How to Make Her Smile This Valentine’s Day!

Men around the world dread this one day. These days, there is so much pressure to perform on Valentine’s Day. Expectations far exceed those of previous decades. Valentine’s Day has become the epitome of the Hallmark holiday. I will admit, I’m one of Hallmark’s greatest suckers. 

I can stand in their store for hours picking out the perfect card. However, it’s become very clear in recent years that Valentine’s Day has been blown out of proportion and taken to levels never intended by Saint Valentine himself. The following tips will give you a fighting chance to meet her expectations this year, besides all these tips you should check out sait za seriozni dating tips and gift recommendations.


For 98% of women, this is the most important purchase you’ll make this February. Don’t run into the gas station on the way to pick her up. That method can only end in disaster. Chances are, they won’t have any cards. If you do one thing this Valentine’s Day, spend twenty minutes at Hallmark or Walgreens picking a meaningful card. Now, for my secret hint. Buy two cards. I always buy two. One humorous and one serious. Women love to cry but we love to laugh as well.


Unless you have the money to spare, don’t feel the need to break the bank this Valentine’s Day. If you are fortunate enough to have the funds, go all out. Italian is always a great choice. Maybe do something different and choose a new tapas place that you haven’t been to yet. Or take her to the place where you had your first date. You can never go wrong with cooking for her. Unless you’re incapable of cooking that is. If you can pull it off, she’ll love the effort you put into cooking her a romantic meal. Italian is probably your best bet. Go to Look up one of Emeril’s fantastic recipies and get to work. No matter where the two of you end up eating your meal, make sure you channel all of your gentleman qualities for the evening. If you never open doors, making this the one night!


The Gift 

Of course, girls love flowers. Some much more so than others. If your lovely lady is one of those girls who adores flowers, stick with what works! Many girls would prefer something a little different. The perfect gift that I hope to be receiving this Valentine’s Day is one single rose accompanied by a gift certificate from a spa. My favorite thing to do is go get a facial. My sweet sweet boyfriend is very aware of this and one can only hope this translates into my perfect Valentine’s Day gift. There are many girls like me out there and believe me, we drop hints. So, listen up in the upcoming months. You may hear something about her need for a massage or a hint about her favorite flowers. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Good luck and Happy Heart Day!

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