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Dumpster Babies – Safe Haven Laws, Legalized Abandonment

It seems these days that more and more infant children are being born to mothers who do not want them. In a time when birth control is readily available for free at local health departments and Safe Haven Laws are in effect, why is this so? Is it because the Laws are not expressed as […]

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Majority of Apps Are Unrated but Probably Not Undiscovered

Anyone following apps is aware of the constant complaint among developers about discoverability. That is, any particular app has a high probability of getting lost in a rapidly expanding sea consisting of hundreds of thousands of apps. We analyzed a large swath of apps released in Apple ‘s U.S. App Store in April and the data supports the notion that the vast majority of them are unrated but this may not be from a lack of exposure. More likely, many are unrated because they simply look uninteresting.

We isolated the last 10,000 iPhone apps, including Universal apps, released in April and looked at how many were rated by at least one person. Of the 10,000 apps, 3,959, or 39%, of them were rated by at least one person. This means a whopping 61% were not rated by a single person. Furthermore, we identified how many of the 3,959 apps were given the highest rating, five stars, by just one person. Our assumption in these cases is the developers themselves submitted an app’s only rating. 845 such instances, or 8.45% of the total examined universe, were found. Therefore, 70% (69.45% to be exact) of apps are unrated by anyone not connected to them. The purchasing of the Lvl 30 League Account should be done after checking the reviews and ratings at the online websites at search engines. Proper research can be conducted through the players to buy the level 30 for the effective players. 

70% is a huge number and one discoverability advocates might use as further evidence to argue most apps go unnoticed. We don’t buy this argument. It is true 70% of the examined apps were unrated but this doesn’t mean there weren’t a lot of eyeballs that saw them and then decided against downloading. A more accurate assessment is 70% of apps are just plain bad.

There is no question almost anyone can submit an app on almost any subject as long as they don’t violate Apple’s guidelines. As a result, there is no shortage of unappealing apps in Apple’s U.S. App Store. To name a few from the test universe: (1) Bad B.O. Scanner released on 4/25/2011 (a prank app that detects bad body odor ) (2) Tip Total Free released on 4/19/2011 (gratuity calculator) and (3) Resolutions released on 4/18/2011 (New Year’s resolutions diary).

A diverse set of entities ensure every app goes through a process of separating the wheat from the chaff. Many professional websites scour new app releases in hope of identifying up-and-comers to their audience. Apple’s own app review team has a vested interest to identify worthwhile apps and does so in its “New and Noteworthy” section. Millions of iDevice owners connected by e-mail, text messages, Facebook and Twitter collectively provide an effective screening and communication mechanism. There is no shortage of opportunities for every app to be discovered. We believe all apps are seen by multiple parties but the vast majority of them are not downloaded because they look dumb and unappealing or are redundant.

All About Cold Storage Of Bitcoins

Since the launch of bitcoins in 2009, the popularity of bitcoins is off the roof. You will find that everyone is into bitcoin trading and there are apps like Bitcoin Revolution that help aspiring traders to do well with crypto trading. Reading review of the Bitcoin Trading Bot will give you more information about all this. 

Now that you are into crypto trading it is really important that you keep your bitcoins safe. For that, you have cold storage methods that will help you in keeping your bitcoin safe from different online threats. Although as you use cold storage methods, it gets really difficult for you to get access to your bitcoins that easily. 

  • Starting with a paper wallet, you get a storage option in which you get your private and public keys printed on a piece of paper in the form of numeric codes or QR codes that you can scan in order to access your wallet.
    With this, you can keep all of your information safe from online threats. However, since all the relevant information of your account is there on that page it is really important that you keep it safe.
  • Hardware wallets are also popular when it comes to different storage methods. In this method, you use an external hard drive or flash drive to store your wallets. This way you get to keep your bitcoins safe from different online threats and you get the option to access them whenever you want. Moreover, these hard drives are more durable than paper wallets you need to make sure that you never lose them as there will be no possible way to retrieve your bitcoins once you lose your drive. 
  • Sound wallets are also there but due to their complicated storage process, there are not many people that are interested in opting for this method. With the help of a hidden audio code that is stored on a CD or a vinyl disk, you can access your wallet. 

These are the cold storage methods that are used for the storage of bitcoins. Besides that, there are deep cold storage methods that you can use to store bitcoins for longer periods of time.

Trading Forex- Bitcoin Trade Made Easy

To live with intention and walk on the edge, one should to have guts and a tremendous amount of confidence in him to sail through all the challenges and obstacles and believe it or not, most people do not follow this advice and fall flat on their faces.

