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Product Review: Great Value Instant Premium Coffee

Coffee is one of the most sought out beverage in the world. It’s aromatic scent is known to wake up an entire house full of sleeping people. Some people drink this beverage for its unique and bold taste, while others drink it for its shot of energy. Whatever the reason, coffee is here to stay. For awhile, I followed the hype that coffee taste better from a coffee shop or when it’s brewed in a coffee maker. But ever since I found Great Value’s Instant Premium Coffee, I get the best of both worlds right in a jar. It is convenient, has a smooth taste, and best of all, it is cheap!

My sister and her husband would always tell me that they do not and will not drink instant coffee. They say that they prefer having their coffee brewed in a coffee maker. In addition to that, they will drink only brand named coffees like Folgers. I never really understood why, but I took their words for it and went out and bought myself a coffee maker and Folger’s ground coffee. On top of buying these items, I had to buy a pack of filter for the coffee maker. Though I’m not a fan of spending a lot of money, I ignored my expenses and bought these items anyway thinking that I will benefit from brewed coffee. Once I got home, I was excited to try my coffee maker. It was the standard sized that made about 5 cups. Though the coffee maker was supposed to add some sort of convenience when making coffee, I found that it was more inconvenient. Not only do I need to clean the pot every day, I had to replace the filter everyday. Then when I’ve got left over coffee, even though I kept it warm, somehow the taste seemed to have watered down and it tasted very bland. I would end up throwing it away. On top of that, it seems like the coffee wasn’t brewing evenly, because on some days, my coffee tasted really bitter even with sugar. I also found that I had to buy a pack of filter every so often and buy the expensive brand every so often. That can easily add up, not to mention having to use energy to use the coffee maker. Because of this, I decided to ditch the coffee maker completely and look for the 10 best drip coffee makers 2020. I need to find a coffee maker that can deliver me best quality made coffee.

I decided to follow the trend and get my coffee from coffee shops. I must admit that the coffee from Dunkin Donuts is terrific, but the cost will add up, especially if you absolutely need coffee to start the day. Because of that, I drank less coffee. Then one day when I was shopping at Walmart, I spotted a kind of coffee that I have not seen before. Great Value Instant Premium Coffee caught my eyes mainly because of its price. It was half the cost of a brand named ground coffee. I bought a jar and took it home to try it. As I made my first cup, I found that it is ideal for me. I like the convenience of not having to do the extra steps just to make coffee. All I have to do is grab a cup of water, pop it in the microwave, and add even amounts of coffee, sugar and cream. Once I took my first sip, I swore it was bought from a coffee shop. It had really smooth even taste. It wasn’t too bitter nor was it bland. It literally tasted like I had been brewing it all morning. One cup of this coffee gives out the same aromatic scent as a whole pot of coffee. I am glad to have found this product. I will never have to wash another coffee stained pot again nor will I have to buy coffee from a shop again. So if you’re looking for quality and convenience, I definitely recommend Great Value’s Instant Premium Coffee.

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