Pokemon Goluckiest 10Km Hatched Ever

I am not here to piss off anyone. Just wanna share the joy of my previous 10KM egg and somethings that I had done through my Pokemon go account, which might have triggered this hatch pattern.

So, after the update, I tried to do the “9 10KM egg” trick to try hatch some GenII baby and Lapras as well. I can barely wait, so I start hatching 5 of them together instead of waiting until 9.

I would like to try the trick because I am so unlucky hatching Onix, Pinsir, Eevee(old-time), and Jynx all the time for my previous 10KM eggs. I only managed to hatch one Lapras, and my only one during the Halloween Event.

So here what I hatched on the previous 5 10KM:

Two Gen II babies, a Lapras, a Snorlax, and a Kabuto were hatched.

Here is the information of the Hatch:

The location where I get the eggs are random, and they are not near the coastal area. These eggs are hatched at night, and near a water place(River). Walked near the river for 1.5KM before it is hatched (8.5KM –> 10KM) I had not evolved any pokemon in between the Egg Incubation as I am storing up the pokemon for possible double exp. event.

I am very sure that the location you hatch the egg does matter, as my first Lapras was hatched at the same location, near a water place. Niantic always tries to make things reasonable,i.e. for a water type to come out from an egg, you need to provide a water biome for it to land.

I believe there are also multiple factors affecting the Hatch result, i.e. where you walk the egg, where you get the egg, and most importantly, where you hatch the egg.

I would say it is the luckiest ever as 4 out of the 5 Pokemon hatched are kind of rare. Notice that the remaining pokemon, Kabuto, is also a water (and Rock) type. Hey trainers, can you guys do me a favor? Try to do the same as I did, hatching 5 10KM eggs at the same time, hatch and walk it near the river for at least the last 1.5KM, hatch it out at night and let me know what you got! If there is at least one rare Pokemon, that would be good. If there are two or above, this Hatch pattern might be proved for the most successful in hatching rare Pokemon!

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