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Mobile Computer Repair – Portland Oregon

If you are seeking computer repair in Portland, Oregon there are literally hundreds of computer repair companies available. In the past my family has used the Best Buy Geek Squad. I cannot say much to the positive for this computer repair company. After two times and $2,500.00 in repairs and virus program purchases my home computer needed help at about the 45-day point just past their 30 day warranty time period.

Recently our computer needed a check up once again. I called a mobile computer repair firm called Friendly Computers, located at 16125 NW Paisley Dr., Aloha, Oregon, their website is Sally answered the phone and took my information indicating that they could send out an expert that same day. However, I was not available so scheduled them for the following day. I thought to myself that this was quite painless as the Geek Squad had a 3-week wait last time I used them. So far Friendly Computers was looking pretty good.

I was quite satisfied with the office and the friendly nature of the entire staff and the website was not just with a few pointers but explained every process in detail alongwith the staff member in charge of it, the kind that you would usually see in websites like

A young computer repairman (Andrew) showed up on time and proceeded work on our computers. He replaced the hard drive as a power outage had caused the one in our computer to malfunction. The repair order also requested that he download Firefox and hook up to our Internet router (which I might add has an encryption code). It is imperative that our computers have Microsoft Office due to my daughter’s college classes. This young man leaves with $412.00 in hand and says all is well.

We needed to use the computer the next day and when it fired up it was evident that there was no Microsoft Office at all on the computer, and the internet connection was to an unsecured router that was not ours. I immediately called Friendly Computers and they stated that Andrew would call me in the morning. When I spoke with Andrew he told me that it would have taken at least an hour to download Microsoft Office and he did not want to use that much time, he also said that he booted to the internet at the neighbors because he was unaware that we had a router in our home. I had explained to him clearly during his service that this home has 6 computers all running from the same router. When I challenged him and his not fulfilling the agreed upon service and that I was going to revoke the payment from my credit card he hung up on me.

I immediately called the main office of Friendly Computers and spoke with Sally once again, she agreed that a different technician would return to my home and do the repairs as scheduled at 1:00 pm that same day. The new technician, Will came and was extremely professional he corrected all the errors that were on the computer and laptop that the Andrew did not do and Will completed this job quickly and efficiently and with a professional manner. When Will completed the services to my family he gave us a business card and indicated that there was a 30-day warranty on the computers and to call him directly if there were any problems.

Now the 30 days is not up so I have to leave this portion of the review of Friendly Computers open but I must say that Sally and Will were extremely professional in light of the dissatisfaction I had experienced at the hands of Andrew their rough around the edges young man. It is not in my nature to think bad thoughts of another person but I cannot help but hope that the Friendly Computers finds a way to teach young Andrew the right way to treat a customer.

I would in fact use Friendly Computers again and recommend them to others if the need arises, I would however tell my friends to ask for Will and request that Andrew not be sent to their homes for computer repairs.

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