3 Key questions you need to ask before choosing a Drug Rehab!

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Finding Education Grants So Your Student Can Study Overseas

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Using Credit Repair Services

Join The Thousands Who Make Money Online With Ebay

Dumpster Babies – Safe Haven Laws, Legalized Abandonment

Business Credit Finance Guide Money Services

Using Credit Repair Services

By employing credit repair services such as Sacramento credit repair services, you can take the steps needed to boost your rating and qualify for better terms and more convenient financing. Before seeking out credit repair services, you want to honestly gauge your circumstances. Are you in a position where you can realistically maintain and improve […]

Join The Thousands Who Make Money Online With Ebay

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Celebrity Bankruptcies that Might Surprise You

Many years ago after I bought my first house, I made a real estate investment mistake that cost me two houses. An attorney I contacted suggested I file for bankruptcy but the thought of it made me cringe. In my community there was an attitude of disdain toward anyone that had chosen this option to resolve debt. 

I did not learn until years later that bankruptcy was created to encourage small business start ups and protect the owners if the business failed. Neither did I know that people we would typically expect to never have debt issues would use bankruptcy as a way to start over. You might be surprised at some of the Hollywood celebs and other famous individuals that have done this. The hiring of the bankruptcy lawyer san diego will be effective for the celebrities if there is shortage of the funds. The solving of the case should be done with expertise and experience. 

Famous Bankruptcies

Believe it or not, there are several respected historical figures that filed for bankruptcy. The great American showman, Phineas Taylor Barnum who wowed the populace with team of circus performers went this route in 1871 due to some business decisions that went wrong, before he joined forces with the owner of Barnum’s. The renowned American author, known under the pen name, Mark Twain sunk most of his savings into the development of an automatic typesetting machine that failed to make it to the market. His debts were discharged in 1894 and after which he traveled and lectured in Europe to achieve financial balance.

For you chocolate fans, it may raise an eyebrow or two to know that Milton Snavely Hershey filed for bankruptcy four times due to failed businesses before the fifth and final Hershey’s chocolate business took off. This entrepreneur had a 4th grade education but was determined to find a product pleasing to the public. You may not know that Henry Ford actually started up two automobile companies that went down the tubes, ending in bankruptcy before he gathered the $28k needed to start the Ford Motor Company.

Among the movie celebs, sports heroes and performers that have filed for bankruptcy are Mickey Rooney, Debbie Reynolds, Johnny Unitas (Hall of Fame football quarterback), Jerry Lee Lewis, Bert Reynolds, Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson), Wayne Newton, Kim Basinger, MC Hammer, Larry King, Mike Tyson, Sammy Kershaw, Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Willie Nelson, Meatloaf…the list goes on!

If the celebrity list does not impress you sufficiently, consider Donald Trump. Who would guess this famous financier would be forced to file for bankruptcy? Trump, in fact has filed four times on behalf of his casinos but this did not affect his TV show or real estate holdings. He used Chapter 11 to renegotiate the casino debts after which each one got onto the success track.

Dumpster Babies – Safe Haven Laws, Legalized Abandonment

It seems these days that more and more infant children are being born to mothers who do not want them. In a time when birth control is readily available for free at local health departments and Safe Haven Laws are in effect, why is this so? Is it because the Laws are not expressed as much as tobacco and drug use? We see commercials on the television all time against teenage smoking and drinking. We even see commercials about safe sex! Why not Safe Haven Laws? Is the government afraid of giving the wrong message to parents of unwanted kids? Are they afraid that the ones in this circumstance will say, “Hey, it’s ok for me to go out and get pregnant. I can just drop it off at a church or hospital.” I don’t think that would be the message given at all. It is certainly better than finding a newborn wrapped in a trash bag in some landfill or make shift grave. It is so depressing reading about newborns found in this manner, most of the time suffocated to death.

