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YouTube Takedown Notice Creates A “Fair Use” Conflict

There are many videos on YouTube who use complex materials with no agreement from the owner of the trademark. These videos can be utilized to keep things interesting function or fun purpose or that issue industrial function. Web-sites the trademark offers the to sue anyone using product for private benefits. The same developed lately when Lawrence Lessig, the co-founder of Creative commons was presented a remove observe by YouTube. Lessig who is surely an instructor at Harvard Law School, provides several clips of amateur music videos of persons dancing for the song called Lisztomania which originally was completed by a French band referred to as Phoenix. Lessig had used the video in his lecture which indicated the long term and offer of technical and cultural development back in 2010, the lecture was performed at Seoul in South Korea.

Why Lessig was instructed to remove the video, very angry him, and required him to look at matter for the U.S Federal court. He took the aid of Electronic Frontier foundation that is definitely an electronic rights group. The selling for complex product for “fair use” will be the plan from the situation. The complete sensation started when “avoidant consumer”; a YouTube user posted on YouTube a video which contained scenes from the 3 movies, with all the Lisztomania song because the musical score from the video. People around the world published their private videos, singing their unique rendition from the Lisztomania song. Now Lessig had used videos of the videos for instance how kids are using videos and music like a device to convey online, which has been the main topic of his session.

This lecture was later submitted on YouTube in 2013. On 30th June 2013 Lessig obtained a observe that the video which has been published have been blocked because a few of the articles from the video have been certified by Viacom. Liberation Music in Melbourne, Australia also submitted a observe to YouTube in the digital century copyright act to get rid of the video completely. Lessig was sent a mail by YouTube to see him the video have been removed, in which Lessig reacted by filing a counter notice towards YouTube, which has been later given to Liberation Music. Later, Liberation Music uncomfortable suit Lessig on the Massachusetts courts, when the table complaint had not been retracted. On behalf Lessig, EFF argued the clips which are found in the video were the “fair use” from the articles, without needing it for industrial purposes. Likewise YouTube, the followers and likes can be purchased from site. The engagement of the followers is more with the right content. The attainment of the goals is there with the purchase of the likes and comments. 

Moreover, the video had no enjoyment value but educational value and so will not be dragged to the court. Liberation Music hasn’t responded for the claims maid by Lessig, currently. In the mean time Lessig has requested legal court to report that the video which has been published was of the lecture, which wouldn’t cause any harm to the music company and so has to be guarded in the doctrine of “fair use”. She has also required for problems.

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