What Are Yoga Styles?

For me, integrating yoga in my lifestyle was one of the best anti-aging things I could do. Not only does it keep me flexible and balanced, it creates within me a sense of well being that no other exercise has the ability to do. Perhaps that’s why it is such a popular part of our modern day culture. I’ve put together some of the yoga styles that I’ve tried in my own life which have been a significant part of my regular exercise routine. They fit well with my present fitness level, but if you’re a beginner, you may try some of the more beginner


When I inquired about a yoga style that would help improve my balance as I age, I found that Iyengar was highly recommended. This method was developed by someone with the same last name and implements blocks, belts, and balls. You also stand to gain a lot of endurance doing this yoga style because of the long hold times. I find that a plus as I notice more general strength walking through my life from lengthy pose holds.


This yoga style is generally done in rooms that are well heated with increased temperatures to help facilitate stretching. For this reason, I found it to be quite helpful as I age because staying well stretched and flexible is part of what helps me gain a sense of well being. As I age flexibility has become a priority for me and Bikram yoga has been instrumental in helping me achieve that goal. If stretching and flexibility are your focus, you’ll enjoy this style of yoga.


The focus of this yoga style is to create a faster-paced flow of poses that require more physical demands. For this reason, you won’t find that this style integrates as much meditation. Increased room temperatures for improved flexibility are also a part of this yoga style along with synchronized breathing that is easily audible, called Ujyaii breath in Sanskrit. If you’re new to yoga, as a beginner, you will probably find this style too difficult to start with due to the breathing and quick-paced combination.


Hatha yoga is the basis for many of the modern day yoga styles you will find exist today. The focus of this yoga style is to bring everything into balance such as, yin and yang, light and dark, masculine and feminine and polarities of many types. In essence this yoga style is designed to bring all aspects of life together to created a well balanced living experience. Postures are not too difficult using this style and will incorporate simple breathing exercises in seated positions. A visit can be made at to know about different postures for the person. The sitting arrangements of the person should be great to get the desired results. The experience of the person will be great through the visit.

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