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Dieting and children

Dieting can be a Poor Role Model for Children Consider for a moment the messages that dieting sends to our children as suggested in Nutrisystem reviews. Parents who are constantly dieting and who are unhappy with their bodies often indicate to their child that he or she is also not okay and needs to go on a diet. Feelings of inadequacy and a reinforcement of the dieting mentality can come from any of the following: Using food as a reward, as comfort, or as a form of control.

Making children clean their plates as proof that they’re “good” or in order to earn dessert rather than teaching them to tune into internal signals of fullness and satiety. Centering holiday festivities on food rather than emphasizing the meaning of the occasion itself, friendship, conversation, family activities. Relying on dieting products like Slim-Fast® that don’t allow children to acquire a taste for low-sugar foods. Many times, we are just passing on attitudes about food and our bodies that we got from our parents. The GHF approach to health and weight management can help you break this cycle.

As you implement the important principles of the GHF Weight Management program into your lifestyle and begin tuning in to your body for signals of hunger and fullness, and enjoy physical activity, you will notice that the positive attitudes and healthy behaviors will transfer to your children. When you start living a healthier lifestyle, you’ll notice a sense of inner satisfaction. When people take responsibility for their own health, their family is positively affected. Then dieting becomes a useful tool. 

“When I discovered, I was immediately impressed by the complete package of services and information provided. This program was not the typical diet marketing that I had been seeing on the internet. The testimonials were so encouraging, and there was a software tracking program where I could keep all my food intake and exercise recorded.

Motivational articles were sent out every week, along with a newsletter that provided information regarding weight lifting, food programs, motivation, all levels of personal growth, and even recipes. The onboard staff is part of the service, and I had great support from Dani Myers (she is an incredible role model). I am currently 160 lbs at 5’9″ tall and my body fat is 22%. My goal is 15-16% body fat by the end of this year, and I have no doubt that this will happen.

Making the decision to bring about permanent changes in my body as well as learning to take the emotion out of my program and stay focused on my goal has been a key element. The panic attacks and agoraphobia which consumed my life years ago are gone. I now live a lifestyle focused on building muscle, eating healthy unprocessed foods, keeping my emotions and mind sharpened on a positive outcome no matter what the obstacles. Thanks so much, GHF for your excellent site and services

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