This is the reason why the failed lot resort to shortcuts and back door entries through devious means in order to achieve that much eluded success but sooner or later, it turns its back on them.

There is one such platform that has met with polarized reviews and opinions called Bitcoin that people have looked up to as the next big thing and rightfully so since it has proved its worth.


Bitcoin is the largest branch of cryptocurrency that was invented in 2008 by a group of people that chose to remain anonymous to the public eye but their entire team was addressed as Satoshi Nakamoto.

This group launched it a year later and it quickly became a worldwide sensation as people took to bitcoin like fish to water and soon became rich. It was decentralized currency and therefore its transaction details were maintained in a digitized ledger termed as Blockchain.

Learning Forex Trade

It is important for beginners to learn the basics of Forex trading to understand the concept of Bitcoin better. This involves trading and exchange of one currency to another.

If you want to switch from American to Canadian currency, you need to deposit $100 in your forex account and the same goes for crypto money as well because Bitcoin prices keep fluctuating based on market diktats.

Bitcoin blueprint is a bot that uses incredibly advanced technique that involves:

  • Low Deposit- You can start by depositing $10 in your forex account with some bitcoins
  • Forex brokers offer great leverage for trading process and is practiced everywhere

Just be sure that you avoid risks such as:

  • Never trade with brokers who deal in US dollars in place of bitcoins
  • Bitcoin has multiple trading exchanges so you must be aware of the brokers you are dealing with

A Palapa On Top

Our local palapas may seem exotic to gringos, but they’re actually very practical and environmentally sound. Palapa roofs have been around in Mexico for about 2,000 years. Sometimes associated by local Mexicans with being poor, palapa roofs aren’t really the cheapest way to go. Even so, they’re often preferred by Gringos because of their beauty, utility and environmental reasons. Palapa-roofed buildings are sometimes simply called palapas, especially when the buildings are the traditional stick construction or there are no walls. At other times, the word ‘palapa’ just refers to a palm frond thatched roof.

With so little rainfall, there’s usually not a mold problem with palapa roofs on the Baja. Winds have to reach 60 miles per hour or so to cause one damage, but they lift with the wind and letting air flow through instead. Even if one comes apart, it can sometimes be reassembled. Since the palms are not forested for the fronds, but instead, there’s no reforestation need. The fronds dry naturally after the tree no longer needs them. No chemicals, or perhaps only a fire retardant, are used on them. This means that collateral pollution is minimized. The palapa roof allows air to circulate, too, so that fans and air conditioning are not as necessary as with other types of roofing.

It is important to have a roof on top of your head so that the place you inhabit can be called a house as everyone has a dream of owning a palatial mansion in Perth Western Australia but a palapa roof has to be the necessary inclusion as that will make it quite attractive for viewing.

If you really hate the idea of dirt, geckos and bugs in your roof, a palapa isn’t for you. Even with two layers of thatch, best for keeping dust and rain out, critters and dirt will get through. Alternatively, a palapa roof can be used on an open-air second floor or an outbuilding, as you might already have noticed around here. They’re frequently used over outdoor cooking and eating areas, as garages, and can be used over an outdoor bar or in umbrella shapes over a table or on the beach. If you’ve spent any time in Baja Sur, you’ve probably eaten in a structure with a palapa roof or at least had a drink under one.

From the inside, the palapa is more attractive than most other types of ceiling, and although it costs a little more, a shiny coat of varnish on it enhances its aesthetic appeal. The upper layer of thatch usually needs to be replaced every three to five years. A person who makes palapa roofs is called a palapero. Esiquio Caseño, a palapero who lives in El Pescadero, charges one hundred dollars per square meter for a palapa roof, including materials. This means that roofing a house that’s 50 square meters will cost about $5,000.

Of course, most buildings in Baja Sur aren’t that large. He builds the roofs for any type of structure.

You can learn to build a palapa yourself by watching a palapero and there are books that provide instructions. There are even websites with instructions, like If you want to re-create a bit of Baja Sur back home, see Palapa Kings at and order a kit or a kit and the workers to install it. Still, building a palapa is an art that’s based on skills gained through experience. You might not want to count on yourself for a good job on that new palapa roof for your house your first time or even second time out.

Caseño learned to build palapas from his father while growing up on a local cattle ranch where they had only palapas. He has been building palapas exclusively for about 25 years, since moving to the small town of Pescadero from the ranch, and is one of only two in the area who are as experienced. Caseño warns about hiring inexperienced palapa builders. He says some won’t complete the job and some really don’t do a good job. As with many services in Baja Sur, it’s a good idea to check around to make sure you’re hiring a palapero with the skills and access to good materials to do the job well. The palm fronds cost about $40 for 200, enough for about four square meters of roof, according to Caseño.

