How to Know If Your Ready to Date After Divorce

After a divorce many people feel like the walking wounded. The fist step to getting ready to date again is to make sure that you are ready!

  • If: you no longer find yourself dropping the exes name into every conversation.
  • If: you notice that is has been several weeks since the ex even crossed your mind
  • If: when you do happen to thing if the ex you no longer feel angry, or hurt
  • If: you actually think you may be attracted to someone

Then you may be ready to begin dating again. But, first you need to take the time to check out another relationship, your relationship with yourself.

The break up of a marriage and the strain of going through a divorce can do a number on your self esteem. If you can’t honestly say that you are a great person and that you love yourself then you need to work on repairing your self esteem before you will be ready to fall in love with someone else.

This is not an easy thing to do as the sorrow and depression can very well take a toll on your health and affect your mental state, which does not go down well with your loved ones. Marriage is a sacred bond between two people and when it gets broken, you feel a sense of loss, but you have no choice but to quickly overcome it because it does not indicate the end of the world for you but simply you must pull yourself together and move on, for which you need to begin with the okcupid dating app and start looking for a new lease in life with somebody else, where dating is the first step.

As you work on rebuilding your self esteem you will discover many fascinating things about yourself as an individual. One of the few benefits of a divorce is the opportunity to become a whole new you, whether you revert to the single person you were before you became a MRS., or growing into a mature single person who develops new interests after divorce. Finding out who you are now is definitely something that must be done before you begin dating again. You will need to look at how you spend your time and make decisions based desires. One way to find out these things about yourself is do a pretend interview. Pretend you know nothing about the person in the mirror and start asking questions.

  • Country or Rock?
  • Dogs or Cats?
  • What is the best thing about me? The worst?
  • Children: joyous addition or too much trouble?
  • Religion: devout or lapsed?
  • What makes me happy? Angry? Sad?
  • What are my pet peeves?

Career or Job

If you interview yourself right, with total honesty you will learn that you are a very exciting and interesting person with many facets. Falling in love with yourself has another wonderful side effect, which is that you will like yourself and enjoy spending time learning about the new you that you will bee much less needy when it comes to finding someone else to spend time with. You will find that independent people who do their own thing and enjoy being alone or with friends are the ones who attract singles of the opposite sex most often, because they always seem to be having a great time. Once you have mastered getting to know yourself and loving yourself, you are in a much more stable and prepared situation that is open to welcoming a new person, and new activities, even new romance into the equation.

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