Tools That Can Help You Do At-Home Microneedling

Microneedling is comparatively new in the beauty industry. Almost everybody is intrigued by this process. Previously, only professionals performed this beauty treatment on people. However, many individuals are carrying it out on their own.

If you also want to try microneedling at home, two tools can assist you in doing it perfectly. One is a microneedling pen, and the other is microneedling rollers or derma rollers. In case you want to try out using the second option, choose the best derma roller size for face.

  • Microneedling Pens

These pens use electric charge or batteries to operate. In pen, there are many stainless steel needles of different sizes that are used to puncture the skin. A single unit can adjust the heads’ length of each needle.

Once the pen is operated, the needles move back and forth. This movement is the reason why it can puncture the skin. Therefore, you need to adjust both the position and the speed of the pen accordingly. Once you are done with the microneedling sessions, sterilize the unit and then store it. Sterilizing becomes necessary if the cartridges of the needles are reusable; otherwise, you must throw them away.

Benefits Of Microneedling Pen

  • Smaller Punctures

One of the features that make microneedling pens right for facial treatment is that they make tiny punctures. However, for this, the needles should be handled properly. The pen punctures the skin directly down. Thus, they allow you to make more precise and smaller holes in the skin.

  • Quick Treatment

Since the pens work with batteries and electricity, there are motors inside them. Such motors are the reason why the holes in the skin are created much faster than any other form. By using them just once over the skin, you have the perfect holes, which you may not be able to attain through any other tool.

  • Versatile Units

The needle sizes of these can be adjusted according to the user. They do not stick to a single size. Thus, you can attain different levels of penetration. These levels can help you have different results.

  • Derma Rollers

The other tool that you can make use of is the derma roller. Unlike the derma pens, these operate manually. The needles are connected to a cylinder already attached to the handle. By holding the handle, you can roll it over the skin. You can get the best derma roller size for face to see results within no time.

Once you are done with microneedling, it is time to sterilize the roller. After that, you can store it to sue it in the future.

Benefits Of Derma Rollers

  • Affordable Option

Since you are performing microneedling at home, you may want to save a few bucks. It would be best if you went with the derma rollers instead of the pen to achieve this.

  • Popular Among The Older Generation

If you search through history, you can find out that microneedling was in existence even in 1905, but with a different name. Thus, older people may be more familiar with the derma rollers.

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