In What Ways You Can Run A Gaming Giveaway On Any Site?

One of the best ways to boost engagement and interaction with your platform is by running giveaways. Whether it’s a game, an app, or a physical product, giveaways can be an extremely successful tactic if run properly. There are several benefits associated with running these promotions for your brand.

Increased exposure, Better user retention, Breakdown of barriers in communication, Improved customer service experience, Boosted social media presence and conversion rates, and many more. Here are some guidelines to make sure you’re making the most out of your next free gaming giveaway.

Choose A Good Contest Prize

While running a giveaway is essential, you want to make sure you’re choosing a good contest prize. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be expensive. But it should be relevant to your target audience.

For example, if you’re running a gaming giveaway, your prize could be an iPhone app. If you run a site dealing with fashion, your prize could be $200 worth of clothing. Your goal is to create something desirable for the people who follow and interact with your brand.

Select An Appealing Entry Mechanism

If you want people to enter your giveaway, choose an entry mechanism that makes sense for that particular product or brand. This doesn’t have to be complex or expensive.

For example, you could allow users to enter a giveaway by tweeting about it or liking your page. This can be easily set up using social media tracking tools like Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and Twitter’s analytics.

Create Compelling Content

The trick is to write content that makes people want to participate in your contest. For example, if you’re running a gaming giveaway, you need to include some compelling headlines and images that entice visitors. Your goal is to do this without being deceptive, so don’t make promises that you can’t keep.

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