Web Hosting- Guiding Force Made Easy

How can one describe what role the internet has played in making many things easier than they were before its advent? Well, people who love nostalgia will say that things were much better when they did not have the convenience of smartphones and laptops but landlines, TV set, comic books and so on. While this […]

Computer and Technology

Majority of Apps Are Unrated but Probably Not Undiscovered

Anyone following apps is aware of the constant complaint among developers about discoverability. That is, any particular app has a high probability of getting lost in a rapidly expanding sea consisting of hundreds of thousands of apps. We analyzed a large swath of apps released in Apple ‘s U.S. App Store in April and the […]


All About Cold Storage Of Bitcoins

Since the launch of bitcoins in 2009, the popularity of bitcoins is off the roof. You will find that everyone is into bitcoin trading and there are apps like Bitcoin Revolution that help aspiring traders to do well with crypto trading. Reading review of the Bitcoin Trading Bot will give you more information about all […]


Trading Forex- Bitcoin Trade Made Easy

To live with intention and walk on the edge, one should to have guts and a tremendous amount of confidence in him to sail through all the challenges and obstacles and believe it or not, most people do not follow this advice and fall flat on their faces. This is the reason why the failed […]

Guide Home Improvement

A Palapa On Top

Our local palapas may seem exotic to gringos, but they’re actually very practical and environmentally sound. Palapa roofs have been around in Mexico for about 2,000 years. Sometimes associated by local Mexicans with being poor, palapa roofs aren’t really the cheapest way to go. Even so, they’re often preferred by Gringos because of their beauty, […]

Career Job

Sales Management Vs. Human Resources Policies

Every day I see other managers shake they heads because we are not allowed to say what we would really like to say to employees. Aside from obviously off-limit mentions such as using rude or crude language, a manager must uphold corporate safe ground, not to offend, to be politically correct on many other subjects. […]


Locked Out of Your Car? Here’s whom you should call!

If you have ever been locked out of our own car, you are not alone. It is one of the common experiences of a lot of people. Hence, in this kind of annoying yet crazy situation, there is only one person who can help you get out of this circumstance. This is when auto locksmith […]

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Mobile Computer Repair – Portland Oregon

If you are seeking computer repair in Portland, Oregon there are literally hundreds of computer repair companies available. In the past my family has used the Best Buy Geek Squad. I cannot say much to the positive for this computer repair company. After two times and $2,500.00 in repairs and virus program purchases my home […]


Celebrity Bankruptcies that Might Surprise You

Many years ago after I bought my first house, I made a real estate investment mistake that cost me two houses. An attorney I contacted suggested I file for bankruptcy but the thought of it made me cringe. In my community there was an attitude of disdain toward anyone that had chosen this option to […]