In a country with as much freedom and choices, these mothers still choose to kill their own babies and then try to conceal it. We have legalized abortion. If you are against abortion, why not leave the baby at the hospital, church, or even a doorstep. At least the baby will have been given a chance to live and you, the parent of the unwanted child, won’t be charged with murder or abandonment. Wouldn’t the legal way of doing things be much easier to live with?

It seems unethical that some mothers would avail dumpster rental just to put their babies there and abandon them. The government must do something about these alarming issues. It is really depressing to read some news about newborns being found in dumpster and most of them are facing deaths already due to suffocation and other complications.

I really wish Safe Haven Laws were made more public. I think the government needs to consider this. Perhaps the reason why there are so many “dumpster babies” is because the mother doesn’t know that she has an alternative solution. It seems the general age of these mothers are scared teen-agers who just don’t know how to handle the situation. It also seems a lot of these “dumpster babies” are born to mothers who’s parents never even knew of their daughter’s pregnancy. How hard it must have been for the pregnant mother to hide her pregnancy, live with the fact that she suffocated her newborn baby and then threw him or her in the dumpster like a sack of trash.

Most of the babies who are found in this manner are unidentified and remain that way. It is so sad that these little ones are not even given a chance to live, but not even given a name. Most do not get the justice that they deserve and the guilty person goes free as long as she can live with it. Just about every state has a Safe Haven Law. I think these laws need to be made more aware to the public. This country has enough John and Jane Does already.

Winning Strategies for the EBay Bargain Hunter

Many auctions in EBay are very tempting. You will be thrilled when you see no one to bid on an item which you need desperately. It will be days and you will be the only one bidder, but in the last minute thousands of bidders flood and you lose the bid. This happens to many people. There are many things which you will get to know by experience so you should keep on bidding and losing. This will make you sharper each time. This article tells you few points which you need to keep in mind when bidding.

1 gt;the first point is you should never bring in emotion when bidding. There are so many auctions and you need to bid on many of them so that you get a chance to win at least a few. You cannot win all the bids but you can lose all. Be calm when you are bidding and don’t take anything to your heart. Use your brain. Calculate all the possibilities and place a bid smartly.

2 gt;you need to be very specific on what you bid. This is because you should have a through knowledge about the product so that you can know the possibilities of greater profit when you sell the product. If you have no knowledge about a product then you may end up in a disaster even after winning the bid. This is not a great idea to bid on anything and everything. A proper plan should be made for the checking of the best crossbow scopes reviewed by The site will be the best for the hunters to kill the prey. It will provide great opportunities for earning of profits. 

3 gt;It is very important to research a product. Not only should you bid on products that you know about but also you need to do research on other products. You need to understand the current trend of the market. If you don’t you are missing a wonderful opportunity to make money. So as a bargain hunter you need to get your knowledge updated frequently. You can use third party solutions like Amdale, Hammertap, and Terrapeak to get your knowledge boosted. Slow and steady wins the race. Move steadily improving your hold on other products until you get a good deal. If one product fails you can always have another to make up the loss.

So initially it will be very tough to get the hang of bidding and also winning. You have to master your skills of dealing with people and also it takes time and experience. Frequent updates of knowledge and researching market are the important things that need to be done to become successful bargain hunter. Bidding should be started with products that you have extensive knowledge about and slowly you need to increase the categories. This will make sure you get money as well as increase your income steadily.

Using YouTube in Conjunction with Christmas Shopping

To be successful with YouTube, you will need to know what the hottest items are this Christmas, how to sign up as an Amazon affiliate and learn how to put yourself in the seat of the consumer. By doing this, you can ensure an incredible amount of YouTube success this holiday season and for future holidays to come!

What are the hottest items this Christmas

First off, it is highly important that you know what the hottest items will be for this Christmas. Are they video games? Clothing? Articles of clothing? Accessories? GPS? Cellphones? By knowing all of the hottest items this Christmas, you can achieve the most incredible amount of success and help your online business flourish in today’s competitive world.

