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How To Stop My Dog From Breaking Wind

There are several possible causes that can lead to increase gas production in a dog’s intestine. Whether it is occasional flatulence or a severe one, the end result is always the same—your dog (especially large dogs) can clear a crowded room in seconds. If that is your intent, then you pretty much accomplished your goal! :yes:

Tips to Stop Your Dog From Breaking Wind

Lengthen the Walking Time. Similar to constipation, walking or any exercise helps move gas out of the intestine. You will notice Fido breaks wind even more during the walk or when he relieves himself, this is perfectly normal. So it is best to schedule his walk where there are fewer crowds so it won’t cause any embarrassment to yourself.

Avoid Soy Meal. Some commercial dog food contain high dose of soy in the ingredients—if soy is listed in the first three ingredients used on the food label, Fido will be better off not eating them for a long time. Change the food with less (way down the ingredients used on the label) or no soy content. Consuming soy is not at all bad for most dogs however some dogs find it hard to digest. Soy meal increases hydrogen and carbon dioxide in the dog’s feces.

Reduce Fibre and Increase Protein. In another word, change your dog’s diet. Diets that are high in fibre and contain fermentable sugars as carbohydrate will produce large volumes of gas. Try super premium dry food (Solid Gold) that are easily digestible. The art here is to select those foods with at least one protein source (ideally two) listed on the top 3 ingredients used. Also, avoid canned food for the meantime.

Add Water to Kibbles. As commercial dog foods require high heat to preserve the kibbles, they contain enormous amounts of air. Not all commercial dog foods are made equal; to test the amount of air it contains, soak the kibble for a few seconds. The more air bubbles you see, the more air it has in the kibbles. By adding water to the kibbles it will release the air so that less air will be trapped in Fido’s intestine.

Sudden Change of Diet. If you are going to introduce new food or healthy products such as cbd oil for dogs (i.e. from low grade with high soy meal to high grade with protein listed in the top two ingredients), make the change gradual over a course of four to five days. Start with a 50/50 of both kibbles then gradually increase the desired food by 10% a day and subsequently reduce the other side of equation by 10%. There should not be any increase or decrease amount of daily food intake. Your heart may be in the right place, but Fido’s intestine tract isn’t yet—it needs time to adjust to the change. So make the change gradual.

Watch Out For Dogs Who Are

Seniors. Due to old age, senior dog’s digestive tract is less toned hence it is unable to digest protein, fat, and carbohydrate effectively. Give several small meals throughout the day, i.e. from 2 meals to 3-4 meals. It is best to switch to commercial dog food specially formulated for senior dogs.

Scavengers. Dogs who frequent the trash bin or kitchen table looking for in between meals is another problematic cause to digestive disorder. If Fido is lucky, he might end up eating rotten food instead of inedible substances from the trash bin. The best way to solve this problem is to make it inaccessible for the dog.

Gluttons. Dogs who live to eat especially those with no concept of feeling full, is a major problem. Besides becoming obese, overeating can put a lot of stress in the gut and things end up fermenting more than normal. Give food sparingly. Don’t let his luring eyes persuade you into giving in. By the way, dogs are world class beggars!

Home Remedies To Cease Flatulence

Yogurt. Yogurt contains digestion friendly bacteria which reduces gas by replacing the good bacteria in the digestive tract. Only give yogurt after you have changed the food. If your dog likes yogurt you can give him either before or after the meal, otherwise you can camouflage it into his food. Give one teaspoon for dogs under 10lbs for the first four to five days. Because of the small amount of yogurt, dogs with lactose intolerance will be able to cope without any stomach upset. If the stools get too watery stop for a day, continue to give yogurt in small amount (½ tsp) there after for a few days or until Fido stops breaking wind excessively.

Charcoal. Additives like charcoal tablets can help to absorb excess toxin from the gut. For dogs under 10lbs, use only 0.375g (1/8 tsp) either in the food or taken orally once daily for about three days. The amount I gave is slightly lesser than what most vets recommend, and if your dog suffers severe flatulence you might want to consult your vet for higher dosage.

Young Ginger. Ginger in general is an excellent herb to aid indigestion. There are three ways of using ginger. One, use it in the home cooked meal. Two, make ginger broth and add it to the kibbles. Three, cut into thin slices for Fido to chew. I understand this may be quite challenging for many dogs who are not used to having ginger in their meals. I started introducing few thin slices into one of their favorite meals—fish porridge with some dry seaweeds. Before long, they don’t mind having them on almost all their home cooked meals and occasional ginger chew treats.

With so many tips on how to stop your dog from breaking wind, there is no excuse for you not to allow Fido back to the party crowd. Any social embarrassment from your dog is a thing of the past, at least for flatulence is concerned!

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