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Is Kratom A Lethal Drug Or A Life – Learn about it

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a plant with quite a lot of medicinal powers that have helped individuals throughout the globe for centuries. Lost, our last resolution is to faucet into the world now we have shunned and extract it’s pure blessings. Kratom presents us a glimpse of the person we might be if we shed […]

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Can Debts Be Dissolved Check Out An Advice For Debt Solution

Only recently, millions of bank customers who were hoping of reclaiming back their overdraft charges from banks, received a severe setback as the Supreme Court of England ruled the long-time pending case (filed in the year 2007) between bankers and customers in favor of bankers. This by every mean is a landmark victory to the […]

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The people who work in big MNC’s and other big firms then must learn about the various promotional gifts to get the best result after having them. If you consider the various types of reklaamkingid, it will allow you to impact your giveaways greatly. Many people are not aware of various types of gifts due […]

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Repair Of Household Appliances At Home As A Business

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7 Little-Known Social Media Tools for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you probably run your business on your own and wear many different hats each day. You know social media is important and that it can have a tremendous impact on your business but you have little time to spend on it.

You may have heard about a lot of social media marketing tools but many of them are complex and hard to use or don’t quite fit your budget or needs.

For the busy professional, here are some tools which promise to save you a ton of time on social media, so you can get back to doing the work you love. This will also help you how to make Instagram followers buy your product or service. It all just requires creativity and everything will turn out just fine.

Most comprehensive social media management dashboards are designed for managing multiple accounts with a large number of interactions. Oktopost, designed for B2B organizations, sets itself apart by helping its users to manage campaigns and relationships. Along with a single Social Inbox to review all incoming messages at once, it helps you with building customer relationships by creating profiles for those you interact with, including contact details and previous messages.

It also offers an Autoposter feature that allows persons to save draft posts as part of a campaign, then post or schedule as necessary. Another time-saving feature is the ability to see all your scheduled posts at-a-glance in calendar view, so you can fill in blank spots and not have to worry about any gaps.

Oktopost comes with a 30 day free trial (no credit card required) and costs $9/month after.

Swayy is the ultimate tool in content curation. You simply connect your social media accounts and plug in keywords of the content you’re interested in. It consistently brings you the latest and most relevant content. The best part about Swayy is the top articles they send in their daily email. A quick click allows you to read the articles that interest you and share them with your fans.

Swayy is available for free with paid options for additional features starting at $9.00/month.

Let’s face it – we’re not all fluent in Photoshop. And for the small business owner with minimal graphic design needs, Photoshop only uses up valuable time and money. Luckily, there are few online apps that have popped up within the last few years to take care of the non-designer’s graphic needs. The best one we’ve found – Canva. Canva provides a simple interface and beautiful templates that allows you to create ideal images for all popular social media profiles within minutes. You can also save your work to use them as templates later on.

Canva is free to use but some graphics and images cost $1 per use. To eliminate this fee, use images and photos from any of these completely free stock photo sites.

Instagram is tends to be more difficult to use than other platforms because of their API restrictions, which do not allow others to build scheduling software for the app. Additionally, you can only post to Instagram from a mobile device, which limits usage. It is still a very useful and beneficial platform for those with visual brands, so many have built workarounds to help users who don’t want to have to post directly every time.

Welcome, Instapult. Instapult is an online app that allows persons to upload, edit and schedule Instagram photos. It offers filters and space to write a caption, similar to Instagram’s native app and sends posts directly to Instagram.

It must be noted that, with Instagram’s restrictions, this app directly logs into your account in order to post to your profile. Hence, you must provide your Instagram username and password directly to Instapult for it to work. If you’re not comfortable providing this, you can use Chronogram, an alternative app which allows you to schedule posts with the app, then alerts you on your chosen mobile device when it’s time to upload to Instagram.

Instapult offers a 7 day free trial, after which you pay $12/month for up to 3 accounts. Chronogram is free for up to 40 posts per month on unlimited Instagram accounts.