The greatest thing for your business is to make sure that you know how to achieve the success first off. In order to achieve this success, you will need to observe the trends on the internet. This includes knowing what items are already hot, and knowing if they will maintain their “heat” throughout the holidays. One way to observe these trends is to observe the eBay marketplace. You can also go to website e-commerce stores and see what items are sold out, or quickly running out of stock. By finding these items, you will quickly learn how to locate items that will be profitable for your business!

Sign up with Amazon affiliate

After you have performed this step, you will want to definitely sign up as an Amazon affiliate. There are a number of reasons for this, however, Amazon gives you the best variety of items to choose from for their business. You can be an affiliate for practically any product that is sold through their Web site. This gives you an incredible opportunity to find an individual product, set up an affiliate link, and redirect people towards the product so they can purchase and you receive an affiliate sale for that product!

You will want to type in “Amazon + affiliate” in any of the major search engines to locate their affiliate program. Once you are signed up, you will want to read the many tutorials on how to use amazon affiliate program to your advantage. Once you are well-informed on how to achieve success on the internet, you will want to start today!

Putting Yourself in the seat of the Consumer; Youtube Success

You will now want to put yourself in the seat of the consumer. You definitely want to consider trying to succeed on YouTube. It is best that you know how to achieve this because you will want to locate what kind of videos the consumer will be looking for if they want to purchase your product. A great example of this is the selling of DVDs. If are trying to sell dvd’s as an amazon affiliate, then you are probably wanting to put up movie trailers of upcoming popular titles that are soon coming to DVD. The success will lies in checking the positive review of the available titles. Through the negative reviews, there will be negative effect on the writers to write the premium articles. 

If a person is looking to buy a Denzel Washington film, then you may want to consider posting a trailer of the movie: “American Gangster”, which is a highly popular movie, so that you can attract the YouTube user. You will want to put the link in the “summary” section of YouTube, so that when the person finishes watching the trailer, they will quickly click the link and be directed to the American Gangster DVD sales page on! By doing this, you can achieve an incredible amount of success online!

CBD Oil- Helpful Advice for First Time Users

With the rapid increase of the corona virus scare, the federal governments of all nations have issued a lockdown in their countries where people are confined to their homes to prevent it from spreading while the cure is being worked out by doctors and scientists.

Whenever we try out something for the first time, we have emotions ranging from satisfaction to disgust depending on the effect it has on our body, be it medicines or some new food.

Regarding medicines, we only take it whenever we are sick so as to be cured from it once and for all but what about the bigger ones like cancer, kidney failure, liver issues, etc.

Way out of Cesspool

CBD oil is the solution which has become very famous among its users who have expressed their gratitude to it for providing them relief from various ailments that are prevalent in the society.

Many people who come across CBD and want to use it for the first time are apprehensive because it is not something that is found in every medical store but those who have seen the results have all given positive remarks over it.

When you start using it, you won’t feel anything for the first few days but with regular usage, you star experiencing changes in the body when you are relieved from muscle and joint pain, inflammation, headache, cancer symptoms and depression and stress.

CBD oil is the alternative to get out of the cesspool of diseases where there is nothing but tension and sorrow all around but since I have seen its potential for myself, I always lookout for shops that have CBD oil near me and don’t think twice before purchasing a stash or two.

Therefore, to get the experience yourself, you too can look it up online and order the one best suitable for your current situation.

Chicago Moving Company Surprises Me with Great Service

I recently embarked on a journey to a new city to start a new job. I had lived in Chicago for my whole life (30 years) and really didn’t know where to start. All my friends and family told me to be careful when deciding to go with a moving company. All had nightmare stories to share and I must admit I was very concerned. Moving and driving myself 1,000 miles just wasn’t an option. So, I started researching moving companies in Chicago. I decided to get 5 quotes from movers that seemed to have good reviews and reputations. I also turned to my facebook and had my friends and family do a survey as to whom to choose. All 5 companies were A rated online and all 5 were priced pretty much the same. In the end I decided to go with Greenway Movers who is based in Chicago, IL.

