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Dumpster Babies – Safe Haven Laws, Legalized Abandonment

It seems these days that more and more infant children are being born to mothers who do not want them. In a time when birth control is readily available for free at local health departments and Safe Haven Laws are in effect, why is this so? Is it because the Laws are not expressed as much as tobacco and drug use? We see commercials on the television all time against teenage smoking and drinking. We even see commercials about safe sex! Why not Safe Haven Laws? Is the government afraid of giving the wrong message to parents of unwanted kids? Are they afraid that the ones in this circumstance will say, “Hey, it’s ok for me to go out and get pregnant. I can just drop it off at a church or hospital.” I don’t think that would be the message given at all. It is certainly better than finding a newborn wrapped in a trash bag in some landfill or make shift grave. It is so depressing reading about newborns found in this manner, most of the time suffocated to death.

In a country with as much freedom and choices, these mothers still choose to kill their own babies and then try to conceal it. We have legalized abortion. If you are against abortion, why not leave the baby at the hospital, church, or even a doorstep. At least the baby will have been given a chance to live and you, the parent of the unwanted child, won’t be charged with murder or abandonment. Wouldn’t the legal way of doing things be much easier to live with?

It seems unethical that some mothers would avail dumpster rental just to put their babies there and abandon them. The government must do something about these alarming issues. It is really depressing to read some news about newborns being found in dumpster and most of them are facing deaths already due to suffocation and other complications.

I really wish Safe Haven Laws were made more public. I think the government needs to consider this. Perhaps the reason why there are so many “dumpster babies” is because the mother doesn’t know that she has an alternative solution. It seems the general age of these mothers are scared teen-agers who just don’t know how to handle the situation. It also seems a lot of these “dumpster babies” are born to mothers who’s parents never even knew of their daughter’s pregnancy. How hard it must have been for the pregnant mother to hide her pregnancy, live with the fact that she suffocated her newborn baby and then threw him or her in the dumpster like a sack of trash.

Most of the babies who are found in this manner are unidentified and remain that way. It is so sad that these little ones are not even given a chance to live, but not even given a name. Most do not get the justice that they deserve and the guilty person goes free as long as she can live with it. Just about every state has a Safe Haven Law. I think these laws need to be made more aware to the public. This country has enough John and Jane Does already.

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