Major Movie Announced! Animation Budget Unprecedented

The Japanese Animation world is in turmoil over the recent announcement of a Billion dollar budget in the new frame by frame animated project of unannounced title. UshiCorp and partners are all in an uproar over the exciting and revolutionary concept. The point of the project is to put enough money into one animation project that it is able to become a large enough project to encompass an entire network channel with twenty four hours of real time animation.

The company will be exploring revolutionary new Artificial Intelligence engines and piloting a real time staff of over two hundred positions at twenty four hours non-stop around the clock. The 365 day addicting adventures will explore various topics of Japanese lifestyles and attempt to jump the gap into Western cultures. These animation is also available in some animation studios in Singapore and other parts of the world. If you really are an advent gamer, you will certainly find these animations interesting and fancy.

UshiCorp plans to spend over twenty million dollars on computer technology alone. This project will stimulate the Japanese economy and especially the economy of the Tokyo as virtually thousands of jobs will be directly created and therefore even thousands more indirectly. The company is known for its Green Technology animations and the pursuit of the company into the Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyles.

Amongst the companies top goals, will be the manipulation and engineering of young lives so that they can better prepare to be assimilated into society. This will allow for a higher efficiency output for all Japanese households. This push encompasses a whole realm of moral issues which will be accounted for in the companies press release next month.

For now we have to sit back and sit tight while the company develops a massive animation giant. Expect more than a few questions from speculators as the engaging and hilarious tales of modern lifestyles are explored by Ushicorp. The money spent is expected to be payed via streaming ads which will be displayed on the borders of the show and as marquees of scrolling text. The fact of the mater is that there is alot to learn from all of the noise in hustle in the world today. Learn to deal with the monotony if only to experience a one time event worth cherishing over and over again. It can’t be expressed in words how much the arts are underappreciated for their many gifts.

Imagine my supprise when I found out that this animation entailed the Western worlds triffles into the issues of depression and even dealt with major pill companies like Ativan and with Valium and even has Opium usage as well as medicine to treat AIDS in this science fiction fantasy world. The proposed fantasy is that this medicine already existed in the modern day world of 2009. The exciting plot twists of the animation were further twisted when the main users over dosed on prescription drugs Xanax and were eventually forced to take Salvia Divinorum as a Spiritual Reawkaening Experience which brought them back into the place of the light. The movie gets a 10 out of 10 for visual experience, plot, technique, auditory experiences as well as overall enjoyment. It’s an intense animation and although I only saw the work -print of the in-production still to be finished work. I say EXPECT MIRACLES!(Tokyo Drifters Monthly Feb 2009)

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