While tracking mentions of your social media accounts is great, it’s not enough, especially if you have a brand-specific hashtag. Tagboard offers a similar service as Oktopost’s Social Inbox, but for hashtag mentions across platform. Log in and claim your hashtag, then get a visualization of all the posts using it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Vine and Flickr. You can also embed it on a website. It’s perfect for brands that have a running campaign with multiple entry platforms.

Tagboard is free with a $99/month paid option for upgraded features.

The hardest part of social media management, and the one usually ignored by small businesses, is measurement and analysis of results. While it may seem complex, understanding your social media performance is crucial to improving. The good news is that a tool like SumAll makes it much simpler to understand your results and apply it to future posts and campaigns.

Once you’ve connected all the accounts you want to track (see the options below), SumAll automatically tracks the performance of each account and send you a daily or weekly report (based on your request) with changes in your performance. The emails are easy for anyone to read and understand, minus the graphs and complex charts. If you like graphs and charts, you can always log into SumAll and view the details.

SumAll has a forever free package with additional paid features such as more detailed reports.

Sites That Publish Internet Marketing Guest Posts

In this blog post, I will give you some helpful information on how to get a high quality back link to your internet marketing related site, by writing a guest post, and getting it published on marketing related blogs. There are links below to pages that are lists of sites that accept guest posts related to internet marketing.Quality and relevance is the key to achieving higher rankings, and if you don’t take the time to do it properly, you might as well not bother at all.The first step is to work out what your site is about, and what keywords you’re aiming to rank for. Let’s say you have a site that is selling internet marketing products such as website design, SEO, social media marketing services and the like.You have a home page or other page that has a title like how to get a guest post published , and you’ve worked out that that’s a keyword phrase with a decent amount of exact match search volume on the Google Adwords keyword tool, and you want it to reach the top of the first page of Google for that search.Obviously you will want to make sure that you have the on-page optimization right, such as checking that you have at least 400 words of text, and are not using your keywords as more than 2-3% of the text.

You will want a couple of subheadings, a photo or video or two, and a generally well written, easy to read page that will keep visitors reading.Then, you will want to start building back links to that page by submitting to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and You Tube.You might want to make links from Linked In, Stumble Upon, Digg and Delicious. Then you will want to build articles linking to it in a link pyramid.This means you might write an article on Ezine or HubPages, and then write a few more on Go Articles, Squidoo, Knoji, eHow, Info Barrel, Triond, etc, linking to the back link, creating a second level of links.This boosts the page rank of the article that is linking directly to your site, and hopefully improves it’s authority.The authority of a link is more important than it’s page rank, and there are many ways that Google determine which sites and pages have the most authority.Content farms and link farms took a hit in rankings with the latest algorithm updates, because Google did not want to include results from sites which had pages made just to make a back link, and so the best way to get a high quality link is from a blog run by one person, who accepts guest posts, but has a strict set of guidelines that you must adhere to.

I run a blog called, and I am accepting guest post submissions, you can send me an email atif you’re interested in finding out more about that, or the link I made above also links to that page.This is a second level link page, as the one I made above was to an Info Barrel article, which then links to the page on my site which is called social media marketing guest posts.I will now also link out to some high authority pages which are lists of sites that accept and publish guest posts related to internet marketing.This page seems to be very helpful, it’s called 600 places to share your content and get more traffic . I also found this one to be quite helpful, it’s called 163 sites that accept guest posts listed by category.That’s just what I found on a Google search for list of sites that publish internet marketing guest posts . I’m making these outbound links because due to the hilltop algorithm, I am making this an “expert” page, and the article of mine that I linked out to is seen to be of higher authority, because it is listed and linked to on this page in the company of other authority sites.

