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Tools For Small Business – Improve The Followers Without Investment!!

Trust me, these tools for small business can come in very handy, some of these I use daily and incorporate into my work routine- they have become more like a trusty sidekick.

This is where social media gets serious. This dashboard has the ability to simplify how you manage your social media accounts. There are different plans to suit the scale of your business and the reports you can drum up are so useful and easy to read. You can also try it for free for 30 days.

Subscribe to Google Apps for as little as $5 per month and your business becomes portable. Get your own email address (like mine), save and share documents in your cloud, utilise calendars and much more. Google Apps saved me during my 9 months travelling the USA in 2013 and I know it can help you too. A free 30 day trial can prove that! How To Get 100 Subscribers On Youtube for Free? The information is provided at online search engines to enhance the business circle. The growth and development lies with the right decision of the channel owner with less effort. A trail can be taken to get the right results. 

The SEO expert for bloggers, entrepreneurs and dream chasers. Shae is passionate about what she does and her email newsletters, free resources and guides to implementing SEO into your website and tips for establishing good habits are gold. I recommend that you check her out and definitely sign up to her newsletters- you will receive a free bonus!

Bernadette Jiwa helps consultants, businesses and other organisations discover their story and in turn taps into the essence of their brand and the meaning behind it. Her blog shares with readers ideas on how to explore and share their story with the world and her free resource is also amazing- so I suggest you visit and sign up.

When sharing content on Facebook and Twitter, we really want to avoid those long URL’s that contain too many characters and tend to clog up followers feeds. Tiny URL turns any website address into a smaller, more manageable size. It’s safe, quick and convenient and I use it on the daily.

Have you made a beautiful new document, converted it to PDF, only to discover that its mammoth size is too large to easily email? Enter, your new best friend. Convert any PDF to a smaller file size with ease- and without compromising on quality. There are also plenty of other handy tools to play with, enjoy!

Yes, this one may be obvious as a social media platform but I also use Pinterst for a lot more. When I need to develop a new brand concept, design idea or event brief I always turn to Pinterest to scope the latest trends and consumer desires. Hit the search tab, type in the words and hit enter- you will be met with blog posts, articles and images galore.

Send professional email marketing and grow your database of subscribers- which will end up being one of your greatest business assets. Mail Chimp makes this process fun, simple and free (for those who have under 2000 subscribers). Try it today if you haven’t already.

Want that all important feedback on your business, products or customer service? Are you feeling like it could be time to reach out evaluate your next moves or changes within your company? Your existing clientele are the ones who are going to give you the most valuable, constructive comments and with just a few clicks and clever questions Survey Monkey can help you with this. The basic package is free with the next option stepping up to just $19.

You can’t go wrong with free publicity can you? Discover the goods that Source Bottle has to offer for yourself and in turn position yourself as an industry expert.

This online design tool is awesome! Did you take some gorgeous landscape photos on your last holiday? Well turn them into beautiful share able quotes, design event flyers and much, much more. Canva is completely free and I guarantee you that it will come in handy more than once.

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