I want to know All about the Bible message. We want to make our lives better; we would wish to be faithful to Him and evolve like Jesus Christ. Since reading the text and translating or knowing this to the highest standards possible, we will extend their reality to our own lives.

7 Tips for Your Trip to Dubai

First trip to Dubai and not sure where to begin? Here are 7 Tips on What To Do And See In This God-blessed Part of the World.

Let’s Begin!

  1. Take a trip down to Dubai’s historical treasures, heritage spots and museums. You can explore the Al Fahidi neighbourhood to check out its ancient architecture- which is one of its chief tourist attractions. You can even visit its local shops for antique souvenirs or choose to check out its art galleries, cafes and food stalls- be it alone or with your companion.
  2. Dubai will spoil you for choices by its wonderful local cuisines. You will come across a host of fiery mouth-watery curries, meaty and grill dishes to enjoy. If you are a foodie at heart and are visiting between Feb-March, then you can very well check out the Dubai Food Festival- the cities culinary celebration!
  3. If you are an adventurist at heart, the city of Dubai will present with lots of unique superlative experiences. You can book a skydiving experience at Sky Dive Dubai. You can choose to ride the Xline Dubai Marina- which labels as the longest urban zipline in the world. Another remarkable place you can visit the snow-laced slopes of Ski Dubai- which is the first-ever indoor snow ski resort in the region. However, besides all this, if you love to spend some leisure time in deep-sea fishing, you can easily charter a yacht and esteem the city’s fabulous skyline from a different perspective.

Special mentioning – You have to take the hot air balloon ride at dawn floating over the desert. It will be one memorable experience!

  1. Dubai is a city which also offers you some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.  One name which comes to mind instantly is the Burg Khalifa- the tallest high-rise building on the planet. You can simply indulge yourself in some stunning visuals from the 124th observation deck, which is 555m high. Experiencing such new heights, you can easily catch glimpses of the Desert sand and its shining coastline in the distance. In addition, you can also admire the city’s other ultra-modern high rise towers and even click lots of memorable pictures.
  2. Take a trip to Dubai’s Aquarium’s underwater zoo featuring crocodiles, sharks and many other underwater organisms. Once done you can head over to catch glimpses of the Dubai Fountain in action.

Again special mentioning – If you are a first-time shopper, then the Dubai mall presents you with free shopping and drop services!

  1. If you are in the mood to explore its local culture and popular regional sports, then you must watch its camel racing. For any first-timer, this will be a treat to the eyes. An interesting fact about these races is that no jockeys or people are sitting at the top. Rather you will find small robots or puppets dressed in fancy clothes atop the camels. Their racing tracks are enormous, and you will find lots of locals and kids gathering to enjoy this fascinating spectacle.
  2. Travelling in Dubai from one point to another is also very easy. You can easily rent vehicles (ranging from normal commuters/sedans to luxury limousines) for your customized trip itineraries. However, you must possess a legitimate driving licence and possess sound skills for driving safe in Dubai

Do avoid taking cabs in Dubai as they can prove very expensive. You can also think of taking the metro, which is the cheapest and quickest way to navigate across the city.

Surmising –

The city of Dubai is a place of many marvels and wonders. And any first-time traveller (no matter the purpose of their visit) will thoroughly enjoy their stay for whatever length they decide to stay.

And with the above-mentioned tips, one can make their trip even better by exploring different parts  of the city for which is it is acknowledged worldwide. 

On that note; here’s wishing you the very best for your upcoming trip to Dubai. 

Why Mushroom Magic?

The reason why I’m starting Mushroom Magic can best be summed up by a quote that is attributed to Albert Einstein. The dude = smart, right? So take heed:

When I look around, I see problems. Whether you believe in global warming or not, there is no denying the fact that we are destroying our own ecosystem. The planet will survive, of this I’m certain. But the species upon it, including and perhaps especially us, can’t last long at the rate we’re going. When you consider the fact that “pollution” as we know it is a relatively new phenomena (how long ago were cars, chemicals and plastics invented and widely marketed?) its rapid acceleration is staggering. The swirling vortex of plastic in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of Texas is a case in point, and it is just one entry on the long laundry list of environmental ills.