I’m just continuing to write now, because I want this blog post to be as close to 800 words as it can be, without me just writing a bunch of stuff that I don’t really need to, and which doesn’t add to the quality information.Again, send me an email if you want to submit a high quality internet marketing or social media marketing related article on my site, but make sure that you follow the guidelines carefully, as I only accept original, high quality, long and informative guest posts that are not overly commercial, and link out to a site that is related in topic to mine.

Apart from the points mentioned above, you can also buy cheap YouTube views from real Google Ads that would add up to the revenue earnings where you can get sufficient number of subscribers without any hassle.

Utilize The Right Program With Right Methods To Stop Smoking Marijuana

Desire to stop smoking marijuana permanently? Relapse is actually a common occurrence with individuals trying to give up smoking marijuana, however there are methods you can stop this from taking place if you utilize the right program. Relapses happen for numerous reasons, plus certain circumstances, and you have the option to minimize the dangers by comprehending the regular reasons that might cause a starting to smoke weed once more.

In case you wish to give up smoking marijuana, possibly the most important factor is that you actually want to live a life without using this drug. You should require time merely due to exactly how you really feel, not making someone else satisfied or other factor. If you are not quite prepared, and you attempt to quit smoking marijuana for the incorrect reasons, a relapse is nearly assured. Eliminating your marijuana use can be exceptionally hard simply because of yearnings and also withdrawal signs that can happen, however you can do it by using the appropriate mindset, and even the right determination as well as mindset.

Before you determine to stop smoking marijuana, your circle of buddies had been all most probably pot customers, currently when you desire to obtain clean, the very same circle of peers could cause you to most definitely relapse. To remove this opportunity, you need to uncover peers that do not use weed, so you do not influence relapse.

Generally speaking, individuals don’t realize the devastating power of drug dependency and particularly MDD (Marijuana 

Numerous drug rehabilitation facilities have actually just recently sprung up with the goal of offering a method of rehabilitation and also healing because of the high incidence of drug-related offenses. Although there are many inpatient drug rehab centers to pick from, recognizing exactly what to seek makes a huge difference between success and also failure. When seeking a service to your issues with material dependence, it is very important to consider the factors that make a superb dependency therapy center. 

You need to make certain that the medical facility adheres to all the standards of the international medical neighborhood setting. You can easily ask to see existing certifications that will show that the facility is fit and also secure to do their responsibilities. All medical care specialists should also have their very own clinical qualifications in order to be able to perform different clinical treatments. Substance dependancy is a very complicated disease that needs to just be managed by trained and skilled individuals. If a given center can not give the required papers to show their legitimacy, then you had much better look for another. Is Kratom effective? Yes, it is for the treatment of anxiety and depression in the people. The management of the staff is excellent to offer the information about pros and cons of the weed.  The consumption is required to be taken under the excellence and guidance of the experts and doctors. 

You must evaluate the expense contrasted to the top quality of the services that a particular facility could supply. In some instances, it pays to invest a little extra if you get to enjoy much better facilities and also greater service degrees.

Cost of Winston cigarettes by state

Cheaper smoking cigarettes retail outlet is aimed towards supplying an extensive range of cheap cigarettes to Winston cigarettes’ cost by state our potential customers at discounted prices. Considering that the starting of our pastime in 2006, we could acquire confidence involving Individuals on account of our exceptional retailing and shipping rules tobacco contents in cigarettes, capacity to cost of Winston cigarettes by state fix any troubles and thoughts of the consumers rapidly.

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You may want to cost Winston cigarettes by state demand supplemental discounts and services, which will cover some special brands and orders. Our specialists from the assistance core provide additional information about choosing low-cost cigarette smoking online. We obtain around 1000 purchases day to cost of Winston cigarettes by state day, but regardless of which, we remedy almost every client, especially, alone of this amount of your structure. You will find the best at the very best total price only within our cheap tobacco cigarette retail outlet. 