The reason I went with them isn’t because of price is was solely based on the services they outlined and the gut feeling I had about them. First of all what impressed me is they assigned me a personal move coordinator. This was the biggest difference over the other 5 companies. My move coordinator helped me from day one and was my single point of contact until my pick-up was complete. He was able to address all my questions and gave me a lot of other information about moving I had not even considered. For one the length of delivery, which I will get into in a moment. What really made me feel at ease was the fact he would accompany the moving crew to pick-up. He wanted to make sure everything went according to plan and to give me assurance that they were the actual moving company. No other company offered anything close to that and again it was a huge factor in my going with them.

As the pick-up day arrived I felt pretty good about everything. I had spent weeks packing and sorting through every possession I owned. The crew arrived along with my coordinator promptly and got to work right away. I was given a quick walk through and they had me sign the paperwork before we begin. No changes to the price at all except for a little packing material which was explained to me when scheduling. All 4 movers were very easy to communicate with as they all spoke perfect English. I bring that up because that was one thing a friend told me he had issues with in the past. My whole condo was loaded and on the road 4 hours after they arrived.

Once the pick-up was completed I received a call from their dispatcher later that day. He said he already was loading for delivery and my things would be in Texas 3 days later. I was shocked as this was much faster than I could of ever hoped for. The dispatcher explained how he had known about my delivery since i scheduled my pick-up so there would be no last minute scrambling to try and accommodate my delivery. Sure enough 3 days later the truck indeed did arrive at my new house. I was very excited especially when again no extra charges popped up. The crew was again friendly and easy to communicate with. After weeks and weeks of unpacking and sorting I am happy to say no damages were found, not a single one. My new house was finally set up just how I wanted it and I was able to successfully move from Chicago to Dallas without a worry other than catching my plane on time.

I am sure there are other good movers to choose from and I am sure Greenway Movers has their bad days too but not for this guy.

One of the best at their job is movers Edmonton, who have some of the best people up for the job and leave no stone unturned to get the job done without compromising on their ideals as their first priority is client satisfaction.

How to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

It is cold and flu season and I am doing everything I can to avoid getting sick. According to, adults endure an average of seven colds a year. I have tips on how to stay healthy through the winter.

Dress in layers

You want to stay warm outdoors so you put on a lot of warm clothes. Most of your body heat escapes out of the top of your head. To avoid this, wear a hat whenever you are out in the cold. If you dress in layers, when you enter a heated building you can remove some of the layers so you don’t over heat. Staying a steady temperature will help your body stay healthy.

Apart from the many layers of clothing, try to stay indoors for as long as possible, whether at home or office and a nice mug of hot chocolate at evening and before going to bed at night will make things better akin to a supplement affiliate program. 

Wash your hands (and any other body parts exposed to the elements)

Your hands come in contact with millions of germs a day. It is important to wash your hands frequently. Not only should you wash them often, you need to make sure you are washing them in warm water with a dime-sized drop of soap for 20 seconds (sing the ABC song or Happy Birthday twice). Then make sure to dry your hands well so they don’t get cold.

Washing your hands with soap and water is always better than using hand sanitizers. Sanitizers strip the top layer of oil of your skin and remove little of the harmful bacteria. Hand sanitizers can be used when a sink is not available but they are never a substitute for washing your hands.

Exercise and eat properly

Exercising and eating healthfully is important to keep your immune system on track. You should exercise 4 to 6 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes. After you exercise, be sure to get out of your sweaty clothes and shower as soon as possible.

Many websites suggest eating leeks and green onions to fight the common cold. Leeks have many other health benefits so I say it is worth a try. Some websites even suggests rubbing raw onions on your chest. I think a delicious warm soup made with leeks, onions and carrots (for vitamin C) is a great way to avoid a cold.

Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is proven to boost your immune system and fight off the cold and flu germs.

