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Chicago Moving Company Surprises Me with Great Service

I recently embarked on a journey to a new city to start a new job. I had lived in Chicago for my whole life (30 years) and really didn’t know where to start. All my friends and family told me to be careful when deciding to go with a moving company. All had nightmare stories to share and I must admit I was very concerned. Moving and driving myself 1,000 miles just wasn’t an option. So, I started researching moving companies in Chicago. I decided to get 5 quotes from movers that seemed to have good reviews and reputations. I also turned to my facebook and had my friends and family do a survey as to whom to choose. All 5 companies were A rated online and all 5 were priced pretty much the same. In the end I decided to go with Greenway Movers who is based in Chicago, IL.

The reason I went with them isn’t because of price is was solely based on the services they outlined and the gut feeling I had about them. First of all what impressed me is they assigned me a personal move coordinator. This was the biggest difference over the other 5 companies. My move coordinator helped me from day one and was my single point of contact until my pick-up was complete. He was able to address all my questions and gave me a lot of other information about moving I had not even considered. For one the length of delivery, which I will get into in a moment. What really made me feel at ease was the fact he would accompany the moving crew to pick-up. He wanted to make sure everything went according to plan and to give me assurance that they were the actual moving company. No other company offered anything close to that and again it was a huge factor in my going with them.

As the pick-up day arrived I felt pretty good about everything. I had spent weeks packing and sorting through every possession I owned. The crew arrived along with my coordinator promptly and got to work right away. I was given a quick walk through and they had me sign the paperwork before we begin. No changes to the price at all except for a little packing material which was explained to me when scheduling. All 4 movers were very easy to communicate with as they all spoke perfect English. I bring that up because that was one thing a friend told me he had issues with in the past. My whole condo was loaded and on the road 4 hours after they arrived.

Once the pick-up was completed I received a call from their dispatcher later that day. He said he already was loading for delivery and my things would be in Texas 3 days later. I was shocked as this was much faster than I could of ever hoped for. The dispatcher explained how he had known about my delivery since i scheduled my pick-up so there would be no last minute scrambling to try and accommodate my delivery. Sure enough 3 days later the truck indeed did arrive at my new house. I was very excited especially when again no extra charges popped up. The crew was again friendly and easy to communicate with. After weeks and weeks of unpacking and sorting I am happy to say no damages were found, not a single one. My new house was finally set up just how I wanted it and I was able to successfully move from Chicago to Dallas without a worry other than catching my plane on time.

I am sure there are other good movers to choose from and I am sure Greenway Movers has their bad days too but not for this guy.

One of the best at their job is movers Edmonton, who have some of the best people up for the job and leave no stone unturned to get the job done without compromising on their ideals as their first priority is client satisfaction.

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