DIY: Unique Texas Star Armoire

This easy to do painting project can turn a dull entertainment armoire into a beautiful focal point for your Western-inspired living room! For this project, you will need all these supplies that you can buy at really affordable rates at and start your DIY project more effectively. 

– A wood entertainment armoire, any size

– Latex-based primer paint

– Cream colored, exterior satin latex-based paint

– Black colored, exterior satin latex-based paint

– Medium brown colored, exterior satin latex-based paint

– Dark brown colored, exterior satin latex-based paint

– Medium coarse steel wool

– A large Texas star stencil (or easily make your own by cutting through cardboard)

– Fine grit sandpaper

– Medium grit sandpaper

– Tack cloth

– Rustic drawer pulls (if needed)

You will want the armoire to be unstained, unpainted wood prior to beginning this project. If the armoire does have paint or stain, use a bit of paint stripper (available at your local home improvement store) according to manufacturer directions. Also, as an added note, a Texas star is a star encased in a circle.

Start by lightly sanding down the armoire with a fine-grit sandpaper. Repeat the process with medium-grit sandpaper. Once the entire armoire has been lightly sanded, remove all dust with a tack cloth. (It is important that there is no excess sanding dust on the armoire before painting, or it can interfere with the paint.) Remove any pull knobs from the armoire, and leave the drawers in the main cabinet, if any.

Prime the entire armoire with latex-based primer. Allow the primer to dry completely. Apply a base coat of medium brown exterior satin latex-based paint to the armoire. Once the paint has dried, usually within two hours, apply a coat of cream-colored exterior satin latex-based paint. Wait an hour while the cream paint dries before sanding the armoire with hot water and medium coarse steel wool. (It is okay if the cream-colored paint comes off in certain areas and the medium brown base paint shows through. This is precisely the idea, and will add to the rustic look of the armoire.) Dry off all water thoroughly.

Draw on the large Texas star design in the center of the armoire. Using the black exterior satin latex-based paint, fill in the star design. Let the painting design dry thoroughly.

Mix the dark brown exterior satin latex-based paint with water in one part paint to three parts water ration. Apply to the armoire with a wide brush, continuing to brush as it dried to avoid any drips. When the paint has dried, sand the armoire with steel wool, and repeat the process. Allow the entire project to dry before installing any drawer pulls.

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