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How Much is the Blower Door Test Cost

A blower door test is a process where a diagnostic tool is used to quantify and measure a building or house’s air-tightness. Air leakage in your house may cause unnecessary usages of energy, excessive water, and the heating and cooling system’s tear. It would result in an additional cost for the homeowners in their monthly utility bills. So, the blower door test is conducted to check the air-tightness of a house. Before opting for the test, you must know the Blow Door Test Cost as it varies depending upon varied factors.

How Much it Cost to Get a Blower Door Test Done?

Whether you want to control the cooling and heating bills, you must have a comfortable home throughout the year. It is necessary to have an energy-efficient home, and for this, you have to get a blower door test done by a certified service provider. It is a type of small investment, and hence you have to do the planning carefully. 

The blower door test is the most effective way to check the air-tightness of a building or house. It helps in finding the areas of the homes that need improvement to prevent air leakage. People can qualify for a blower door test through a home efficiency rebate, where the test’s cost would be reduced by 90%. You get a rebate that covers the cost of the energy audit when the program is complete. 

The average blower door test of a building or house cost around $450 for a typical house. The cost includes the reports of the leakage areas, a suggestion for sealing methods, and more. The report clarifies the sealing methods in affordable ways. Pricing can also be attained separately for sealing and caulking the air leakage in the building. 

The Blower Door Test Cost varies from company to company, and you must complete the rates of different companies before making a selection. You must not choose the company that hesitates to provide free quotes for the test.

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