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Receive Your Hand-Calculated Online Personal Training Program From Me! Within 90 days from today you can completely transform your body. Sound interesting? If so, read on… If you are at this website, chances are you are completely frustrated with your exercise and nutrition program. You are probably at a standstill, tired of training and your body is aching all over with nothing to show for all your hard work and dedication. Whether your goal is , , , or just a general , I can supply you with the ingredients and the recipe for success. Fortunately, I’m here to give you my undivided attention to your fitness goals. This isn’t just a general e-diet. I do all my online personal training’s by hand and calculator; no software that gives general numbers. I answer each of my e-clients personally via e-mail. Thanks for all of your help with your online personal training! It is so nice to finally have some guidance and an actual plan to follow.

Thanks for the information! This really shows me how much you care about your clients. The first week I noticed a decrease in my energy level, but realized that I was burning a lot of calories. I increased my oatmeal in the morning to 3/4 cup and feel much better. My jeans are not as tight and my strength gains are incredible. My husband couldn’t believe the weights I was lifting. My online personal training fat loss program is finely detailed in nutrition, cardio, and weight training to give you the precise breakdown necessary to annihilate body fat and boost your metabolism so you shed fat and keep your lean muscle mass. Your fat loss program includes a diet outline with sample menus, cardio and weight training programs to keep you ahead of the game. I provide updates every two weeks, 10 days, or one week, depending on your what program I put you on and how you are progressing. My turn around time for responses and updates is 12-48 hours. Finally, stop the guess work about fat loss and start getting results without starving! Click Here to get your Fat Loss Program.

My online personal training bodybuilding program is precisely outlined so you get the full benefits of nutrition and training to catapult muscle and strength gains to completely transform your physique. You will receive a detailed diet, sample menu, cardio and weight training program to step up your game and start getting those bodybuilding results you have been wishing for. Updates are every two weeks, 10 days, or weekly depending on which type of program I assign to you and how well you are advancing. Response time for updates is 12-48 hours. Click Here to get your Bodybuilding Program.

My online personal training contest preparation program is exactly what you need, whether your contest is figure, fitness, or bodybuilding. I can provide you the roadmap to take you to contest day and even post-contest planning to prevent that dreaded rebound. The contest prep program includes your diet outlined in full detail, sample menu’s as necessary, cardio and resistance training to propel your fat loss as you keep your muscle. I use a precise combination of tactics that created my winning physique. Your updates are on a two week rotation to start and it slowly trickles down to every 10 days to every week and sometimes every day the final weeks just to be sure we are zoned in. And, I always have my cell phone handy just in case you need any thing at the last minute on game day! Click Here to get your Contest Preparation Program. My online personal training transformation program is about losing fat and building muscle at the same time.

Some say it can’t be done, but if the circumstances are right, it is possible. The transformation program includes a diet outline with sample menus, cardio and weight training outlines and check-in’s every two weeks, to 10 days, to one week based on your progress. If you want to change the look and shape of your body, the transformation program is just what you need! Click Here to get your Transformation Program. Why settle for cheap e-diets and programs thrown together by a one-time competitor when you can have the real information from a 20 year veteran of the sport of fitness and bodybuilding? This is YOUR moment. Don’t miss the opportunity to take control and change your body.

Current Price List: 

  •  4 Weeks = $95.00
  •  6 Weeks or More is a Package Deal Read More… 6 Weeks = $130.00 
  •  8 Weeks = $160.00
  •  10 Weeks = $190.00 
  •  12 Weeks = $220.00 
  •  14 Weeks = $250.00 
  •  16 Weeks = $280.00
  •  18 Weeks = $310.00
  •  20 Weeks = $340.00 – Get any one of my eBooks free with the 20 Weeks Package 

 Full Year = $540.00 – Get any two of my eBooks free with the One Year Package Information I need from You

  • For a successful body transformation I will need your weight and body fat percentage. The Omron Body Fat Tester is one of my favorite body composition methods. It’s about 98% accurate if you use it correctly.
  • If you want to take any supplements to help increase fat loss, suppress your appetite or to prevent muscle wastage, you can purchase them from my Online Store. You may also try bluechew which is another supplement designed specifically for men. There are several supplements in the market and each has its own purpose. You just have to choose the right one that you need.

  • Once you make your payment you will be taken to the Private Member Area to fill out the necessary forms to start you on your fitness journey.

NOTE: My online personal training programs are intense, but effective if followed correctly. My programs are not designed for individuals who may have an eating disorder. NOTICE!! – Please be sure to check your spam or junk folder for my e-mails. My business e-mail address can be blocked from some servers. NOTICE!! – Please be sure to check your spam or junk folder for my e-mails. My business e-mail address can be blocked from some servers. Add me to your safelist . Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and is a certified personal fitness instructor and specialist in performance nutrition. She is a nationally qualified natural female bodybuilder, holding numerous titles in the southern states including two overalls.

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