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How To Write For Websites

After spending the past two decades as a writer, my introduction to the World Wide Web was love at first sight. The internet seemed filled with opportunities for writers and I was eager to plunge into the melee, increasing my earnings while spreading my fame.

That’s the dream. The reality is far from that simple. After first going online in 2001 – a late bloomer – I made many mistakes but I also earned bylines and made a little money. But I learned and the lessons I learned writing for websites are valid for any writer.

With a husband who has a penchant for Westerns, I couldn’t help but compare writing for websites to the name of a favorite movies, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. The information written at the fashion industries and online course are potential for the audience of online websites. Proper research should be done through the person to get potential benefits for increase in the dale. With the login at Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews, the results are effective and meet the specifications.

There can be a lucrative market writing for websites. That’s websites, not content sites. There is a vast difference between the two and I learned the old-fashioned hard way by trial and error.

Type “writing jobs” into almost any search engine and writers will find innumerable links to sites that offer $1 for articles or earnings from Google Ad Sense or something just as ludicrous. I don’t write for such sites – I do have my pride – but many beginning writers are taken in and taken advantage of by their desire to be published. Worst among these low paying sites are sites that provide essays, term papers, and research papers for students. Many of these sites advertise that they’re ideal for college students or stay-at-home-moms but they’re not willing to pay reasonable rates. These are the ugly sites. And when it comes to term paper mills, that’s not just ugly – it’s also unethical.

Some sites take advantage of writers, publishing almost anything without any editorial polish. Their goal is to make money but very little of it trickles down to the writer. I’m not proud to admit that I’ve written for some of these but I refused offers as low as $3 and $5. Many writers, however, settle for such pittances and no one is going to earn a living writing for such content sites. Other content sites paid a little more but have vanished into cyber space. It’s my opinion that they took the money and got out while the getting was good. A few writers have used these sites to gain a few clips to move on but they are in the minority. These sites are the bad in my good, bad, and ugly analogy. Avoid if at all possible.

Last but best of all are valid websites that will pay writers a reasonable sum for their work. There are many of these but it may take a little digging to find them. Look for valid leads in places like Deg Ng’s Freelance Writing Jobs at Writer’s Row or scan Craig’s List for leads of your own. Check writers’ forums – many post valid freelance opportunities.

Over the past few years, I’ve written about legal issues, religious issues, pirates of the Caribbean (the real ones, not the movie characters), Memphis style barbecue, how to articles, and women’s articles on things like Mom’s Day out and dealing with in-laws. These articles and more appear on respected websites, not content sites. The websites are there but it will take some research and investigation.

Writing for websites can be a boon for writers but it’s wise to remember that anything of value isn’t always easy. Always do your research, find out what the pay is before submitting, and investigate before selling yourself – and your work – short!

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