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What Causes Tattoo Bubbling? How To Solve?

Getting inked is not as easy as many people would think it to be. There are a lot of things that you have to consider and take care of. Failing to do so can lead to tattoo bubbling or any other consequences in the following days. What is it? Tattoo bubbling is the condition in which you will see that the ink of your tattoo has turned all gooey and soft. The area will start to leak all kinds of puss and water. The ink will start to come out & stick to the clothes.

Bubbling is not something to worry about very much because it can dissipate by itself or with the proper treatment. But, if you continue to ignore it, then it will cause serious problems in the longer run and affect your skin big time. There have been many cases where people have faced skin infections because they did not inform their tattoo artist about the bubbling.

Tattoo bubbling is usually caused when the person scratches the fresh tattoo with their sharp nails or brings it to direct contact with water or sunlight for very long time and if the artist has used poor quality ink to make it.

How to solve tattoo bubbling?

Here are a few ways in which you can solve tattoo bubbling easily –

  • Use a moisturizer to allow the skin to dry up around the tattoo and make sure that the skin is antiseptic for the best results. Ask the tattoo artist to get hold of the best ointment you can buy.
  • Keep the tattoo covered with a light cloth when you go out to keep it shielded from the sun and water.
  • Avoid going out for a few days and let the tattoo dry really well. If you expose the tattoo to further light or water, it can get damaged even more.

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