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No matter where you are you can now surf the web. Wireless Internet also WiFi has changed the way we use the Internet forever. 

So what is Wireless Internet and why do I care? 

Well, Wireless Internet is the next big revolution to hit the online world. Where you once would have had to have access to a phone line or maybe a high-speed DSL, Broadband connection, now all you need is the appropriate 802.11 Internet connection hardware and a radio signal and you free to surf no matter while you’re drinking a cup of Java at your local café or sitting on the beach. 

Now, of course, there are privacy and security issues that need to be addressed if you’re going to surf the net using Wireless Internet but for the most part, these are no different from having your cell phone chat intercepted. That is why choosing the right computer privacy filter is really necessary. 

Next time you’re at your local bookstore or coffee house, notice the huddled forms in the corner. They’re probably your local writers, web surfers, and chat room junkies using the web from their favorite location as a result of the marvelous developments in Wireless Internet technology. 

Now for those upon the lingo, what you need to know about Wireless Internet is that to access the web you need to be in a “hot spot “. 

So what is a hot spot? 

Well, it’s really a term to describe Wireless Internet coverage. You see, much like a cell phone you need a local transmitter and receiver to surf the web. There are literally hundreds of hot spots all over the place and they’re springing up faster then you can count. Why? Well, retailers know that by providing Wireless Internet coverage they are more likely to have their premises frequented by business users and web surfers. 

Imagine having your weekly management meeting at a side-room of the local restaurant complete with web access, Microsoft PowerPoint Slides, and a decent snack. Isn’t this a lot more attractive than sitting in a stale and stuffy board room eating stale muffins? Another amazing development with Wireless Internet is the use of Pocket PCs with access to the web. 

Recently I had a friend demonstrate his Pocket PC with streaming media while sitting in a local coffee house. That’s right, we were able to watch a video right in the palm of his hand. Now I know we’re all a little unimpressed these days with all the gadgets that abound but I was impressed. 

Remember only a few years ago a laptop was a very heavy piece of equipment and a “cell ” phone was almost the size of a suitcase – things have changed. So, the next time you’re looking to continue your work in a more pleasant environment update your portable computer with Wireless Internet technology and go work somewhere nice, maybe the beach?.

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