The surge in the prices of commodities has wrecked people’s lives. One of the most important segments of people who have been hit by this surge of the price is smokers. The increase in prices is making a few quit them totally and the others to look everywhere they can. Finding cheap cigarettes uk has become a very tedious task, but with the help of the web, it is easier to find them now. 

How to Love Exercise–Run Away With the Circus

Some people love to exercise–they find running meditative, hiking relaxing, and spiritual. They go to the gym daily and can’t live without it or faithfully bust out the exercise videos at home….And then there are the rest of us. “Exercise is boring,” we sigh, “it hurts. I don’t have time. I’d rather be relaxing…”

We know that we must exercise, that our bodies must MOVE, that it is an essential part of being fit and healthy and so we force ourselves into it, find a million ways to trick ourselves into sweating. Additionally, you have different weight loss programs like to help you lose weight.

There is, however, another way–or more precisely, other ways. From the wild to the wacky to the just plain common sense fun, here they are–brilliant and crazy ways to fit in fitness without even knowing you are exercising (who knows, you just might learn something hardly anyone else knows!)

Join the Circus: When I was little I dreamed, like many children, of running away with the circus. Now I can. Circus workouts are springing up around the country and exercise physiology studies show that an eight-week circus training course can improve overall body strength by up to 20% as well as burn 200-400 calories an hour. Workouts vary but most are centered around trapeze workouts, which strengthen the core, back, and arms and tightrope walking which tightens the core, legs, and increases balance.

Both also increase flexibility. Along with this fun (and some swear sexy!) tricks, many circus workouts also train the brain and funny bone with juggling, magic tricks, and clown school tips. The workouts are so much fun and such a unique challenge, that you will often forget you are working out.

Hula hooping: In the last few years, classes in the childhood art of hula hooping have become popular. Using weighted hula hoops, the classes mainly work out and chisel the core and hip area but can also get the heart rate up for some fun cardio. There is one catch, however–women are typically better hula hoopers than men–our hips are good for more than just childbearing it seems.

Retro-robots: The ’80s are back. And it’s more than just headbands and members-only jackets out there–Eighties aerobics and jazzercise have made their own comeback! So if you enjoy bopping around in unitards and legwarmers and dancing to Cyndi Lauper and a Flock of Seagulls, these classes are for you. Some instructors are faithful to the exercises and others have updated them to be a bit kinder and gentler on joints and muscles, so ask around. And if you have enough friends interested, have your own retropubic party–A million Jane Fonda tapes are still available on E-bay (I looked). Dress up, break out the Tab, and wail out ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ to your heart’s content.

Strippercize: Alright, this one steps away from childhood memories a bit. For women who want to work out while learning some sexy skills. There are strip-aerobics, lap-dance oriented workouts and the challenging but a wee bit dangerous (watch those spike heels ladies!) pole dancing courses for whatever strikes your fancy. Like the more sedate Bellydancing, strippercize is great for both cardio and strength training–it works out your abs, back, arms, and legs as well as your machismo muscle. And it can also double as a valuable work skill in these hard economic times!

Unicycling: Often called ‘the best workout available on one wheel’ unicycling is a challenging skill as well as a great workout. It is hard to do and takes intense concentration, which is good for the brain, builds patience, and is great for weight loss, core strength, and leg muscles.

It also builds stamina and discipline. It helps that unicycling is also relatively inexpensive–the only cost being the machine itself. After that, learning comes from joining a unicycling club (they exist all over the country) and learning from fellow members. The camaraderie of this relatively small group is great for the spirit and knowing such a rare skill is always a good ace up the sleeve. 

Obstacle Courses: Used in gym class and the military for years, obstacle courses have now evolved to offer fun diversions while providing a whole-body workout–rope walls and hurdles work out core muscles, climbing walls work on the arms, back, core, and endurance, cones, and tires provide training in agility and cardio–all the while providing a challenge that is really fun. Creating your own obstacle course is easy as well–plan a jog past a playground and use the jungle gym or bicycle to a park and use your natural surroundings to test your agility.