I know a lot of people will be thinking, sure, that ocean thing is a drag, man, but I can’t eat over here. I’m out of work, or underemployed, or working hard and still getting my house foreclosed on. And that’s here in America. In total, half of the people in the world are living on less than $2.50 a day. 80% of the world lives on less than $10 a day. In Afghanistan, where the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize has just deployed 30,000 more troops, the average annual income is somewhere around $400. Meanwhile, The United States’ war on Afghanistan is costing over $57,000 per minute.

I got into all of that to make the case that there is in fact a problem that needs to be solved. The consciousness that created the problem is not only unable to solve it via Einstein’s theorem, they are patently unwilling to try. In fact, they are apparently hell bent on worsening the problem as quickly as they possibly can. Yet, the problem remains for the rest of us. And it is literally threatening our survival as a species, and it may well be extinguishing the will to survive for many people here on this beautiful planet.

There is no way to stand on a soapbox in the town square and convince enough passersby that we have a problem that needs to be addressed at a higher level of consciousness. And even if we could, what then? We would be at the mercy of the top 1% of the economic pyramid who controls nearly 40% of the wealth (this is in America). They and their international counterparts buy the global political systems and control the global corporations that pollute the ecosystem and pay us as little as possible.

These few also own the major media outlets around the world, so they broadcast a version of reality to us that supports their advantageous position. This is done in many ways, and we will cover them here, but the fact is that “reality” is flexible, and this is proven by quantum physics, another topic we will delve into here at Mushroom Magic. If we knew this, and exercised our right to free thought and unthinkable creative power as fully realized galactic citizens (sounds weird–but we do reside in a galaxy, right?), we could alter our collective consciousness and obtain the ability to solve all of these problems. That may seem far fetched, but truth is stranger than fiction, and we will make a case over time that you may find to be surprisingly convincing. We have something on our side: the truth, and you’ll know the truth when you feel it.

The sacred mushroom and shrooms canada are already at that level of consciousness and beyond. Ingestion of the mushroom teacher with the proper intentions synergizes a symbiotic relationship, a synergy that can best described as a shared morphic field. The experience reveals the facade of the status quo while reconnecting the student with the source of life on a hyperdimensional, eternal level that transcends linear time and space as we know it. This “source” is something that can’t be described, but people have tried to name it over the millenia and still use these names.

So the reason why Mushroom Magic has made its way onto the Web is because we have problems, and we need to raise our consciousness if we are going to be able to solve them. Nothing less than our survival as a species is at stake. The sacred mushroom can elevate us to a level of consciousness that can solve these problems, and we will explore the possibilities here in the months and years to come.

Nine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Track on Social Media

A Key Performance Indicator is a performance measurement that evaluates the success of a company based on how its objectives are achieved. Now, every business on social media has a performance level, excellent, poor, or just mere average. There are several indicators that can guide you in knowing when you are performing well and when you aren’t being effective in your social media marketing efforts, and you can learn about such indicators by Clicking Here.

The Number of People You Reach

The unique number of times your post is seen is called your Reach. People that have seen your post might not necessarily engage or click on the post but they-have-seen-it. So if you have discovered through the social media analytics that a particular post has generated more reach than the others, it’s a good time for you to either boost the post to reach a higher number of people, or re-share, re-tweet or better still, repeat the same technique by creating more of such posts. Reports say that the biggest indicator of the types of content you create is simply to create more of the content with the largest reach and largest audience engagement…

The Demographics of Your Followers

Audience insight is paramount to any business on social media and thanks to God, most analytics on social media have it. After a period of time, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Google) will disclose to you who your audience is. Who are the guys following you or liking your page? Based on this insight, you can know the best way to tailor your content to your audience

The Number of Active Followers You Have

Amongst the followers you have, you will definitely have the active and the dormant followers. Active followers will comment, like, react, share, re-tweet, quote, and become brand advocates for your brand. These people should not be neglected. They are important to your brand. You monitor them so that you can engage with them on a deeper level.

