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How to Build an Incentivized CPA Movie Site

This is by no means a new idea; this is how people made a killing on Zango before everyone wised up. What is new about this, however, is that you are getting people to fill out CPA offers – free e-mail submits that only take a few seconds – as opposed to downloading and installing spyware. Because of this you will make a lot more money and not piss off all of your traffic. The first thing I am going to do is show you a couple of examples of this method in action so I don’t have to detail what it looks like. Please check out:

Lost TV Episodes


Basically what is going on here is that the content of the website is locked by a simple java script. When the visitor fills out the e-mail submit, which pays you $1, then they get to access the movies. Otherwise they cannot watch them! Even just a couple of hundred visitors a day total can make you $75-$100 with very little work after initial setup. With the information about Deal Dash, the earning of the profits will be effective for products and services. All the necessary information about auction will be available at the online search engines. The submission of the email will be effective for the person for internet marketing for increasing the information of the products. 

Now to get started you will want to pick out a niche, it is best to go with something popular where traffic is easy. Anime series, soft sexual content and new release movies are the best. Once you have an idea of what niche you want to go with it is time to build your website.

You can really build your website in any way you sit fit but the easiest option is to install WordPress on your host and then use this theme: Video Blog Theme

This allows you to add movies from YouTube, Spike, MetaCafe, Google Video, Youku, etc. with the click of a button plus you do not have to host any content yourself. It also comes with a ton of great plug-ins. Just be sure to read the readme with it as it is slightly different than a normal theme install. Once you have it all up and running just start adding movies that fit your niche. You can find it all in the sites that are integrated with this theme in a matter of minutes.

Now it is time to get that ‘gateway’ incentivized CPA e-mail submit script on your webpage. Go over to and apply as an affiliate. They will provide you with this script for free once you are accepted and it only takes a minute to add. I must say that the biggest mistake people make is to put this script on all pages, put it only on the actual movie page and you will convert much better. Doing this is simple:

Once you are accepted they will give you a line of java script code, to put it on the movie pages but not the main page in this WordPress theme is to go to the admin area of your new blog. Select the theme editor and open the page called single post or single.php. Now simply stick the code (which should look like ) at the top, right under the getheader line and hit update. That’s it; your movies now require the user to make you $1 before they can watch them. All you have to do now is bring in the traffic.

Traffic for movie sites, if you chose a decent niche, is incredibly easy. Just head over to YouTube and find videos that match your niche. Now copy the URL and go to Input the URL there and save them to your computer, now you can simply upload these movies to your very own YouTube account and market your new video blog. Don’t forget your call to action. The very first thing in your description should be your full URL, http and all so it is clickable, and then simply input a line that says something such as: For More Free yourniche Videos Check Us Out!

That’s it; just try to do a few of these a day and you will easily get a few hundred visitors which converts into $75 – $100 a day. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

You may also consider submitting your individual movie pages to social networking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Propeller. If you want a more automated source of income then devote some additional time to building backlinks to your movie site and getting it a good rank on Google, then you really don’t need to put in any effort to earn after a couple of months.

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