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Points To Remember: How To Buy The Right Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a defense tool that can protect oneself whenever they are outside or want to run a quick outdoor errand. Carrying it does not require any official permission and, it also easy to use. Its effect is non-lethal, but it is still a very effective tool to carry for self-defense purposes.

However, before buying these certain points from OC questions should be considered. The points are as follows:


Pepper spray comes in various form and also differ based on the purpose of use. If it is going to be used against human attackers, the spray comes in gel spray, fogger spray, extra hot spray, and traditional steam spray. For protection against any animal, make sure to buy the pepper spray according to the animal.


Know the size of the product that one wants to keep so that it is easy to reach and carry. Small units of the spray are effective for walkers or joggers as it can be used as a keychain. A spray of around 2 ounces can be kept in purses or attached to the belt. Any bigger, say 4-ounce canister, cannot be carried in purses. They are usually carried with the help of a belt holster.

Check legality

Mostly pepper spray is a legal and non-lethal tool used for self-defense. But, make sure to check the regulations as many countries/states may be strict towards the shipment and the size that can be carried in public. In the case of spray for human attackers, there can be regulation of purchasing the product from licensed pharmacists and firearm dealers.

Prior research

It is important to educate oneself about the use and effects of pepper spray. Complete knowledge will help in using the product effectively in times of need. Research should revolve around points like using it, its effect and how long it lasts, and what to do if one accidentally gets exposed to the pepper spray.

One should have a proper idea regarding the use, purpose, and size of the pepper spray before buying the product because all these factors will determine the type of pepper spray that one will purchase.

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