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Popular Types Of Longboards To Choose From For Beginners And Pros

Longboards come in a huge variety. One may think that there is some formula that will help one to find the right longboard. But, in reality, it depends on the rider. Every rider has their likes and dislikes and also has their way of riding a longboard. Therefore, in the end, it depends on which type of longboard goes the best with the riding one does. Here are some popular types of longboards to pick from:

Top mount longboards

The top mount longboards are perfect for those who want to do freestyle riding or try downhill riding. In this type of longboard, the truck is directly attached to the base of the board. This allows the rider to keep their feet planted on top of the truck, thus giving more leverage.

Drop through longboards

These longboards are said to be the most beginner-friendly. In this, the track drops down through the deck. This allows the rider to ride low and also have better balance. These boards are easy to push and ride and can be ridden in many ways.

Dropdown longboards

These boards are the easiest among all the longboards in terms of casual riding. In these boards, the deck is mounted down, and the trucks are top-mounted. This makes the board low and thus gives more stability while riding. They are great for all types of riders, from pro to beginners.

Mini cruiser longboards

These longboards are a mix of longboards and skateboards. These boars are smaller in size and have softer wheels. This allows the rider to cruise easily and also increases the portability of the board.

Longboards come in a variety of types and designs to pick from at However, it is better to start with the basic style in the beginning. Also, one should take help from someone who has experience in picking longboards.

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