The Witcher 3- Play Safe and Learn More

The entire world is grappling with the corona virus pandemic that has taken the entire world in its grasp as a result of which everyone has been confined to their homes and has also been vehemently advised to maintain social distancing while out shopping for the essentials.

As a result, the entire world is under lockdown period due to the increasing number of deaths due to this deadly virus and therefore, people have no choice but to stay put in house and are utilizing this opportunity to relieve their childhood.

Video game lovers from the 80s and 90s are quite excited as they have found sometime to try their hand out once again so as to polish their skills on the joystick that they did to great effect with games like super Mario, Contra, Dave the Hunter, etc.

Tips and Tricks

Witcher 3 is one that came out in 2015 and has become quite successful since its launch as the genre is one that youngsters can relate to because most of them are suckers for action adventures and nothing can get better than this venture.

What most people aren’t aware that it has such interesting plot twists that will keep you intrigued right until the last moments, which is why it is important to mention the best witcher 3 mods.

There is a card game called Gwent and this hunting venture is a three point story that where you have to collect as many Gwent cards as possible to proceed to the next level.

You need to build a deck like a normal pack of cards by finding the high numbered ones to gain points but the beginnings are not easy as matches can’t be won in one go so take care to practice from time to time to hone your skills, which will increase your confidence to do better.

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