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Sports Internships: What To Expect From Sports Marketing Internships

In the spring of 2009, I was enrolled in a sports marketing course. During one of the lectures, the professor, Dr. Roy, told us about an experience looking for his first job out of college. He told us about how an employer critiqued him in that his degree meant nothing more than he was trainable.Two of the greatest assets that college students can utilize are networking and experience. Networking and experience can give students an advantage over their peers as they get a head start in receiving first-hand experience in situations revolved around their desired profession. Establishing a network and getting real-life experience are both primary objectives of internships, which is what makes them so valuable to employers. With the recent state of the economy, it just makes these traits that much more important to have more than a high GPA.
From September 2009 through January 2010, I completed a sports internship with the Green Bay Gamblers. This gave me a first-hand look of what a sports organization deals with during game day. My goal is to give people an idea of things you may encounter and what you should look to get out of an internship. Be aware that different internships will have different responsibilities, but this is to give you a feeling for what sports marketing internships can require.

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Sports Marketing Internships: Pre-Game Preparations
A sports marketing intern may be responsible for setting up promotions before each game. Before fans enter the facility, all promotions need to be set up throughout the hallways and inside the facility. Misplacing even a single prop can destroy the promotion and create negative publicity from the company you have dissatisfied.

This isn’t always straight forward. Sometimes, you may have to deal with other sporting events that happen before your game. In rarer occasions, there may be a home game that is being played at another local facility. In this scenario, you will need to relocate all of your props from the regular playing facility to the facility that game is being played at.

Before beginning your internship duties, I advise that you learn your whereabouts in the facility. Learn each floor of the stadium and where the player entrances, locker rooms, sound rooms, media table, and scouts tables are.

Sports Marketing Internships: Office Responsibilities
Along with pre-game preparations, sports marketing internships have many responsibilities that need taken care of. This may result in you being utilized as an office clerk. Some duties could include filing, updating databases, handling coupons, managing the media and scouts tables, and any tasks that may be simple but take time to complete.

Sports Marketing Internships: In-Game Promotions
Once an organization has sold its promotions, they must conduct them proficiently in front of thousands of people… live. Any deficiencies with how the promotion is run can lead to the sponsoring company requesting a refund or giving their negative reviews against the sports organization.

What can disrupt a promotion? The promotion could require the cooperation of young children or any individual that may react nervous to a live audience. There may be an equipment malfunction. If too many promotions are scheduled within a halftime or intermission, then it can lead to things being rushed.

As a sports marketing intern, you may be given responsibilities in making sure props are arranged during halftimes and intermissions. Not difficult, but make sure to keep an eye on props such as inflatables. Make sure they are in fine condition and have a good feel with them. If you find out that they are losing air when the intermission or halftime arrives, you will be unable to refill them. If a promotion requires six inflatables, the sponsoring company will be dissatisfied to see five.

Sports Marketing Internships: Sales
One of the biggest entries into any career is a sales representative position. In sports marketing, it is no different. A sports marketing internship can give you the experience of working with a sales representative. While many people do not enjoy working in sales, it can be a great way to initially prove yourself with an organization and establish connections in the community with people you conduct business with. You may also find yourself selling with vendors or distributing surveys before games.

Remember folks, it’s who you know.

Sports Marketing Internships: The Unexpected
Sometimes, you just can’t prepare yourself for certain situations. While I was assigned to work twenty home games, I ended up working nineteen. I was absent the home game before Christmas because I had my wisdom teeth pulled.

Ironically, the one game I missed is when my pet… I mean, a bat… invaded the Resch Center. I miss one game and all havoc breaks loose. Following the game, animal right activists condemned the Gamblers organization for how they handled the situation.

This is where public relations and upper management come into fruition: How do they reflect the negative criticism and turn it into something positive? Fans could turn against you. Sponsors could be less willing to work through you. Companies don’t want to be known for supporting a negative cause that is going to damage their reputation.

It’s interesting to see how they handled the dilemma and how it worked out. It is even better if you are able to give some input based on it. Proving yourself during difficult times or random occurrences could be the best way to show oneself off to future employers.

Sports Marketing Internships Overview
Basically, an intern can often be tasked with many of the redundant, simplistic jobs. When given larger assignments, you will likely be under supervision. While it may feel tedious and simple, you should enjoy the experience and learn from it. Can’t replace real-life experiences and establishing business connections.

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