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Deep Tissue Massage Vs. Swedish Massage: Which One Is Better?

Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are two different forms of massage therapy as they incorporate a few similar strokes. But both are used for different purposes and are vastly different from each other when it comes down to the pressure amount used. You should know that deep tissue massage is used to relieve the tension muscles by focusing on the deeper connective tissues and muscle fibers.

However, Swedish massage is used to treat muscle tension or fatigue caused by daily activities as it helps in relaxing your body. You can get your nude massage london from a certified therapist to relax your tissue muscles. First, let us discuss the key difference between Swedish massage and deep tissue massage.

  • Intended Use

As mentioned above, Swedish massage is mainly used for relaxing your body by reducing the muscle tension accumulated due to daily activities like sitting in front of a computer. On the other hand, deep tissue massage is usually used for treating sports-related and muscle injuries and chronic pain.

  • Pressure

You should know that Swedish massage uses gentle pressure massage to relieve muscle tension, while deep tissue massage includes a combination of both gentle and harder pressure. Both forms of massage involve the use of the fingers and palm to manipulate and knead your muscle tissues. So, you must know that the therapist will use forearms and elbows to increase the pressure on the muscle in deep tissue massage.

  • Focus Area

To relieve tension in deeper connective tissues and muscle fibers, therapists recommend taking a deep tissue massage as it focuses on the inner layers of the muscles. It will help relieve the tendon & muscle injuries, stiffness, pain, and major joints and muscle groups. Swedish massage focuses on the superficial muscle layers and relaxes those parts which tend to hold max tension.

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