5 Things to Know about Storm Doors

What are Storm Doors?

Storm doors are fairly good to install in your home. There are a couple of reasons why you should install storm doors. The main reason for having a storm door is they protect your home from bad weather. They can even be an additional security for your home. 

The best storm doors 2020, are quite great actually. Through innovation and invention, people have created such durable storm doors that can withstand tough storms.

What are the things you should know about Storm Doors?

Listed below are 5 basic things that you should need to know when installing a storm door.

Tons of Options

What’s great about having storm doors is, you can also explore your inner designer within you. Storm doors come in different designs. They can come in different combinations of glass and screen panels, some even have interchangeable panels that can be adjusted depending on the season.

For example, you can have proper ventilation during hot weather by utilizing more screens to allow fresh breeze to enter your house. On the other hand, you can change the panels to glass to provide insulation and protection from chilly weathers.

Increased Security

A storm door is not just protection for the weather. Some storm doors even come with locks that protect you from bad people. A heavy security storm door would be composed of a deadbolt, and hooks for both top and bottom of the frame. Some even created their own storm doors with heavy duty security glass to prevent force breaking in.

Energy Efficiency

Since storm doors can be insulators that help you warm your house,  It can also help in sealing the house for possible air leakage in houses. Storm doors can help in conserving energy by lessening the use of a room warmer.


All of us want a touch of sunlight and a good natural flow of air in summer. In 2020’s latest designs, some screens can be rolled down in the doors body which greatly helps if you’re conserving space and don’t know where to store the screen. The screens also serve as prevention for  some little bugs and flies that are thinking of infiltrating your home.

When planning to replace your old door to a new door, always seek professional help as they are more knowledgeable to these things.

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