Mail Order Vogue Cigarettes

Our online cigarette stow has been given as an effective cheap tobacco smoking search for mail order Vogue cigarettes cigarette people who smoke preferring to mail order Vogue cigarettes get tobacco products associated with a top-quality good quality around the most cost-effective selling prices that can easily compete with Swedish snus

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Purchase discounted tobacco cigarettes at the lowest price tags. Our cigarettes’ hold top priority is our clients’ pleasure and satisfaction. If you are looking for mail order Vogue cigarettes, a delightful bouquet along with a high-quality personal taste in addition to mail order Vogue cigarettes, a particular characteristic of each Individual cigarette makes you got into just the right place to mail order Vogue cigarettes and purchase cigarettes over the internet. Most inexpensive USing tobacco purchase was made in order to mail order Vogue cigarettes to make you look convenient and easier for mail order Vogue cigarettes. 

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Growing Weed Indoors Step By Step

I don?t believe, but I including things to become simple, quick and most importantly Straightforward! I mean as if all the different issues of everyday living, the challenges wasn?t already ample, it seems dang around impossible to discover some good level of quality information about how to build some good good quality herb!So, I ran across myself going wild one day, many I wanted ended up being to find out how to mature some good quality pot, merely and easily, step-by-step, no hoopla just minimize and dried! With all the information available about all of the different types of strategies and the a variety of process regarding growing indoor marijuana, it?s has been hard to select which process was legit, moreover which one has been best for growing some mindblowing crop! I wasted countless hours surveying a number of differerent websites with grow ?gurus? promising me the secrets to increasing some of the world?s ideal buds? All I’d to do ended up being buy a number of fancy innovative grow procedure that would require me to pay well over ,1000.00. (OUCH!!) Please don?t misunderstand me there are a lot regarding folks putting out some premium quality information about rising weed, but I myself seemed to be on a budget! I signify after all that?s the whole reason why I had been even planning to learn how to improve some indoors weed to start with! Then I stumbled across a increase bible published by the improve gods themselves?Well, not really, it turned out written by a male named Jones Riley.

It was brilliant though, it had been almost as detail guy Johnson could learn my mind, I am talking about he had exactly what I had commit days, many days even weeks searching for?A developing marijuana guide for ?Dummies??or possibly just stoners as i am!!!Are you confused about the way to grow your personal marijuana offer, quickly and easily? I find out I guaranteed was! Properly, not to worry my pals, you now have ?Growing Elite Marijuana?- The Complete Information on how to expand indoor pot. This guide has been compiled by Ryan Riley who has carried out extensive tests on the various process with regard to growing medical marijuana on your own. Ryan has got literally developed the easiest along with quickest technique to grow your private endless supply of high quality cannabis. Now this is really a 748-page eBook that encompasses the most up-to-date information on essentially everything relevant to the entire process of expanding top quality marijuana.

This guide and step by step guide book is unlike your common boring university books, this consists of fantastic high-definition quality images and straightforward charts in addition to tables that you easily comprehend each and every stage involved in the strategy of growing bud. guide to growing weed?Growing Elite Marijuana? is a complete research for any grower- by beginners who are planning to expand indoor marijuana by themselves in order to even advanced cultivators who want to grow their weed result by using brand-new techniques. There are plenty of information in marijuana principles, the right ?strains? that provides an added quality to the weed, the best quality regarding seeds that can yield ideal results and even to purchase these seed products! He explains each phase on the grow approach and smashes it into smaller operations like flower sexing, seedling, vegetative advancement, flowering etc.

You will learn the actual tricks which professional farmers do not give anyone else in the business. Like, the best illumination coming from various types of light, time of such gentle, basic principles of electrical power required at home and in the area associated with growing guarana are all substantial factors of which affect the expertise of the marijuana an individual grow.Additionally, you will be provided with adequate knowledge about trivial problems like earth fertilizers, this watering ranges and timings, figuring out the pH of the weeds, and so on. In case you wish to increase their marijuana hydroponically, you will not always be disappointed frequently as there is often a guide for you all also!! This guide in addition talks about the particular cloning of cannabis plants, their own proper increasing, breeding tactics, increasing the farm as well as management of odor.