Get your vitamins

Vitamin C has an anti-histamine affect to help fight a runny nose. Echinacea is an herb that supports immune system health. Raw garlic can also be used to fight cold germs. I know raw garlic is not ideal so look for garlic supplements; they will do the trick. Research has shown that at the first sign of a cold, zinc lozenges will help shorten the cold’s duration. All of these vitamins and herbs can be taken to prevent sickness or to treat a cold.

Keep areas clean

If someone in your house or office gets sick, make sure to thoroughly clean all of the areas they frequent. Encourage them to frequently wash their hands.

Get lots of sleep

Sleep boosts your immune system and gives your body time to rest so it is more apt for fighting a cold during the day.

Avoid people who are sick

Germs can spread through coughing and sneezing. If you have to take a day off work or school to avoid getting sick, it is better than taking a week off to recover.

If you follow my tips, I can almost guarantee a healthy winter. If you have suggestions that I didn’t include, please share them in a comment.

I wish all of you HEALTH and happiness!

Spraying, Chewing, and Clawing; Correcting Bad Behavior in Cats

Cats are generally easy to train, and because they are independent, cats are easy to care for, but occasionally a cat will start behaving inappropriately for no apparent reason. Cats that once minded their manners sometimes start destroying plants, artificial flowers, and furniture. Cats also sometimes begin spraying, and cat urine is an odor that’s nearly impossible to get rid of.

What can a cat owner do when a cat that was once a good mannered respectable family member starts behaving badly? How does a cat owner go about stopping a cat from destroying their property? There are a number of ways to correct and deter bad behavior in cats, and these methods to correct bad behavior are proven to work.

The following information will help you correct bad habits and bad behavior, and your cat will once again become a welcome family member. Don’t get rid of your cat because of bad behavior. Give your cat a cattitude adjustment, and correct his bad behavior before you consider kicking him out of his once happy home.

Stop the Spraying

One of the worst habits a cat can embark upon is spraying, and male cats that haven’t been neutered are more likely than females to begin spraying furniture and other areas within the home. Male cats that haven’t been neutered mark their territory by spraying here, there, and everywhere. If your male cat hasn’t been neutered, consider making a vet appointment for this simple procedure. Chances are, once your cat is neutered, he will lose the urge to spray, and you will have done your part to help control the pet population.

If your cat is female, or if your male cat is neutered, a bladder infection could be to blame for spraying outside the litter box. A bladder infection is extremely painful, and a cat with a bladder infection associates the litter box with pain. A cat with a bladder infection will begin urinating in clothes baskets, on bedding, and every place other than the litter box. If your cat has begun urinating outside the litter box for no apparent reason, take your cat to the vet for a urine test. Excessive crystallization indicates a bladder infection, and a bladder infection can easily be treated with medication.

Once your cat has sprayed furniture, carpeting, and other areas of your home, the odor is very hard to get rid of. Although the odor of cat urine is hard to remove, it isn’t impossible to remove. Pet stores sell effective products that don’t just cover up the odor. These products eliminate the odor, and getting rid of urine odors is the key to stopping a cat from returning to spray the same spots.

Don’t Eat the Live Daisies

Cats naturally have the desire to eat greens, and cats aren’t always finicky when it comes to the greens they eat. Cats sometimes sample houseplants. Chewing on indoor plants not only destroys the plants, but your cat can become deathly ill if the plants are poisonous. Keep your cat away from your houseplants by placing orange, lemon, or grapefruit rinds on top of the soil. Cats are generally repelled by the smell of citrus.

Don’t Eat the Dried Daisies

Your cat might not like a particular brand of cat food, but the same cat that won’t eat certain brands of cat food might try nibbling on your dried flower arrangement. You can easily put an end to your cat chewing on dried flowers by spraying them with hair spray. Cats don’t like the taste of hair spray, and the hair spray alone might be enough to end a case of the midnight munchies. If hair spray alone won’t deter him from chewing on your dried flowers, sprinkle them with white pepper before the hair spray dries. Your cat won’t come back for seconds!