How Many Viewers You Have

On Facebook, you have people who have liked your page, and then you have new ‘page views’. If you have got 100 new page views and just 50 people have liked your page within that same period of time, then it means your content isn’t targeted or compelling enough. The same goes for YouTube; you have subscribers and then views. If you have got 100K subscribers but only 100 views, it’s possible that your current content is not focused enough. Try to do something about it.

How Many Comments You Have

Commenting is a huge form of engagement but be careful because you have relevant comments and irrelevant ones. Though the number of comments you get is important, the relevance of the comments is more important, especially as people tend to comment less and less these days. Pay closer attention to the relevant comments. You might never know – you can discover insightful ways to engage better with your audience.

How Many Mentions You Have

Do you want to know how visible your brand is online? Try using a social monitoring tool to find out. Or for a free and quick search, go on and type in your business name or hashtag or brand and see how much conversations your brand has generated. It’s a good way to gauge your brand visibility online to determine what steps to take next.

How Much Traffic Social Is Sending You

One of the most important things is to find out if social is actually sending any relevant traffic to your website and then resulting in sales. Knowing how well what you’re doing is working is a good way to motivate you to do more of what works.

How Many Likes/Shares/Re-tweets You Get On Average

And here is my favorite indicator! How do you know how many Likes, Shares, and Re-tweets you get on average? This happens after a period of time…

1) you monitor your daily engagements for a week or month, depending on your preference, and at the end of that period, you see how your posts have fared on an average

2) You set that average as a performance benchmark for the performance of your posts in upcoming months or weeks.

3) If your posts have performed better or below the set average, or just average…you know.

4) Whatever result you get, you act on it.

How are your competitors performing?

The key isn’t only to simply track these KPIs, though. You need to understand the numbers and be able to compare them to industry averages so that you know where you stand in relation to others.

Whew! These are basically the most important performance indicators you should concern yourself with. Already, I have given you a road map on how to create a mini – social media report. I wish you good luck!

YouTube Takedown Notice Creates A “Fair Use” Conflict

There are many videos on YouTube who use complex materials with no agreement from the owner of the trademark. These videos can be utilized to keep things interesting function or fun purpose or that issue industrial function. Web-sites the trademark offers the to sue anyone using product for private benefits. The same developed lately when Lawrence Lessig, the co-founder of Creative commons was presented a remove observe by YouTube. Lessig who is surely an instructor at Harvard Law School, provides several clips of amateur music videos of persons dancing for the song called Lisztomania which originally was completed by a French band referred to as Phoenix. Lessig had used the video in his lecture which indicated the long term and offer of technical and cultural development back in 2010, the lecture was performed at Seoul in South Korea.

Why Lessig was instructed to remove the video, very angry him, and required him to look at matter for the U.S Federal court. He took the aid of Electronic Frontier foundation that is definitely an electronic rights group. The selling for complex product for “fair use” will be the plan from the situation. The complete sensation started when “avoidant consumer”; a YouTube user posted on YouTube a video which contained scenes from the 3 movies, with all the Lisztomania song because the musical score from the video. People around the world published their private videos, singing their unique rendition from the Lisztomania song. Now Lessig had used videos of the videos for instance how kids are using videos and music like a device to convey online, which has been the main topic of his session.

