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Repair Of Household Appliances At Home As A Business

It is hard to imagine housing a modern man without the presence of household appliances. Regardless of the quality of assemblies and parts during the life cycle of the instrument repeatedly, the need arises to repair.

And if in the case of a blender, it’s easy to carry in the service center, repair of large appliances requires the owner of a variety of activities, namely: loading, delivery to the shop, and back connection. In addition to the money, the owner spends his time and effort. To avoid this, you can use the services of the master on the repair of equipment at home at

Next, consider the features of the embodiment of this business in life.

  • Description of activity
  • Repair services for equipment at the customer’s premises are provided in relation to such devices:
  • refrigerators, freezers;
  • electric, gas stoves, hobs, hoods;
  • oven, ovens, microwave ovens;
  • washing machines and dishwashers, boilers.

Because the scope of activities is large appliances, the repair process occurs at the home of the client and consists of the following stages:

A challenge to master. The client displays the make and model of equipment, briefly describes his claim to the work, life, and other important points. Diagnostics of the device in place. This service is provided free of charge. However, in case of refusal of the client from repair reported being set a certain tariff for the service fault diagnosis. Bringing to the customer the cost of repairs and spare parts, the nuances of work, coordination of time. The repair. Provide receipt and warranty card (the warranty period is 3 months).Finding customers

The main way of finding clients is to advertise your own services through the posting and distribution of information leaflets, the classifieds in the local media, and message boards on the Internet.

You can also arrange with the masters for the installation of PVC Windows, blinds, builders mutual about the distribution of advertising flyers to customers during the execution of works at home.

  • Calculation of profitability
  • To start your activity, you must have:
  • The desire and the desire for financial independence.
  • The knowledge and skills to repair;

Funds in the amount of 15 thousand rubles for the start of the activity (Registration of IP, advertising (and online advertising of their services may be free), a minimal set of tools).

The amount of income will depend on the number and complexity of orders.

The average order value is 1,000 rubles, the master with an established client base per month executes at least 50 orders. Net income is 40 thousand rubles (10 thousand rubles. current costs).

The provision of services on the repair of large household appliances from the customer’s home is a popular activity regardless of region or seasonality. The advantage over competitors (stationery shops) is the efficiency, mobility, and cost savings of the client on the delivery and connection of the repaired equipment.

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