Sales Management Vs. Human Resources Policies

Every day I see other managers shake they heads because we are not allowed to say what we would really like to say to employees. Aside from obviously off-limit mentions such as using rude or crude language, a manager must uphold corporate safe ground, not to offend, to be politically correct on many other subjects. Other items are just plain tactless in any company.

Managers have heard what you think about us. At one time we also were talking about management behind the cube walls. Now it’s our turn. In the spirit of the movie Liar Liar where Jim Carey plays someone who can only tell the truth no matter the consequences, I’d like to mention a few things I’ve wanted to say, or other managers wanted to say, over my last 10 years in corporate management. So here is our chance to say what we think and not get managed out ourselves for offending you. It may be the painful truth but I already feel better just thinking about what I’ve wanted to tell you out there, in the office. A comparison can be made in the hr system singapore and sales system. The policies of both the system will be clarified to the person after making the comparison. 

  1. When you wear tight clothes we can see way more than we’d care to.
  2. With your verbal skills I have no idea how we hired you.
  3. Why are you the same one always trying to sneak out early?
  4. When I read your horribly written email I was embarrassed we work for the same company.
  5. We all know you are doing, and maybe selling drugs, please stop making jokes about it and taking cell phone calls outside and in the hallways.
  6. I really think you are great but if you stopped smoking and lost 80 pounds I could stop worrying you are going to need CPR today.
  7. It’s nice you want to get your work done but bringing the flu to the office is really bad for productivity here for the next 6 weeks.
  8. Every time we offer you gum and mints it is because your breath smells bad from six feet away.
  9. I figured you were an alcoholic when you stepped out of our morning meetings and came back smelling like the floor mat behind a bar.
  10. I have met your spouse and kids. It’s a huge mistake for you to be having an affair with all of your other side dishes who work here.

While we are chatting, stop lying about why you are late. Also, could you just schedule some vacation time when you need to leave town early on Fridays. When I ask you if you spoke with the customer think of a better lie than “I just got their voice-mail.”

I still can’t just stop there, could you also not discuss your conquests from the weekend? I was young and single once but please remember we are in mixed company – which seems to be separated into professional and unprofessional in some offices.

You see we are not as clueless as you think. We simply have limits to what we can say openly to employees in these very litigious times. My feeling is that it’s gone so far that we cannot manage out the people who should be managed out. In the meanwhile, we may have a team, or an important client account, being managed by someone who is incompetent. It takes management and HR months to gather the documentation needed to “release” them.

So many talented hardworking deserving people are unemployed and looking for work. Just once I would like to walk up to someone who has total disregard for the job they still have and say just like Donald Trump, “You’re Fired!”

Locked Out of Your Car? Here’s whom you should call!

If you have ever been locked out of our own car, you are not alone. It is one of the common experiences of a lot of people. Hence, in this kind of annoying yet crazy situation, there is only one person who can help you get out of this circumstance. This is when auto locksmith comes into the picture. Nowadays, auto locksmiths are very in demand. One of the reasons for this is because with the continuous advancement of technology, the services of these professionals are becoming enhanced in response to locks that are getting more complicated and sophisticated. These locks are certainly not easy to beat. So you will not be able to get out of your car once you have been locked. Only professionals who deal with locks can help you out.

If you’re not able to open your car’s door, let say you lost or misplaced your keys, you need someone who can solve such problem. However, before calling a car locksmith, it is advisable to consider all the factors first and consider everything. You need to look for any extra key if you have any, check for open window and check if you can do anything else. However, if all of these methods don’t work, then it is probably better to call a car locksmith.

When choosing an auto locksmith, you also need to consider some factors. You must ensure that the method that he is using is safe. There must no huge damage that will be imposed into your car just to get you out of it. It is also advisable to choose someone who is trustworthy and is really professional. Make sure that the auto locksmith company you consider has good reputation in the market like automotive locksmith melbourne

Mobile Computer Repair – Portland Oregon

If you are seeking computer repair in Portland, Oregon there are literally hundreds of computer repair companies available. In the past my family has used the Best Buy Geek Squad. I cannot say much to the positive for this computer repair company. After two times and $2,500.00 in repairs and virus program purchases my home computer needed help at about the 45-day point just past their 30 day warranty time period.

