Pick N Chewed Pokemon Go Peaked

Despite the popularity of the augmented reality game, there are many people out there who can’t wait for the Pokemon Go craze to end and are even getting more Pokemon Go accounts through Now according to data from Google, it seems as though Pokemon Go peaked. Losing over 10 million users over the past month, Pokemon Go’s daily usage numbers have taken a dive.

Considering the meteoric rise to the top, it’s hard to say that Pokemon Go is just a fad, however, there’s no doubting the numbers at play. From a point between July 19th to August 16th, the number of worldwide daily active users has steadily declined.

The total loss of Pokemon Go trainers tops 10 million users, which seems staggering at first glance. Many fans of the popular augmented reality game defend these numbers, saying that this dip is normal for any new game. However, considering that Niantic just launched into Japan, South America, and continues to roll out to new countries there’s quite a bit of concern that Pokemon Go has peaked.

Has Pokemon Gone peaked?

According to multiple reports from outlets such as Google, Apptopia, and Sensor Tower show that Pokemon Go is headed in the wrong direction. These charts below show that daily active users and time spent playing Pokemon Go are all on a downward trend.

There are incidental spikes in activity that coincide with the launch of Pokemon Go in Japan and other markets, however, the downward trend is undeniable.

This alarming trend has many Nintendo investors asking themselves; “Has Pokemon Go peaked?” Nintendo stock soared upon game release, and its unexpected success may have raised the level of expectations beyond the point of sustainability.

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