Housing Finance Interest Rate

LIC Housing Finance interest rate schemes provide easy and facile home loan options at affordable rate of interest. LIC Housing Finance Ltd . is India’s crucial and one of the desired home finance lending company. The company also provides home loan services to Indians settled in other parts of the world. The company offers home loans for varied purposes ranging from construction of a house/flat, purchasing a flat/house, purchasing a plot/land for construction purpose. LHFL offers housing loan at very flexiblecompetiting with a host of other public and private banks striving for the customer’s attention. The company imparts the information about the home loan interest rates applicable to them either at the time of payment of amount of loan or during the course of the counseling session.The LHFL provides near best available rates of interest options on its housing loan schemes.

Loan Amount Interest Rate up to 30 Lakhs 9.9% From 30 lakhs to 75 Lakhs 10.35% Above 75 Lakhs 10.75%

Its essential for any individual to do a thorough research on the home loan facilities being provided by various banks/financial organizations like and then only one should arrive to any decision as its a significant matter so the individual should compare the interest rates and other determinants of the home loan schemes being offered in the market. Interest rates are a very important factor to be taken into account for any home loan seeker as it is the main basis on which one can compute his/her capacity to avail a particular loan amount for a fixed period of time. The LIC housing finance provides interest at a very cheap rate on its home loan schemes by providing the people from all types of background with an oppourtunity to bring their dream to build a home of their own into reality.

LIC Housing Finance Ltd is one of the leading financial intuitions that provides home loans to people who nurture the dreams of having a home of their own. If you are one of those people who wants to shape this dream into reality, this institution will assist you to a great extent. You can use the loan to purchase a plot, for construction of the house, as well as for renovation and extension of the same. There are a variety of home loan schemes that are offered at varied rates of interest.

Features and Reviews of LIC Home Loans

Fixed Interest Rate 11% Floating Interest Rate Scheme 1 – 10.80 %

Scheme 2 – 10.70 % (for 3 years) Pre Payment Charges 2 % Part Payment Charges Nil Balance Transfer Charge (only if refinance is involved) 2 % Switching Charge 1 % on principal amount (the rate can be fixed or floating) Franking Charge 0.2 % Loan to Value Ratio 80 Documentation Documentation required only for pre approved projects Loan sanctioned within 7 days Customer Service Satisfactory Loan Repayment Period Maximum 20 years

Vehicle advances incorporate an assortment of expenses and assessments, which are added to the complete credit sum. Numerous customers apply for vehicle advances at their nearby bank. While applying for a vehicle advance a borrower will normally start by indicating how much cash the person needs to acquire.

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