Recently our computer needed a check up once again. I called a mobile computer repair firm called Friendly Computers, located at 16125 NW Paisley Dr., Aloha, Oregon, their website is Sally answered the phone and took my information indicating that they could send out an expert that same day. However, I was not available so scheduled them for the following day. I thought to myself that this was quite painless as the Geek Squad had a 3-week wait last time I used them. So far Friendly Computers was looking pretty good.

I was quite satisfied with the office and the friendly nature of the entire staff and the website was not just with a few pointers but explained every process in detail alongwith the staff member in charge of it, the kind that you would usually see in websites like

A young computer repairman (Andrew) showed up on time and proceeded work on our computers. He replaced the hard drive as a power outage had caused the one in our computer to malfunction. The repair order also requested that he download Firefox and hook up to our Internet router (which I might add has an encryption code). It is imperative that our computers have Microsoft Office due to my daughter’s college classes. This young man leaves with $412.00 in hand and says all is well.

We needed to use the computer the next day and when it fired up it was evident that there was no Microsoft Office at all on the computer, and the internet connection was to an unsecured router that was not ours. I immediately called Friendly Computers and they stated that Andrew would call me in the morning. When I spoke with Andrew he told me that it would have taken at least an hour to download Microsoft Office and he did not want to use that much time, he also said that he booted to the internet at the neighbors because he was unaware that we had a router in our home. I had explained to him clearly during his service that this home has 6 computers all running from the same router. When I challenged him and his not fulfilling the agreed upon service and that I was going to revoke the payment from my credit card he hung up on me.

I immediately called the main office of Friendly Computers and spoke with Sally once again, she agreed that a different technician would return to my home and do the repairs as scheduled at 1:00 pm that same day. The new technician, Will came and was extremely professional he corrected all the errors that were on the computer and laptop that the Andrew did not do and Will completed this job quickly and efficiently and with a professional manner. When Will completed the services to my family he gave us a business card and indicated that there was a 30-day warranty on the computers and to call him directly if there were any problems.

Now the 30 days is not up so I have to leave this portion of the review of Friendly Computers open but I must say that Sally and Will were extremely professional in light of the dissatisfaction I had experienced at the hands of Andrew their rough around the edges young man. It is not in my nature to think bad thoughts of another person but I cannot help but hope that the Friendly Computers finds a way to teach young Andrew the right way to treat a customer.

I would in fact use Friendly Computers again and recommend them to others if the need arises, I would however tell my friends to ask for Will and request that Andrew not be sent to their homes for computer repairs.

Celebrity Bankruptcies that Might Surprise You

Many years ago after I bought my first house, I made a real estate investment mistake that cost me two houses. An attorney I contacted suggested I file for bankruptcy but the thought of it made me cringe. In my community there was an attitude of disdain toward anyone that had chosen this option to resolve debt. 

I did not learn until years later that bankruptcy was created to encourage small business start ups and protect the owners if the business failed. Neither did I know that people we would typically expect to never have debt issues would use bankruptcy as a way to start over. You might be surprised at some of the Hollywood celebs and other famous individuals that have done this. The hiring of the bankruptcy lawyer san diego will be effective for the celebrities if there is shortage of the funds. The solving of the case should be done with expertise and experience. 

Famous Bankruptcies

Believe it or not, there are several respected historical figures that filed for bankruptcy. The great American showman, Phineas Taylor Barnum who wowed the populace with team of circus performers went this route in 1871 due to some business decisions that went wrong, before he joined forces with the owner of Barnum’s. The renowned American author, known under the pen name, Mark Twain sunk most of his savings into the development of an automatic typesetting machine that failed to make it to the market. His debts were discharged in 1894 and after which he traveled and lectured in Europe to achieve financial balance.

For you chocolate fans, it may raise an eyebrow or two to know that Milton Snavely Hershey filed for bankruptcy four times due to failed businesses before the fifth and final Hershey’s chocolate business took off. This entrepreneur had a 4th grade education but was determined to find a product pleasing to the public. You may not know that Henry Ford actually started up two automobile companies that went down the tubes, ending in bankruptcy before he gathered the $28k needed to start the Ford Motor Company.

Among the movie celebs, sports heroes and performers that have filed for bankruptcy are Mickey Rooney, Debbie Reynolds, Johnny Unitas (Hall of Fame football quarterback), Jerry Lee Lewis, Bert Reynolds, Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson), Wayne Newton, Kim Basinger, MC Hammer, Larry King, Mike Tyson, Sammy Kershaw, Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Willie Nelson, Meatloaf…the list goes on!

