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Travelers Join Social Networking Communities with TripAdvisor 2.0

Now that bloggers around the world are jumping on board TripAdvisor’s recommendation site for local and national travel, it only makes sense to create a formal social networking community. TripAdvisor recently launched a social networking service as part of its travel site, enabling all users to to create profiles of cities and countries they’ve visited, as well as plotting their own shareable Google map. While sites such as MySpace and Facebook let users interact with ease, it’s niche sites like these that can help rise above the sea of blogs to provide highly relevant, targeted content.

The old version of TripAdvisor still holds plenty of merit for quality and unique visitors; topping over 10 million visits each month, TripAdvisor has become a leading online travel portal. Every visitor to the site can find out hotel ratings, commentary about specific destinations, and daily specials for tickets and packages. With the recent upgrade, visitors can look at each other’s maps and plot out their next favored destination. It’s becoming an easy way to connect with like-minded travelers around the globe, and just might make trip-planning even more easy.

Getting a complete picture about a tentative travel itinerary becomes much easier when you have photos of your locale, blog postings, and ratings right at your fingertips. While video and other media toys such as podcasts still liven up the wealth of information about a place, a simple tagging feature can help you find similar packages, destinations, and itineraries of interest. Search engine technology now helps visitors find and share their latest; it’s yet another way for avid travelers to create a name for themselves, map out their course, and blast it to the world.

Getting started on TripAdvisor is simple enough. Users are encouraged to build a traveler network by creating a travel map, inviting friends and family , and publishing stories and other highlights on the trip log. Cities are plotted with a simple checkbox function for any destination around the world. Registered users can add a photo and send out bulk invites for other people to review. The contributions section allows anyone to write a review about hotels, restaurants, attractions, or just a location. Add a few pictures, give the spot a star rating, and the review is saved under the profile for easy viewing by all. ‘goLists’ are designed to help travelers create a wishlist; from a honeymoon to a weekend getaway, the list can also be shared with friends and family; serving as bait for a future gift, perhaps.

Social networks on the web are evolving into highly targeted groups in a variety of niches. Fellow shoppers connect on sites like ThisNext. Die-hard bloggers unite on sites like MyBlogLog. The BlogHer network is creating a collective of thousands of women who can connect based on their businesses, entrepreneurial outlets, and even crafts and hobbies. While MySpace and Facebook are still capturing the general market, it’s niche social networking communities such as TripAdvisor that offer fresh new channels of communication. On top of that, users are now given some advantages using some tools like Indeed, we are now living in a world where modernization is a must. Such tools make it possible for people to go extra mile.

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