What Is The UC We-Media Program, And How Can One Earn Money Through It?

Those who are using the UC browser for a very long period must be happy to know that in the latest uc browser app, there is a feature of the UC We-media program. Alibaba operates this program. The steps to enroll in the program are very easy. 

  • First of all, a person has to account for the UC media program by typing on the uc browser. There is a form that will appear in front of the person.
  • They have to fill up the demand for their general details. After that, there is a verification code sent to your account.
  • After verification, you are asked for your bank account details, which will be sent for approval later on.

After the account is made on the UC browser, then in the next step, you have to learn how to make money from that media account.

How to make money from that account?

When your media account is properly approved, then you are asked to publish articles through your account. After you start doing so, then you will need a total of 1000 views on any one of the posts that you have made on that account.

After achieving this milestone, you can monetize your account, but one more condition is having 1000 followers. There are some index points also which is provided by the uc media platform. If you qualify for these 40 points, then your account will start providing you money.

In case the index points of the person surpass the value of 70, then there is a total of 20 percent ad revenue provided to the person who is operating the account as a bonus. In case the points are 80 or more, then the bonus provided will be 30 percent of the total ad revenue generated.

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