All Concerning mentioned suggestions just the ?tip of your iceberg?. All these topics are mentioned in such information in this entire guide to be able to grow weed.To sum up, this specific guides unique features, details and organized steps make ?Growing Professional Marijuana? superior in excess of other guide books and DVDs available for sale or espically on the internet. Following these points can make you your proud who owns a beautiful along with endless bunch of top quality pot, while at the same period saving you time and effort, money as well as.growing weed indoors step by step

Growing weed is no easy task, especially indoors as it takes a lot of challenges to overcome aside from the fact that marijuana plants are not found easily in the US as the States isn’t known for tropical forests with pleasant splatter of rain as you can read about on the CBD Öl für Hunde Review that can be found online through a simple Google search.

Filtered Water Bottles

The one thing that all of us have in common is drinking great tasting water, the taste that quenches your thirst with pure satisfaction. Have you ever considered drinking from filtered water bottles? Maybe not! We all have tap water but we don’t necessarily want to drink from our faucet anymore that is unless you have a filtration system. Then that’s a whole other story. So let’s explore the benefits of drinking from filtered water bottles. This is just another hydration solution for those of us who like to quench our thirst with great tasting water.

When it comes to quenching thirst, there is nothing that equals to water as that is the sole liquid particle on earth that does so and it is worth mentioning that nearly 70% of the human body is made of water so much so that it feels like a personalized Nalgenes bottle.

Whenever you think about filters you think about something being removed. They’re used for so many different things from aquariums, to signal processing and much more. Thank goodness we have them for our drinking water. They remove the impurities, reduce chlorine and odor and they hold back the growth of common bacteria. This results in your tap water tasting so much better. Even better, in addition to having a filter in a water bottle that’s BPA-free and free from leeching chemicals into your water just simply puts the icing on the cake. It turns out to be a win-win situation.

 There are many companies that are selling filtered water bottles for people who are on the go. This is also a great from buying plastic bottled water and healthier too. The filters can usually last up to 3 months and some can even be used up to 150 gallons before they need to be replaced. They all have different specs, but at least you can reuse it and know that your water will come out tasting absolutely good and refreshing. 

 When you’re ready to start getting your first filtered water bottle make sure that you remember what’s been discussed in our previous articles about BPA-free and chemical free bottles, cause this is definitely a criteria that you want to go by when searching for a filtered one. If it comes with a bite valve some companies will let you know if the valve is also chemical free. The more chemical free your container is then the better it is for you. So just take a moment to browse our website to the best water bottles and you’ll find out more information about choosing a good water bottle.

 Now, choosing a filtered water bottle has a great amount of benefits that reach far among the most important factors that we should consider when using and reusing these containers. We are in a world today the offers a variety of healthier and safer ways to drink water. All we have to do is research and find the best ones. We try to and arm our readers with the best information possible so that you can be as informed about the products that are out there and available for purchase. We all want to live a healthier life so let’s start where it counts the most and that’s with ourselves and our families.

Wireless Internet Software and Hardware

No matter where you are you can now surf the web. Wireless Internet also WiFi has changed the way we use the Internet forever. 

So what is Wireless Internet and why do I care? 

Well, Wireless Internet is the next big revolution to hit the online world. Where you once would have had to have access to a phone line or maybe a high-speed DSL, Broadband connection, now all you need is the appropriate 802.11 Internet connection hardware and a radio signal and you free to surf no matter while you’re drinking a cup of Java at your local café or sitting on the beach. 