If the celebrity list does not impress you sufficiently, consider Donald Trump. Who would guess this famous financier would be forced to file for bankruptcy? Trump, in fact has filed four times on behalf of his casinos but this did not affect his TV show or real estate holdings. He used Chapter 11 to renegotiate the casino debts after which each one got onto the success track.

Dumpster Babies – Safe Haven Laws, Legalized Abandonment

It seems these days that more and more infant children are being born to mothers who do not want them. In a time when birth control is readily available for free at local health departments and Safe Haven Laws are in effect, why is this so? Is it because the Laws are not expressed as much as tobacco and drug use? We see commercials on the television all time against teenage smoking and drinking. We even see commercials about safe sex! Why not Safe Haven Laws? Is the government afraid of giving the wrong message to parents of unwanted kids? Are they afraid that the ones in this circumstance will say, “Hey, it’s ok for me to go out and get pregnant. I can just drop it off at a church or hospital.” I don’t think that would be the message given at all. It is certainly better than finding a newborn wrapped in a trash bag in some landfill or make shift grave. It is so depressing reading about newborns found in this manner, most of the time suffocated to death.

In a country with as much freedom and choices, these mothers still choose to kill their own babies and then try to conceal it. We have legalized abortion. If you are against abortion, why not leave the baby at the hospital, church, or even a doorstep. At least the baby will have been given a chance to live and you, the parent of the unwanted child, won’t be charged with murder or abandonment. Wouldn’t the legal way of doing things be much easier to live with?

It seems unethical that some mothers would avail dumpster rental just to put their babies there and abandon them. The government must do something about these alarming issues. It is really depressing to read some news about newborns being found in dumpster and most of them are facing deaths already due to suffocation and other complications.

I really wish Safe Haven Laws were made more public. I think the government needs to consider this. Perhaps the reason why there are so many “dumpster babies” is because the mother doesn’t know that she has an alternative solution. It seems the general age of these mothers are scared teen-agers who just don’t know how to handle the situation. It also seems a lot of these “dumpster babies” are born to mothers who’s parents never even knew of their daughter’s pregnancy. How hard it must have been for the pregnant mother to hide her pregnancy, live with the fact that she suffocated her newborn baby and then threw him or her in the dumpster like a sack of trash.

Most of the babies who are found in this manner are unidentified and remain that way. It is so sad that these little ones are not even given a chance to live, but not even given a name. Most do not get the justice that they deserve and the guilty person goes free as long as she can live with it. Just about every state has a Safe Haven Law. I think these laws need to be made more aware to the public. This country has enough John and Jane Does already.

Winning Strategies for the EBay Bargain Hunter

Many auctions in EBay are very tempting. You will be thrilled when you see no one to bid on an item which you need desperately. It will be days and you will be the only one bidder, but in the last minute thousands of bidders flood and you lose the bid. This happens to many people. There are many things which you will get to know by experience so you should keep on bidding and losing. This will make you sharper each time. This article tells you few points which you need to keep in mind when bidding.

1 gt;the first point is you should never bring in emotion when bidding. There are so many auctions and you need to bid on many of them so that you get a chance to win at least a few. You cannot win all the bids but you can lose all. Be calm when you are bidding and don’t take anything to your heart. Use your brain. Calculate all the possibilities and place a bid smartly.

2 gt;you need to be very specific on what you bid. This is because you should have a through knowledge about the product so that you can know the possibilities of greater profit when you sell the product. If you have no knowledge about a product then you may end up in a disaster even after winning the bid. This is not a great idea to bid on anything and everything. A proper plan should be made for the checking of the best crossbow scopes reviewed by The site will be the best for the hunters to kill the prey. It will provide great opportunities for earning of profits. 

3 gt;It is very important to research a product. Not only should you bid on products that you know about but also you need to do research on other products. You need to understand the current trend of the market. If you don’t you are missing a wonderful opportunity to make money. So as a bargain hunter you need to get your knowledge updated frequently. You can use third party solutions like Amdale, Hammertap, and Terrapeak to get your knowledge boosted. Slow and steady wins the race. Move steadily improving your hold on other products until you get a good deal. If one product fails you can always have another to make up the loss.

So initially it will be very tough to get the hang of bidding and also winning. You have to master your skills of dealing with people and also it takes time and experience. Frequent updates of knowledge and researching market are the important things that need to be done to become successful bargain hunter. Bidding should be started with products that you have extensive knowledge about and slowly you need to increase the categories. This will make sure you get money as well as increase your income steadily.

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How to Make Her Smile This Valentine’s Day!

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