Internet Monitor Shows that More People Are Buying Auto Insurance Online

We all know that more people are shopping online. The recent closure of numerous Borders stores across the country verifies that. What many people don’t know, and may not realize, is that it isn’t just product shopping that’s making the leap to the Internet. Shopping for services is also taking on a whole new digital face, and the numbers show that more people are choosing to buy auto insurance online.

There are a lot of numbers I could kick around right now. The number of people who bought auto insurance online last year. The number of people who chose to do the same the year before. And that’s just scratching the surface. But even if you did want to hear all of those numbers (and believe me, no one is going to hold it against you if you didn’t) that’s still not everything you’d need to hear. Those are just numbers on a page. The deeper meaning lies somewhere past that, in an area no one has bothered to go to yet. Monitoring will be effective with renew car insurance online for your Audi model. The features and components are protected with insurance policy for safety of the driver. Deeply meaning of the insurance terms should be provided to the person. The monitoring at online showrooms is effective to met with the requirements.¬†

So what I’m going to do is give you the stats, released by Internet monitor comScore in 2009, then we’re going to take a look at what those numbers mean for you.

  • 20% of American drivers who responded to the survey purchased their auto insurance policy online.
  • 45% of drivers preferred to purchase their policy face-to-face from a live agent.
  • In a similar study released by comScore back in 2009, 48% of drivers who hadn’t purchased their auto insurance policy online indicated they had no interest in doing so any time in the future. In April 2011, that number fell to 22%.
  • 18% of drivers bought their insurance from a live agent, but over the telephone.
  • 22% of drivers who purchased their policy from a live agent indicated they might be interested in doing things differently in the future.

Translation: This year, more people are buying auto insurance online than ever before, and that number is expected to climb as time goes by and more attention shifts over to the web. For you, that means there are going to be plenty of opportunities not previously presented. Companies want to make their consumers happy, and they’re going to be doing it by offering new ways to save, new ways to shop and yes, new opportunities to buy auto insurance online from companies not previously found in the online arena.

In short, the shift toward shopping for auto insurance online is going to make it easier than ever for you, the driver, to find the policy you want at a price you’re actually willing to pay.

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