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A Bride’s Guide: Unique Bridesmaid Gifts For Your Wedding

Your bridal party devotes a good amount of time and money to your special day. Show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate all they do for you with a thoughtful thank you gift. Forget about jewelry. We all have too much as it is. Don’t even think about handing out scented candles or pretty little bath sets-this is not Christmas. This is your wedding. Give your bridesmaids something truly unique that will help them remember this day forever. You Can check website for best bridesmaid gift ideas and suggestions.

Unique Sentimental Gifts

If you are the type of person who will be standing at the altar sobbing uncontrollably, think about giving your bridesmaids a sentimental gift. You might get the tears flowing before you hit the aisle, but your heartfelt gift will be something your girls will cherish for years to come.

A great idea for you would be to select a favorite photo of you and each of your bridesmaids (or one that has the whole gang in it) and create a photo-tote, photo-cosmetic bag, photo throw, or photo pillow. There are some really unique online companies that can take your photos and scan your image onto virtually anything.

A great bridesmaid gift would be a small cosmetic bag that has a picture of you and your bridesmaid on each side. If you are childhood friends, put a picture of you as children on one side and one of you as adults on the other. You can personalize a message on a pull ribbon and attach this to the zipper. Don’t forget to place a travel size pack of tissues in the bags. Your bridesmaids will surely need them when they open this gift!

  • Custom Photo Bags

Theme Gifts

Does your wedding have a theme? If so, use your theme to create one-of-a-kind bridesmaids gifts. If you are incorporating Asian inspired elements into your wedding, give your bridesmaids gorgeous sushi dinnerware sets, beautiful silk kimonos, Japanese tea sets, or sake gift sets. The good thing about theme gifts is that you can also use them as Cadeau meisje 13 jaar. Theme gifts know no age. It can be given to kids, teens and even adults.

If your wedding is taking place at the beach or you are using a nautical or ocean theme, you can give your bridesmaids personalized beach towels. You might also consider having your bridesmaids’ monograms put on colorful beach totes and giving these as a thank you gift. Throw in some flip-flops, sunglasses, and a bottle of sunscreen and your bridesmaids will be prepared for a day at the beach.

Are you going for an informal garden or picnic wedding? If so, give monogrammed picnic baskets, herb garden kits, or fancy flowerpots blooming with your bridesmaids’ favorite flowers.

  • Asian Theme Gifts
  • Beach Theme Gifts

“Favorite Things” Gifts

Everyone has that one “favorite thing”. What’s your bridesmaids’ favorite hobbies or pastimes? Customize a gift to indulge each bridesmaid with her favorite thing. Is one of your girls a globetrotter? Give her an engraved silver luggage tag or a leather passport/ticket holder. Great gifts for the writer at heart would be a monogrammed stationary set or leather journal complete with a pen. A monogrammed apron or engraved chef’s knife will please the girl who spends all her time in the kitchen. Got a diva bridesmaid? Give her a lush makeup brush set or a silver mirror compact engraved with her initials. For the girl who loves to party a monogrammed flask or cocktail set is a must.

No matter what you choose to give your bridesmaids, just make sure it’s something special. It will show if you take time to think about the gift you give. As attendants in your wedding party, your bridesmaids will be part of a very small circle of people who will forever be connected to your special day. Show these special people how much you value their friendship and give a gift they will truly love.

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