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How does IT Change Control Process affect the entire system?

In a working environment, changes are necessary yet disruptive. Even worse, are the unexpected or unplanned change requests. These changes can either make or break your firm. Thus, arises the need for a systematic it Change Control management system. Change Control Process introduces the necessary changes to a product or a system in a controlled and effective manner. It ensures the flow of uninterrupted services, eradicates unnecessary changes and all changes are documented.

Key Elements of an IT Change Control System

  • Degree of Organization- The complexity of the change process depends on the degree of organization. An organization with large-scale business will have a more complex change process system and vice-versa.
  • Changes are unavoidable- Organizations have to adapt to changing times, changing habits, and changing consumer behavior. Changes are an absolute surety and hence unavoidable.
  • Changes cause disruption – Disruption while implementing change is inevitable. A request for the change affects the entire organization. However, these disruptions can be minimized with an effective team leading a managed change process system.
  • Efficient Managers- Managers act as a mediator between the IT team and other staff members. They not only address the grievances of the IT team but also maintain peace and lend support to other staff members.
  • Technology – Without advanced technology, the entire process is impossible. However, keeping up with advanced technology is a challenge in itself. Thus, it significantly affects the change control process.

Final Thoughts-

The Change Control system is a herculean task. Changes set off a chain reaction in the entire firm which affects every department, every employee, and even minor systems. To avoid unpleasant situations, a robust change control system is required. However, possessing an effective system is not enough! An efficient team with a committed leader is necessary to implement the following task. 

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