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Organic Pest Control in Your Garden

Everyone would love to live in a way that is more friendly to our environment. When growing a garden it is something very challenging to get rid of pests that cause damage to your crops without using chemical poisons such as commercial pesticides. These chemicals have been known to cause diseases including cancer and respiratory conditions in human beings so it is best to avoid them by using a more natural form of controlling these destructive pests. There are in fact, many ways in which you can protect your garden crops without putting your health at any sort of risk at all. Organic pest control has been growing ever more advanced as time progresses and it is fortunate that we have many effective methods today like mosquito pest control Columbia SC that offer you completely organic pest control method. 

Here are some of the methods that I have discovered for our family garden. The first and most obvious being to physically remove the pests and insects by hand just like one would weed a garden by hand. Although picking off the insects is a time-consuming way to get rid of these pests, it is naturally effective and harmless. It is also possible to build up little barriers to keep insects and pests out.

You can also use a harmless little trick that I learned from my father many years ago as a child when we used to plant enormous gardens in our backyard. We would place a few shallow bowls of water within the garden every several yards apart from each other. Insects that prey on aphids, dragonflies, and other destructive pests enjoy hovering around small pools of water and they are more than happy to assist the cause by feasting on these garden destroying critters.

There are also organic recipes that you can stir up easily enough in your kitchen, all by your self. There are recipes that you can find with a simple search on the world wide web to assist you. A good one to get rid of mites and aphids, for example, is to mix a tablespoon of liquid soap (we always use Dawn dishwashing liquid because it seems to work very well) with one cup of vegetable oil (any kind of veggie oil will do). Add one cup of water and put it into a spray bottle. Spray the infested area and you will see a remarkable effect. It works very well! There are other formulas for other pests however be aware of the fact that what works well for one kind of pest may not work for another so you may need to use more than one formula or recipe to get rid of all of the varieties of pests that you have lurking around.

When keeping your garden clean of destructive pests there are many resources that you can find by doing a specific search online for the particular critter that you need to target. Remember that it is easy to find things that are safe and organic and you need not ever risk your health by using dangerous chemicals again.

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