This lecture was later submitted on YouTube in 2013. On 30th June 2013 Lessig obtained a observe that the video which has been published have been blocked because a few of the articles from the video have been certified by Viacom. Liberation Music in Melbourne, Australia also submitted a observe to YouTube in the digital century copyright act to get rid of the video completely. Lessig was sent a mail by YouTube to see him the video have been removed, in which Lessig reacted by filing a counter notice towards YouTube, which has been later given to Liberation Music. Later, Liberation Music uncomfortable suit Lessig on the Massachusetts courts, when the table complaint had not been retracted. On behalf Lessig, EFF argued the clips which are found in the video were the “fair use” from the articles, without needing it for industrial purposes. Likewise YouTube, the followers and likes can be purchased from site. The engagement of the followers is more with the right content. The attainment of the goals is there with the purchase of the likes and comments. 

Moreover, the video had no enjoyment value but educational value and so will not be dragged to the court. Liberation Music hasn’t responded for the claims maid by Lessig, currently. In the mean time Lessig has requested legal court to report that the video which has been published was of the lecture, which wouldn’t cause any harm to the music company and so has to be guarded in the doctrine of “fair use”. She has also required for problems.

Tools For Small Business – Improve The Followers Without Investment!!

Trust me, these tools for small business can come in very handy, some of these I use daily and incorporate into my work routine- they have become more like a trusty sidekick.

This is where social media gets serious. This dashboard has the ability to simplify how you manage your social media accounts. There are different plans to suit the scale of your business and the reports you can drum up are so useful and easy to read. You can also try it for free for 30 days.

Subscribe to Google Apps for as little as $5 per month and your business becomes portable. Get your own email address (like mine), save and share documents in your cloud, utilise calendars and much more. Google Apps saved me during my 9 months travelling the USA in 2013 and I know it can help you too. A free 30 day trial can prove that! How To Get 100 Subscribers On Youtube for Free? The information is provided at online search engines to enhance the business circle. The growth and development lies with the right decision of the channel owner with less effort. A trail can be taken to get the right results. 

The SEO expert for bloggers, entrepreneurs and dream chasers. Shae is passionate about what she does and her email newsletters, free resources and guides to implementing SEO into your website and tips for establishing good habits are gold. I recommend that you check her out and definitely sign up to her newsletters- you will receive a free bonus!

Bernadette Jiwa helps consultants, businesses and other organisations discover their story and in turn taps into the essence of their brand and the meaning behind it. Her blog shares with readers ideas on how to explore and share their story with the world and her free resource is also amazing- so I suggest you visit and sign up.

When sharing content on Facebook and Twitter, we really want to avoid those long URL’s that contain too many characters and tend to clog up followers feeds. Tiny URL turns any website address into a smaller, more manageable size. It’s safe, quick and convenient and I use it on the daily.

Have you made a beautiful new document, converted it to PDF, only to discover that its mammoth size is too large to easily email? Enter, your new best friend. Convert any PDF to a smaller file size with ease- and without compromising on quality. There are also plenty of other handy tools to play with, enjoy!

Yes, this one may be obvious as a social media platform but I also use Pinterst for a lot more. When I need to develop a new brand concept, design idea or event brief I always turn to Pinterest to scope the latest trends and consumer desires. Hit the search tab, type in the words and hit enter- you will be met with blog posts, articles and images galore.

Send professional email marketing and grow your database of subscribers- which will end up being one of your greatest business assets. Mail Chimp makes this process fun, simple and free (for those who have under 2000 subscribers). Try it today if you haven’t already.

Want that all important feedback on your business, products or customer service? Are you feeling like it could be time to reach out evaluate your next moves or changes within your company? Your existing clientele are the ones who are going to give you the most valuable, constructive comments and with just a few clicks and clever questions Survey Monkey can help you with this. The basic package is free with the next option stepping up to just $19.

You can’t go wrong with free publicity can you? Discover the goods that Source Bottle has to offer for yourself and in turn position yourself as an industry expert.

This online design tool is awesome! Did you take some gorgeous landscape photos on your last holiday? Well turn them into beautiful share able quotes, design event flyers and much, much more. Canva is completely free and I guarantee you that it will come in handy more than once.

7 Little-Known Social Media Tools for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you probably run your business on your own and wear many different hats each day. You know social media is important and that it can have a tremendous impact on your business but you have little time to spend on it.

