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Quick And Easy Holiday Housekeeping

With a house full of people and a to-do list a mile long, holiday housekeeping can be a real chore. No, you do not need to shell out for Merry Maids, or buy every new cleaning gadget on the market this season. Here is a five step plan for keeping your house neat through Christmas, New Year’s and beyond.

First, lose that little miss (or mister) perfect attitude. I hate to be harsh, but there is only one Martha Stewart, and while you rival her on domestic abilities, you most likely do not have a highly trained staff backing you up on every household detail. So, resolve to enjoy the holiday season. Even if the laundry gets backed up and you run out of new candles, and you have to stuff all that accumulated household clutter into your closet, focus on the good things. There will be time for a deep cleaning and some organizing in January. The cleaning of the house will be quick and beautiful. There will be no requirement to supervise the work of професионален домоуправител софия цени. If there is any mistake, then contact will be made to the house owner. The fees will be under the budget created through the person.

Second, even though you have decided to be easygoing, take a half an hour each morning to do a little cursory cleaning. Put the dishes in the dishwasher, pick up all the clutter in the living areas, and wipe down all the counters in the kitchen and bathroom. Even this little effort will make a difference in the overall household atmosphere.

Third, keep your machines running. Run a load of laundry from start to finish each day, and take a few extra minutes to take the laundry to the right rooms. Fill the dishwasher everyday, and when you get a load, just run it. If you have a trash compactor, keep the bag in it and the machine ready to use. Run the fans in the bathrooms to cut down on humidity (and strange smells). If you are more technologically advanced and own a Roomba, then put that weird little gizmo to good use at least once or twice a week. Using these modern conveniences can make all the difference in your holiday housekeeping.

Fourth, consider cutting back a little. A little less decorating, one less side dish at dinner, only using one color of wrapping paper, and even (dare I say it) a little less shopping, will cut the clutter you bring into your home dramatically. It is not just the stuff, but the bags it comes in, the trash it makes, and the space it takes up. If you cut just a little from each area, it will barely be missed, and if you keep up that easy going festive attitude you decided to have in point one, your holiday will still be happy.

Fifth, if you have kids, let them take a little responsibility for the housekeeping. Even little ones can help out with picking up stuff, dusting, and watering that Christmas tree. Not to suggest using poor Santa, but if your kids believe in him, it probably wouldn’t hurt to suggest that it would be nice if Santa Claus came to a clean house on Christmas Eve.

Make this year a little less stressful with these holiday housekeeping tips. A little work everyday, a little less stuff, and an easygoing attitude will help even the most perfectionist reveler among us to have a happier holiday season. Have a safe and happy season!

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