Sites Offering Thanksgiving Comments for Myspace

Thanksgiving is around the corner! Click any of the eight links below, copy the HTML of your favorite Myspace Thanksgiving comment, and send a chuckle, spark a smile, or impart a Thanksgiving blessing to a friend or loved one!

Sentimental and Elegant –

The collection on this page includes a mix of cute and beautiful comments, offering Thanksgiving blessings, sentiments of good will, and greetings. They have comments that sparkle and animated comments. You can quick post the comments to Facebook, WordPress, which is considered as one of the best website builders, Xanga, and many others. There is also an option to use the comment as a background for MySpace, turn it into a banner, or email it as a greeting card!

Comment –

If you are looking for a heartfelt and artistic Thanksgiving comment I suggest Comment Send your loved one a Thanksgiving salutation invoking memories of rich pumpkin pie, and the piquant taste of sweet and spicy apple cider.

Cute, Sparkly, Animated

Wish A –

If you are looking for animated Thanksgiving comments this is a great site. Some comments have the words Happy Thanksgiving marching across an orange background. Some are clever and funny. Others are glossy and formal, with flowing fonts and dark leaves falling over a somber background. In addition to MySpace, you can posts these comments on blogger, orkut, hi5, and more.

Get Myspace –

Once you scroll past the announcements and promotions you can find a plethora of cute Thanksgiving comments. The comments range from funny to sparkly, traditional, and sweet. The HTML is located directly beneath the comments. Just copy and paste!

Comments –

This site contains around 40 Thanksgiving comments. Some are folksy and generic. They’re great if you want to send a Thanksgiving wish to a casual friend, or if you want to send a mass comment expressing general good will. –

All the comments here express their Thanksgiving greetings in an abundance of glitter. These comments could put Tinkerbell to shame.

Funny, Humorous

There are a few generic comments sprinkled throughout but primarily the comments are on the humorous side. My favorite – a dog dressed like a turkey standing near a cat dress like a pilgrim. If you want to send a Thanksgiving chuckle this site is definitely worth checking out.

“You are one hot turkey,” one turkey says to another sitting, featherless, in a boiling pot; one of several funny comments offered on If you are looking for something a little causal, maybe a little hokey, go to this site grab a comment code and slap it on a friend’s MySpace.

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