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The Alpine Ex-10 System Gets Your Automobile Bluetooth And Ipod Ready

Bluetooth and iPod devices are some of the most popular gadgets available on the consumer electronics market. Despite its popularity, not all automobiles have built-in features for these devices. Many of us have to purchase a ton of accessories to fulfill our gadget needs while on the go. Having plug and play devices that can work in sync with your existing automobile system is not only convenient, but it is also smart. We as consumers, get very tired of juggling adapters and accessories in order to enjoy our favorite iPod tunes. Alpine has designed an electronic product to kick all of these aggravations to the curb. With an affordable price and useful function, consumers can finally upgrade their existing automobile without stress. The installation process of Alpine eX-10 System is also really easy which is why you can do this on your own with the help of detailed instructions that you will find on

The Alpine eX-10 is a well functioning plug and play an iPod accessory that will provide you with an intuitive and very basic iPod experience. It will easily connect to any iPod so that you can enjoy hours of listening pleasure. If your iPod supports the feature of the album art display, then this same function will appear on the screen of the Alpine eX-10. Your favorite tunes will play through your automobile’s sound system via the line output jack or the FM transmitter. No matter which way you choose to listen to them, both will give you a pure satisfying musical experience. The sound quality will be truly phenomenal and you may not want to leave your automobile.

The included remote control of the Alpine eX-10 will offer full control of your iPod. It can be safely stored away and also charged while you are actively driving. The return dial on the side of the remote control will allow you to conveniently navigate through all of the files on the iPod. There is even a search dial that will let users scroll through several options, such as artist, album, playlist, podcast, and a few more. If you choose the view button on the remote control, then three screen choices will be displayed which consist of combinations of artist, song or album artwork. The familiar iPod controls of “shuffle” and “back” will appear as two dedicated buttons on the remote control.

The Alpine eX-10 also has a wonderful streaming capability. If you have a device that possesses Bluetooth features and can also stream music, then the eX-10 will be the perfect accessory for it. Your favorite music can be simply streamed from the Alpine eX-10, and then sent to your automobile’s sound system. The included remote control will still be able to control the track playlist and other functions. With this great gadget, you will not have to spend countless dollars on built-in Bluetooth capability. The convenience and flexibility of this device will give you a more enjoyable road trip for long periods of time.

The Alpine eX-10 has many awesome features at a remarkably low price. It will give you the opportunity to add more advanced features to your existing automobile system without a complex setup process. Just simply attach it to your automobile’s dash and start enjoying your music. Its compact size will not cause you any major loss of space. The display screen is filled with beautiful colors and is large enough for viewing your favorite album artwork. Grab this gadget when you are ready to hit the road and you will soon become addicted to it.

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