Now, of course, there are privacy and security issues that need to be addressed if you’re going to surf the net using Wireless Internet but for the most part, these are no different from having your cell phone chat intercepted. That is why choosing the right computer privacy filter is really necessary. 

Next time you’re at your local bookstore or coffee house, notice the huddled forms in the corner. They’re probably your local writers, web surfers, and chat room junkies using the web from their favorite location as a result of the marvelous developments in Wireless Internet technology. 

Now for those upon the lingo, what you need to know about Wireless Internet is that to access the web you need to be in a “hot spot “. 

So what is a hot spot? 

Well, it’s really a term to describe Wireless Internet coverage. You see, much like a cell phone you need a local transmitter and receiver to surf the web. There are literally hundreds of hot spots all over the place and they’re springing up faster then you can count. Why? Well, retailers know that by providing Wireless Internet coverage they are more likely to have their premises frequented by business users and web surfers. 

Imagine having your weekly management meeting at a side-room of the local restaurant complete with web access, Microsoft PowerPoint Slides, and a decent snack. Isn’t this a lot more attractive than sitting in a stale and stuffy board room eating stale muffins? Another amazing development with Wireless Internet is the use of Pocket PCs with access to the web. 

Recently I had a friend demonstrate his Pocket PC with streaming media while sitting in a local coffee house. That’s right, we were able to watch a video right in the palm of his hand. Now I know we’re all a little unimpressed these days with all the gadgets that abound but I was impressed. 

Remember only a few years ago a laptop was a very heavy piece of equipment and a “cell ” phone was almost the size of a suitcase – things have changed. So, the next time you’re looking to continue your work in a more pleasant environment update your portable computer with Wireless Internet technology and go work somewhere nice, maybe the beach?.

Dieting and children

Dieting can be a Poor Role Model for Children Consider for a moment the messages that dieting sends to our children as suggested in Nutrisystem reviews. Parents who are constantly dieting and who are unhappy with their bodies often indicate to their child that he or she is also not okay and needs to go on a diet. Feelings of inadequacy and a reinforcement of the dieting mentality can come from any of the following: Using food as a reward, as comfort, or as a form of control.

Making children clean their plates as proof that they’re “good” or in order to earn dessert rather than teaching them to tune into internal signals of fullness and satiety. Centering holiday festivities on food rather than emphasizing the meaning of the occasion itself, friendship, conversation, family activities. Relying on dieting products like Slim-Fast® that don’t allow children to acquire a taste for low-sugar foods. Many times, we are just passing on attitudes about food and our bodies that we got from our parents. The GHF approach to health and weight management can help you break this cycle.

As you implement the important principles of the GHF Weight Management program into your lifestyle and begin tuning in to your body for signals of hunger and fullness, and enjoy physical activity, you will notice that the positive attitudes and healthy behaviors will transfer to your children. When you start living a healthier lifestyle, you’ll notice a sense of inner satisfaction. When people take responsibility for their own health, their family is positively affected. Then dieting becomes a useful tool. 

“When I discovered, I was immediately impressed by the complete package of services and information provided. This program was not the typical diet marketing that I had been seeing on the internet. The testimonials were so encouraging, and there was a software tracking program where I could keep all my food intake and exercise recorded.

Motivational articles were sent out every week, along with a newsletter that provided information regarding weight lifting, food programs, motivation, all levels of personal growth, and even recipes. The onboard staff is part of the service, and I had great support from Dani Myers (she is an incredible role model). I am currently 160 lbs at 5’9″ tall and my body fat is 22%. My goal is 15-16% body fat by the end of this year, and I have no doubt that this will happen.

Making the decision to bring about permanent changes in my body as well as learning to take the emotion out of my program and stay focused on my goal has been a key element. The panic attacks and agoraphobia which consumed my life years ago are gone. I now live a lifestyle focused on building muscle, eating healthy unprocessed foods, keeping my emotions and mind sharpened on a positive outcome no matter what the obstacles. Thanks so much, GHF for your excellent site and services

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