Why Mushroom Magic?

The reason why I’m starting Mushroom Magic can best be summed up by a quote that is attributed to Albert Einstein. The dude = smart, right? So take heed:

When I look around, I see problems. Whether you believe in global warming or not, there is no denying the fact that we are destroying our own ecosystem. The planet will survive, of this I’m certain. But the species upon it, including and perhaps especially us, can’t last long at the rate we’re going. When you consider the fact that “pollution” as we know it is a relatively new phenomena (how long ago were cars, chemicals and plastics invented and widely marketed?) its rapid acceleration is staggering. The swirling vortex of plastic in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of Texas is a case in point, and it is just one entry on the long laundry list of environmental ills.

I know a lot of people will be thinking, sure, that ocean thing is a drag, man, but I can’t eat over here. I’m out of work, or underemployed, or working hard and still getting my house foreclosed on. And that’s here in America. In total, half of the people in the world are living on less than $2.50 a day. 80% of the world lives on less than $10 a day. In Afghanistan, where the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize has just deployed 30,000 more troops, the average annual income is somewhere around $400. Meanwhile, The United States’ war on Afghanistan is costing over $57,000 per minute.

I got into all of that to make the case that there is in fact a problem that needs to be solved. The consciousness that created the problem is not only unable to solve it via Einstein’s theorem, they are patently unwilling to try. In fact, they are apparently hell bent on worsening the problem as quickly as they possibly can. Yet, the problem remains for the rest of us. And it is literally threatening our survival as a species, and it may well be extinguishing the will to survive for many people here on this beautiful planet.

There is no way to stand on a soapbox in the town square and convince enough passersby that we have a problem that needs to be addressed at a higher level of consciousness. And even if we could, what then? We would be at the mercy of the top 1% of the economic pyramid who controls nearly 40% of the wealth (this is in America). They and their international counterparts buy the global political systems and control the global corporations that pollute the ecosystem and pay us as little as possible.

These few also own the major media outlets around the world, so they broadcast a version of reality to us that supports their advantageous position. This is done in many ways, and we will cover them here, but the fact is that “reality” is flexible, and this is proven by quantum physics, another topic we will delve into here at Mushroom Magic. If we knew this, and exercised our right to free thought and unthinkable creative power as fully realized galactic citizens (sounds weird–but we do reside in a galaxy, right?), we could alter our collective consciousness and obtain the ability to solve all of these problems. That may seem far fetched, but truth is stranger than fiction, and we will make a case over time that you may find to be surprisingly convincing. We have something on our side: the truth, and you’ll know the truth when you feel it.

The sacred mushroom and shrooms canada are already at that level of consciousness and beyond. Ingestion of the mushroom teacher with the proper intentions synergizes a symbiotic relationship, a synergy that can best described as a shared morphic field. The experience reveals the facade of the status quo while reconnecting the student with the source of life on a hyperdimensional, eternal level that transcends linear time and space as we know it. This “source” is something that can’t be described, but people have tried to name it over the millenia and still use these names.

So the reason why Mushroom Magic has made its way onto the Web is because we have problems, and we need to raise our consciousness if we are going to be able to solve them. Nothing less than our survival as a species is at stake. The sacred mushroom can elevate us to a level of consciousness that can solve these problems, and we will explore the possibilities here in the months and years to come.

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