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Finding Education Grants So Your Student Can Study Overseas

Many students belonging to a healthy financial background can easily manage the cost of studying abroad, however, there are students who require loans or grant in order to fulfill their desire of higher education. Grants are certainly different from both student loans and scholarships. Grants are basically the free gift money. Unlike student loans and scholarships, grants need not be repaid or merit-based. Grants can be classified under following divisions:

  • ¬†Subject specific
  • Student specific
  • Degree Level
  • Minority

Today, there are many organizations that offer grants to students for pursuing higher education abroad. Common sources for funding grants are:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Federal and state governments
  • Private and Public organizations

Some of the organizations are listed below:

American institute of Foreign Study

Each year AIFS grants more than $250,000 in scholarships to students who submit application matter illustrating high academic achievements.

Institute of international education

The IIE is an old association that provides information on financial assistance and manages international education programs. It is also known for National Security Education Program Grant.

American-Scandinavian Foundation

Established in 1910, This non-profit institution defines cultural and education exchange, traineeship programs and grants between the United States and Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

Council on international education and exchange

The CIEE institution provides assistance on work, study and volunteer activities abroad. With its headquarter in New York, the institution has programs in 29 different countries.

The British Chevening Scholarships

It enables non-UK students to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom. Each year about 2,300 new scholarships are awarded for postgraduate research and studies.

Centre for international development(CID)

CID proffers grants to Harvard student associations for sustaining a development related event or project. The requests are review on a undulating basis.

National Student Exchange (NSE)

The NSE is a non-profit association of U.S. colleges and universities. NSE provides access to about 135 colleges and universities in U.S. The program comprises of tuition reciprocity.

The Rhodes Scholarships

It enables students from different countries to pursue higher education at the Oxford University. All educational expenses along with maintenance grant are enclosed for duration of two years.

Morehead State University Tuition Assistance Grant

Morehead State University provides Tuition Assist Grant of about $2,000 for students who meet the requirements.

The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary International foundation offers grants to university students and teachers to perform as their goodwill ambassadors all round the world.

Service- program Grants

Grant monies directed by many universities and government sources may be deliberated as grant for varied service programs. These are beneficial programs with two-way solutions, i.e. firstly, they provide financial support to students required to cover tuition and secondly, they secure capable and well-educated staff to assist in their educationally or medically underserved amenities for certain duration of time.

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Continue you search through various sources and you would definitely locate a grant satisfying your educational needs.

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