Bloated Cable and Satellite Tv Plans Have to Go!

Are you one of those individuals who does not want to purchase a bloated cable or satellite television plan? Perhaps you just want a few cable channels, and your local stations. Well, you are not alone.

Let us Pick Our Channels

How about we start by allowing people to pick their own channels for a much cheaper rate. And the argument has been made that if individuals are allowed to choose their own channels, then the price will skyrocket.

Perhaps they are right, assuming that these people will all purchase a large number of channels. But not everybody is going to do that. Some people may only want a few cable channels a month. So here is how it works. You receive your cable box in the mail, and set it up. You then turn everything on and have different options.

One option is for the normal monthly charged channel packages, and the other is the create your own package option. Maybe the History channel costs a dollar a month, but National Geographic costs three dollars. For people who do not watch a lot of television, this may be a good alternative to these bloated package deals. You never know, some people may only want a single cable channel plus local stations. As for local channels, they should just be free. Why? Because local stations are already free. All you need is an antennae, and presto, you have your local channels (minus the cost of the antennae). The placement of satellite and antennae should be great and information is provided at https://livetv.tube link. Different packages are available to the purchase to take the advantage of live updates. Sometimes, the entertainment is available for free for increasing the engagement. Local and international channels are available with the customers to get desired results. 

And the create your own package option would be on a month to month basis. Perhaps, make it so that the receiver box reminds you at the end of the month to either keep or change your current line-up of channels. So if you want to change from HBO to Showtime at the end of the month, then you may do so. Of course, the price may vary slightly between the two of them. You could still just purchase Showtime before the month ends, but you would have to pay an extra amount of money for it because you would be buying that channel for the month.

No More Calling

Keep in mind that many of us Internet savvy users do not want to have to call your company in order to subscribe to or cancel services. We just want to do it all online, and be done with it. Some companies, like Netflix, are doing it this way. In fact, Netflix is a good alternative to cable and satellite if you have a fast enough Internet connection. And it is much cheaper.

Renting Equipment

Having to rent equipment is a pain. Just go back to the days of allowing people to purchase the equipment, and make your customers’ lives easier. Yes, piracy will be a problem. But piracy is always going to be a problem no matter what you do. Deal with it. Happy customers are loyal customers.

Not everyone likes these bloated package plans that satellite and cable companies sell to the public. Some of us just want a few channels plus the local stations. What about us?

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