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What are the commonly found types of seashells in Florida sea beach?

Finding the sea shells is in Florida coast is extremely easy. Even if you walk around the coast you may find some of the rarest shells lying up on the shore. If you want to get a few more then you need to dig up the coast a bit more. There are different kinds of shells available in this place.

If you want to find out the rarest shells in Florida then it will be better to take assistance from a guide. The experts can use their scientific methods to find out the best shells in Florida.

If you are doing a shelling excursion in Florida, then you will mostly get two types of seashells. One of them is bivalve shells and the other one will be gastropod shells. If you sort the shells in these two categories then classification and the identification of the sea shells will be easier for you.

Bivalve Shells:

Bivalve shells are considered to be single shells which have two parts in it. Each of their part is called a valve. As it has two valves, it is called bivalve shells. Clam shell is one of the most common examples of bivalve shells. However, scallops and cockles can also be some of the examples.

You will find only one half of the shell when the bivalve shells come up on the Florida beaches. Generally, it is difficult to find out both the valves of these shells but in certain cases you may find the same as well. These shells are quite commonly found in Florida beach coasts. This one of the best types of seashells found in Florida.

Gastropod shells:

Though Gastropod shells are also single shells you will not find two parts in them. This is why when you will find a gastropod shell in the coast you will get a complete shell. Conch shell can be considered as one of the most commonly found gastropod shells in Florida beach coast. Snails often live inside these shells. So, when you find out such a shell it is important to check whether any living snail is inside the same.

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