Furniture Clawing

If your cat hasn’t been declawed, your furniture is probably used as a scratching post. Provide your cat with a scratching post, and encourage your cat to use it by rubbing it with catnip. Each time you catch your cat clawing furniture, take the cat to the scratching post. Eventually the cat will learn where it’s acceptable to sharpen his claws.

If your cat keeps returning to the same spot to sharpen his claws, consider using training spray to keep him away. Cats can’t stand the scent, and they’ll avoid areas that have been sprayed. If you don’t want to spray your furniture, simply spray a cloth and place it close to specific locations to keep your cat from continuing the destructive habit of clawing. Another way to take good care of your cat is to have them serviced by the best pet care shop. Colmars exotic pet care is definitely one of them. 

DIY: Unique Texas Star Armoire

This easy to do painting project can turn a dull entertainment armoire into a beautiful focal point for your Western-inspired living room! For this project, you will need all these supplies that you can buy at really affordable rates at and start your DIY project more effectively. 

– A wood entertainment armoire, any size

– Latex-based primer paint

– Cream colored, exterior satin latex-based paint

– Black colored, exterior satin latex-based paint

– Medium brown colored, exterior satin latex-based paint

– Dark brown colored, exterior satin latex-based paint

– Medium coarse steel wool

– A large Texas star stencil (or easily make your own by cutting through cardboard)

– Fine grit sandpaper

– Medium grit sandpaper

– Tack cloth

– Rustic drawer pulls (if needed)

You will want the armoire to be unstained, unpainted wood prior to beginning this project. If the armoire does have paint or stain, use a bit of paint stripper (available at your local home improvement store) according to manufacturer directions. Also, as an added note, a Texas star is a star encased in a circle.

Start by lightly sanding down the armoire with a fine-grit sandpaper. Repeat the process with medium-grit sandpaper. Once the entire armoire has been lightly sanded, remove all dust with a tack cloth. (It is important that there is no excess sanding dust on the armoire before painting, or it can interfere with the paint.) Remove any pull knobs from the armoire, and leave the drawers in the main cabinet, if any.

Prime the entire armoire with latex-based primer. Allow the primer to dry completely. Apply a base coat of medium brown exterior satin latex-based paint to the armoire. Once the paint has dried, usually within two hours, apply a coat of cream-colored exterior satin latex-based paint. Wait an hour while the cream paint dries before sanding the armoire with hot water and medium coarse steel wool. (It is okay if the cream-colored paint comes off in certain areas and the medium brown base paint shows through. This is precisely the idea, and will add to the rustic look of the armoire.) Dry off all water thoroughly.

Draw on the large Texas star design in the center of the armoire. Using the black exterior satin latex-based paint, fill in the star design. Let the painting design dry thoroughly.

Mix the dark brown exterior satin latex-based paint with water in one part paint to three parts water ration. Apply to the armoire with a wide brush, continuing to brush as it dried to avoid any drips. When the paint has dried, sand the armoire with steel wool, and repeat the process. Allow the entire project to dry before installing any drawer pulls.

Tips On Picking The Best Website Marketing Company

Website marketing is becoming more and more crucial for any business with every passing day. While your digital presence is absolutely essential for growth, it is understandable that all the work can’t be or shouldn’t be done by yourself or your employees.

Here is where the website marketing companies come in as they provide excellent service opportunities in exchange for payment.

While you are at your look for these companies, here are a few things you should know

  • Review the Services and Portfolio:

The services offered by any particular company will be readily available on their official website. Going through the list helps you decide what you want and lets you choose accordingly.

  • Price Offered:

The price offered for the services by various companies is essential because you can’t choose a company you would not be able to afford. It is important that you keep the price factor in mind.

  • SEO, PPC, and E-mail Marketing:

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click are the two most popular techniques that are used by the website marketing companies. Thus, it is vital that the company you choose offers these services. E-mail marketing is also another technique that is being widely used in recent times.

  • Partnership:

Another way of hiring a website marketing company is by making them your partners. This way, there is a guarantee of goodwill.

It is important to understand what you need before hiring any website marketing company. So, choose wisely and calmly.

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