You may have heard about a lot of social media marketing tools but many of them are complex and hard to use or don’t quite fit your budget or needs.

For the busy professional, here are some tools which promise to save you a ton of time on social media, so you can get back to doing the work you love. This will also help you how to make Instagram followers buy your product or service. It all just requires creativity and everything will turn out just fine.

Most comprehensive social media management dashboards are designed for managing multiple accounts with a large number of interactions. Oktopost, designed for B2B organizations, sets itself apart by helping its users to manage campaigns and relationships. Along with a single Social Inbox to review all incoming messages at once, it helps you with building customer relationships by creating profiles for those you interact with, including contact details and previous messages.

It also offers an Autoposter feature that allows persons to save draft posts as part of a campaign, then post or schedule as necessary. Another time-saving feature is the ability to see all your scheduled posts at-a-glance in calendar view, so you can fill in blank spots and not have to worry about any gaps.

Oktopost comes with a 30 day free trial (no credit card required) and costs $9/month after.

Swayy is the ultimate tool in content curation. You simply connect your social media accounts and plug in keywords of the content you’re interested in. It consistently brings you the latest and most relevant content. The best part about Swayy is the top articles they send in their daily email. A quick click allows you to read the articles that interest you and share them with your fans.

Swayy is available for free with paid options for additional features starting at $9.00/month.

Let’s face it – we’re not all fluent in Photoshop. And for the small business owner with minimal graphic design needs, Photoshop only uses up valuable time and money. Luckily, there are few online apps that have popped up within the last few years to take care of the non-designer’s graphic needs. The best one we’ve found – Canva. Canva provides a simple interface and beautiful templates that allows you to create ideal images for all popular social media profiles within minutes. You can also save your work to use them as templates later on.

Canva is free to use but some graphics and images cost $1 per use. To eliminate this fee, use images and photos from any of these completely free stock photo sites.

Instagram is tends to be more difficult to use than other platforms because of their API restrictions, which do not allow others to build scheduling software for the app. Additionally, you can only post to Instagram from a mobile device, which limits usage. It is still a very useful and beneficial platform for those with visual brands, so many have built workarounds to help users who don’t want to have to post directly every time.

Welcome, Instapult. Instapult is an online app that allows persons to upload, edit and schedule Instagram photos. It offers filters and space to write a caption, similar to Instagram’s native app and sends posts directly to Instagram.

It must be noted that, with Instagram’s restrictions, this app directly logs into your account in order to post to your profile. Hence, you must provide your Instagram username and password directly to Instapult for it to work. If you’re not comfortable providing this, you can use Chronogram, an alternative app which allows you to schedule posts with the app, then alerts you on your chosen mobile device when it’s time to upload to Instagram.

Instapult offers a 7 day free trial, after which you pay $12/month for up to 3 accounts. Chronogram is free for up to 40 posts per month on unlimited Instagram accounts.

While tracking mentions of your social media accounts is great, it’s not enough, especially if you have a brand-specific hashtag. Tagboard offers a similar service as Oktopost’s Social Inbox, but for hashtag mentions across platform. Log in and claim your hashtag, then get a visualization of all the posts using it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Vine and Flickr. You can also embed it on a website. It’s perfect for brands that have a running campaign with multiple entry platforms.

Tagboard is free with a $99/month paid option for upgraded features.

The hardest part of social media management, and the one usually ignored by small businesses, is measurement and analysis of results. While it may seem complex, understanding your social media performance is crucial to improving. The good news is that a tool like SumAll makes it much simpler to understand your results and apply it to future posts and campaigns.

Once you’ve connected all the accounts you want to track (see the options below), SumAll automatically tracks the performance of each account and send you a daily or weekly report (based on your request) with changes in your performance. The emails are easy for anyone to read and understand, minus the graphs and complex charts. If you like graphs and charts, you can always log into SumAll and view the details.

SumAll has a forever free package with additional paid features such as more detailed reports.

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