Marijuana Does Not Affect Intelligence

Many people say that marijuana (also known as cannabis) usage has a negative impact on the brain of individuals because of its neuroactive properties. Although, the best cbd for anxiety and depression is completely safe and does not affect intelligence or decision-making capabilities. There are others who say Marijuana intake is not good for the stimulation process because they believe there are great unpleasant effects that it renders to the IQ of a person. While some say, marijuana can even affect the intelligence capacity of the person who takes marijuana. Let that hearsay be answered by this study made by investigators and researchers.

Los Angeles, California: The use of cannabis has no negative effects on the intelligence decline of adolescents. Somehow, it has no direct effect on IQ. This is according to the longitudinal data that is published in the proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences.

The investigators of the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Minnesota had conducted an evaluation determining whether the marijuana use is associated with the changes in the intellectual performance in the two longitudinal cohorts of the adolescent twins or not. They have an on-hand application of marijuana to real individuals to see the result of the study. The participants are assessed for the intelligence at the age of 9 to 12 years old, before marijuana involvement, again at age 17 to 20 years old.

The researchers had reported that there is no dose-response relationship found between IQ decline and cannabis use. The researchers also saw that there are no differences existing in the performance of the marijuana subjects if they will be compared to the non-using twins. They had made the study very clear and have obtained accurate and satisfying result. This study simply shows that no effects occurred in both parties.

The investigator had concluded “In the largest longitudinal exams of the IQ change and marijuana use, we had found a little evidence to suggest that the adolescent use of marijuana has a direct effect in the intellectual decline. The lack of the dose-response relationship and the absence of the differences in the discordant siblings had to lead us to the conclusion. We concluded that the deficits that are observed in the marijuana users are blamed for the confounding factors that can influence both IQ and substance initiations than a neuro-toxic marijuana effect”. These statements had perfectly said it well and perhaps, it is true when we refer to its state.

The findings are following the publication of the separate longitudinal study in the Journal of Pharmacology that concluded that the cumulative use of marijuana for adolescents is not associated with poorer educational performance or lower IQ once the adjustments are made for the potential confounders like in cigarette smoking. Now, perhaps, the effects that marijuana usage can give on adolescents when it comes to their intelligence or IQ capacity has been clear to all. What affects the most are the factors that adolescents usually encounter in the community they are living in. Poor educational performance should not be blamed on something. Instead, proper guidance and care are needed for a better IQ.

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